Pro-vaxx actor Jamie Foxx the latest celebrity impacted by COVID injections

Pro-vaxx actor Jamie Foxx the latest celebrity impacted by COVID injections  |  Kevin Hughes

(Natural News) Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx is the latest celebrity to be potentially injured after taking the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, explained Dr. Jane Ruby.

“Foxx is just the latest [among] the … scores of pro-jab celebrities taking a hit to their health after self-righteously promoting the jab,” she said during the April 17 episode of the Brighteon.TV program “Dr. Jane Ruby STAT!” The show was formerly known as “Live with Dr. Jane Ruby.”

According to her, the latest news out of Hollywood is that the fully vaccinated actor of “Ray” and “Django Unchained” fame recently suffered a stroke that led to his hospitalization. His daughter Corinne Foxx said the 55-year-old actor “is already on his way to recovery.”

The Brighteon.TV host remarked that many celebrities who have used their status to push the COVID-19 vaccine, such as Foxx, ended up suffering the consequences themselves. She added that these celebrities were probably incentivized by being promised gifts in kind or parts in shows and movies and may have been directly paid by the pharma industry and government.

Ruby: Why take vaccine advice from celebrities?

Ruby challenged her viewers by asking why should Americans take medical direction and advice from Hollywood stars. Most of these celebrities, she remarked, either did not attend college or dropped out of high school. Their lack of medical information of education make them unsuitable advocates for vaccines, she added.

“What do celebrities know about medicine and medical research? The absolute hubris, the sheer gall and hypocrisy of these people – many of whom never went to college, much less medical school and who barely made it through high school – standing before millions of people on TV [and] pushing an experimental government-mandated, unapproved, dangerous chemical is completely outrageous.”

Ruby then cited several examples of celebrities who, according to her, think they are smarter than the medical and scientific community. Katy Perry topped the list of vaccine pushers, with the program host citing how the pop singer even danced in a syringe costume. However, this came back to bite Perry as she suffered injuries from the Pfizer vaccine.

Other pro-vaccine celebrities that suffered vaccine injuries include Australian actor Hugh Jackman of “The Greatest Showman” and “Van Helsing” fame, who suffered from skin cancer. Canadian singer Justin Bieber, known for his songs “Baby” and “Sorry,” suffered facial paralysis due to the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We know that a majority of these Hollywood stars are shot up and boosted because the word was that actors were required to be injected for COVID-19 before working or even setting foot on a Hollywood set. So, these celebrities pushed the jab,” said Ruby.

“So how many millions were they paid? This is the real question to help you get into the train car bound for the Holocaust called the bioweapon shots. They were complicit. They took money. There’s some other incentive.”

Ruby expressed pessimism toward the idea of these celebrities admitting they were wrong. Instead, she mentioned that these same personalities would say that they were lucky to get vaccinated.

Some celebrities are realizing that they were simply pawns in the COVID-19 mass depopulation operation. “But the joke ended on many of them,” she remarked.

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