The War On Freedom

The War On Freedom


Craig Johnson, Yaak

The current earth’s population of humans is estimated to be approximately 8 billion souls.

And within that number not a single one or group of ones has the right to initiate force, threat of force or fraud against another’s life, freedom and property.

Force, retaliatory force is justified only in defense against the one’s initiating force, threat of force or fraud.

No exceptions exist.

This premise applies irrespective if one claims to be a group of voters, tribes, governments, corporations, etc. One cannot grant or vote a right to another or groups (irrespective of the numbers), that they themselves do not have.

The nature of life requires humans to create and produce the values necessary to sustain one’s life and as value creators our relationship to each other is the voluntary fair exchange of values.

Value Creator’s life requires the freedom to create and not be harmed by another.

Survival pressure dictated that men form societies with the division of labor concept wherein one could trade the products of his/her creation thus becoming more efficient then if one had to produce all the values necessary to sustain one’s life.

For these societies to peacefully function and prosper men had to operate on the basis of honesty, fairness and accountability, allowing all to be more efficient and productive while providing more values to exchange and accumulate.

Creating prosperity through value creation requires freedom and honesty, as opposed to the value destruction of the external authority cult we have today that’s based on fraud.

Throughout history, attempts have been made to protect individual freedom through concepts of justice and law. Some good examples have been the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, the latter being resisted by the federalist while debating ratification of the American Constitution as being unnecessary due to the fact that the proposed constitution only granted “few and defined” enumerated powers in a federal government (See: Federalist and anti-federalist ratification debates).

And look at this fraudulent corporate monstrosity we are currently tolerating.

Long before the Magna Carta, war of independence the bill of rights, it has always been immoral/wrong for conscious man to initiate force, threat of force and fraud against his fellow man.

Let’s be clear, nowhere during man’s history did any man/woman gain the right or permission to be an authority over another (parents have limited authority over their dependent children).

The American Bill of Rights (Dec. 15, 1791) with its 10 articles codified this fact in law. Yet today we see those article’s being infringed upon repeatedly.

You can see how vigorously the 2nd Article is being infringed. The 2nd article is codified law with its language recognizing the natural right to defense with arms and the Americans lawful remedy if and when the state of freedom was not being preserved.

Men who attempt to gain the unearned and undeserved insist on placing themselves in positions of perceived power as your authority and plan to get away with their crimes. They have used the ill-gotten gains derived from that power to remove your common law courts and means of redress, justice.

They spray you from the skies above with chemical concoctions, they have monopolized the control and production of the products we have become dependent upon, they contaminate your food and body care products, they have distorted and monopolized the information sources, the education sources, food production, medicine and the sciences.

Disinformation and propaganda are the norm. All in an attempt to control your resources, health, perception of reality and also to retard the evolution of your consciousness, for if only you could see through the fraud, there goes their (the self-proclaimed ruling class) way of life.

Take for example the insistence on convincing you that their motive and role is to provide for your general welfare and safety, just look what that has brought us with untold fraudulent wars and death, the war on/of terror and the destructive war on drugs.

While I do not condone the irrationality and destructive nature of drug abuse, there is great evidence that the drug war is merely serving as a means to increase police state powers while infringing on our freedoms. Many have suggested evidence that the drug cartels are being partnered and managed by government agencies (see one example in the San Jose Mercury News The series, DARK ALLIANCE: THE STORY BEHIND THE CRACK EXPLOSION).

In my small rural community of approx. 500 they have installed a license plate reader/camera in the guise of the war on drugs making us all collateral damage of this warrantless surveillance. While in other communities they use the war on drugs to rationalize roadside body cavity searches, no knock raids, civil asset forfeitures and many other infringements all in the guise of keeping our community’s safe.

These value destroying leeches on humanity are bringing us into a worldwide state of severe survival pressure, and in the problem, reaction, solution dynamic they will offer you continued false flags, NSA surveillance, population reduction, financial collapse, central bank digital currencies, weaponized injections, GMO foods, social credit scores, 15 min. cities, kill boxes and a top-down world governance where reportedly you will own nothing and be happy.

These value destroyers will not stop their war on freedom until we muster the courage to stop them and stop them we must! It has always been the responsibility of all to defend their freedoms. If you are a free American, act like it!

The technologies of destruction are advancing to the point that our children and grandchildren will be nearly powerless against them.

And even if you are not ready to rise and assume the responsibility of self-defense, at least see the need to get informed and stop voting for your and my enslavement and definitely stop licking the boots of these pretend authorities, giving them the semblance of legitimacy.

It’s pathetic.

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