People are being connected to ‘the cloud’ with this new technology being employed at huge scales without our knowledge or consent

People are being connected to ‘the cloud’ with this new technology being employed at huge scales without our knowledge or consent

(Natural News) Over the past year+ since the unveiling of the ‘clot shot,’ ANP has reported numerous times on the ‘died suddenly‘ phenomenon taking the lives of the young and innocent and previously healthy all across America and our planet Earth that we have proof only began AFTER the ‘murder weapon‘ that joe biden and the globalists insanely call a ‘vaccine‘ had been forced upon the American people.

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With Gotto’s story titled “A Horrific New Form Of Mind Control Never Before Seen Is Being Unveiled As Human Bodies Are Transformed Into Antennas And The ‘Internet Of Bodies’ Means The End Game For Humanity” laying out for us proof that satanic globalists have been working on a devious scheme to transform human bodies into ‘antennas‘ without our knowledge or approval, a hideous new form of slavery ramped up to the highest levels, creating an insane-sounding ‘internet of bodies,‘ as PROUD bluntly stated in his comment, “For all we know… this rash of brain hemorrhages sweeping the country is EXACTLY THIS……you don’t have to blow the head up, that’s messy and obvious. All you need to do is scramble the brain a bit.

And while such a thing as the ‘internet of bodies‘ might sound to many like some kind of crazy ‘conspiracy theory‘ dreamed up by ‘conspiracy theorists,‘ as globalists the Rand Corporation had reported of that ‘Internet of Bodies,’ this new category of technology has the potential to fundamentally transform our relationship with ourselves, our health, and others we interact with.

The excerpt below comes to us from that article which attempts to educate the reader/viewer about ‘IoB technologies‘ and their potential effects, while also “artistically evoking the future ‘data ecosystems’ that will surround us when these technologies are employed at huge scales.” Get that? ‘Employed at huge scales!’:

...Lupi’s piece raises similar questions about how perceptions of the human body will be transformed with and through IoB technology, which by definition is “smart” and wirelessly connected via the internet.
IoB devices can track, record, and store users’ whereabouts, bodily functions, and what they see, hear, and even think. These devices vary greatly in how they are used—some are freestanding, such as infusion pumps and sensor-equipped hospital beds; others are wearable, such as health trackers and prosthetics; and others are implanted, such as cardiac devices and ingestible digital pills.
The Internet of Bodies is an ecosystem of internet-connected devices that monitor the human body and collect personal biometric data. Despite its potential to offer revolutionized medical treatments, improved physical performance, convenience, and even fun, the Internet of Bodies is still an inconsistently regulated space that poses cybersecurity and other risks. RAND research explores such tensions—and considers what can be done to balance the risks and rewards of these emerging technologies.

And as Gotto had alarmingly pointed out within her story, to ‘connect‘ humans to the ‘Internet of Bodies,’ human beings are also being transformed into walking, talking antennas, not only able to be ‘tracked‘ by others but our minds able to be read, our thoughts no longer ‘private‘ and what we ourselves ‘see‘ and ‘hear‘ able to be ‘monitored‘ by others who are in positions of authority, or as RAND warns, by those who are able to ‘hack into‘ the IoB. Talk about a nightmare unfolding before our very eyes!

... are IoB system’s now being used by the globalists to murder innocent people?

As Gotto had also pointed out within her story, there is a huge interconnectedness between the ‘internet of bodies‘ and the entire ‘COVID OP,’ with reporting back in December of 2021 on ‘the lasting impact of lipid nanoparticles,‘ giving us proof such ‘technologies‘ were being used in the COVID vaxxes.:

Lipid nanoparticles are going into billions of arms in the form of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, delivering, at last, on the promise of nanotechnology to revolutionize drug delivery. Revolutions have the ability to alter the course of history. In the case of nanotech-based drug delivery, with many promising applications being explored, it looks like lipid nanoparticles have done just that.

As that Nature story also reported, “Without lipid nanoparticles, COVID-19 mRNA vaccines would not exist.”

And with all of this coming at the exact same time as the unveiling of a ‘one world digital currency‘ as reported by Brandon Smith over at in this story titled “Project Icebreaker: The Beginning Of A One World Digital Currency System?,” we’re getting more and more proof this ‘new world order‘ being unveiled will be one of pure tyranny, ‘freedom‘ a long-vanquished thing of the past.


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