The Dire Situation We Are Facing Cannot Be Righted Without Restoring Truth

The Dire Situation We Are Facing Cannot Be Righted Without Restoring Truth

The Expose  |  Rhoda Wilson

Today’s education, politics, science, medicine, and media have failed us. Pandemic policy has changed the rules and distorted the truth.

Like you, I am always hopeful of better times ahead – changed minds, enlightened government decisions, court battles won, compensation paid, and safeguards restored – but we have not been through a minor glitch in the course of our long history, it has been a major catastrophe. We have crossed into uncharted territory.

Dr. Guy Hatchard

Look at this world map of covid vaccine uptake published by The New York Times. Three-quarters of the world’s population have received at least one dose. Excess all-cause deaths are rising in these populations. The unvaccinated are a minority group mostly sprinkled among the world’s vaccinated. The only exceptions are Africa and a few remote, troubled, or isolated nations.

Those in the majority are in authority and they are unlikely to blame themselves or doubt their own wisdom

Take this Twitter thread encouraging masking, the main takeout seems to be “glue your mask to your face.” This is not even parody and ignores the results of recent studies on the dangers of mask-wearing.

Or this alarming tweet about mRNA vaccines in plants and animals entering our food supply unlabelled.

Or this letter from Rob Zorn, Communications Advisor of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation, falsely claiming that “the choice not to vaccinate [against covid] has serious potential repercussions for the wellbeing of others.”In fact, the latest research points squarely to the harms of covid vaccination, including unprecedented rates of excess all-cause mortality continuing to disproportionately affect the highly vaccinated (see HERE or HERE for example).

Or THIS article reporting the continuing relentless efforts to permanently exclude doctors who sounded a note of warning about covid vaccine safety. This is going on all over the world driven by commercial pharmaceutical interests.

Or THIS paper published by the National Institutes of Health (“NIH”) announcing that all 23 participants with neurological damage following covid-19 vaccination recovered. In fact, they didn’t all recover. To reach their misleading conclusion, the authors changed the meaning of “recovery” from that commonly used. Watch THIS earth-shattering video from Dr. Mobeen Syed who interviews one of the participants who explains she still has to undergo an invasive medical procedure every two weeks costing $3,500 and remains incapable of work. Yet the study falsely claims her condition is “resolved.”

The common thread joining all of the above is the rejection of obvious truth and precautionary science, followed by an attempt to manipulate public opinion to develop the acceptance of fallacy as truth, and fact as conspiracy theory.

Many who are concerned are advocating political solutions or applications to the courts, but if we imagine we will be welcomed, believed, listened to, or helped when we go cap in hand to politicians, the courts, medical authorities, or the media asking for justice or truth, we are misplacing our trust. At this point in time, it is easy to despair of progress. It seems we have to find another way ahead.

Technology has overtaken the natural order at the core of existence

In every ancient culture there are myths that warn against upsetting the natural order. Icarus who flew too close to the sun, Actaeon who should not have pursued Artemis, or the sons of Sagar who delved too deep into the earth and upset the four mythic elephants who supported it. All these myths and many others point to a need to refrain from interfering with fundamental principles of natural law or usurping their power and authority.

There are three foundational principles of life unknown in antiquity that have become vulnerable to modern technology:

  • The Cell with its genetic core, the very basis of life.
  • EMF Communication Frequencies, identical with those used by physiology to precisely guide developmental biology and the brain
  • Atomic Nuclei whose chain reactions can destroy planets

Add to these a fourth, well-known to all cultural traditions:

  • Truth – the basis of communication, order, and progress

The huge extent of adverse effects through the misuse of these four is overtaking civilisation and threatening universal destruction. One way forward into the future is to outlaw their manipulation. Many including GLOBE are rightly calling for this. It is urgent, time is running out.

Dangerous biotechnology experimentation is rapidly expanding and its effects can’t be recalled. Nuclear technology including weaponry is proliferating. EMF radiation is intensifying and the authorities are not even bothering to research its effects.

We have discussed these first three in the pages of our frequent reports, but remember it was the manipulation of truth that opened the door to their misuse.

Whilst artificial intelligence (“AI”) is hitting the headlines because of its ability to produce fake documents at the drop of a hat, the principles of AI have been deployed with slightly less sophistication for decades by governments and commercial enterprises to sell their products and policies. Especially damaging has been the constant assertion of public safety in the absence of any confirming data – a denial of truth and precautionary science.

Just step into any topical controversy and you encounter the politicisation of science and the distortion of truth. For example, very young people are being told they can transition their gender. In reality, gender is determined by genetics. Surgical and chemical methods to alter physiological characteristics of gender inevitably set up a conflict between the underlying genetics and the altered physiology and biochemistry. This is now known to cause severe physical and mental health problems, yet governments are promoting procedures for children who don’t yet have the developed mental capacity to consider the implications. We now know these include serious problems and adverse effects, including sterility and loss of sexual function. Yet proponents are denying the fundamental impossibility of altering gender and hiding the appalling consequences of trying to do so.

The motivations behind this are hard to fathom completely, but they certainly include the monetary incentives enjoyed by surgeons and gender specialists who provide their dangerous experimental services to the young. Controlling the distortion of truth in any field requires more rigid policing of conflicts of interest among government advisors. It must also include the removal of financial incentives to lie or hide the truth.

The source of truth is our own consciousness. The denial of obvious truth disconnects the perpetrator from their own source and causes psychological damage to both the speaker and the listener, the deceiver and their victim. This is a principle recognised throughout the ages, a principle that in today’s world urgently needs restoration and revival. The dire situation we are facing everywhere in the world cannot be righted without restoring truth.

Fortunately, it is everywhere known that truth is powerful. The Mundaka Upanishad affirms “truth alone triumphs,”the Bible promises that “the truth will set you free.” and Shakespeare echoes “truth will out.”

In my book ‘Your DNA Diet’, available from the Hatchard Report, I discuss the contribution of Ayurveda to health, truth and knowledge. Meditation is a technology of consciousness promoted by Ayurveda which, unlike genetic, electromagnetic, or nuclear technologies, does not upset the natural order, it restores it. Meditation has an ancient pedigree; it has served as an important element of many civilisations. If quiet reflective methods of establishing our connection with silent consciousness, the basis of truth, are forgotten, civilization can fail. If this happens, the only way forward is the revival of knowledge. At this point in time, we urgently stand in need of revival.


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