Here’s Why Cowardly Doctors Didn’t Dare Stand Up And Tell The Truth About Covid And The Jab

Here’s Why Cowardly Doctors Didn’t Dare Stand Up And Tell The Truth About Covid And The Jab

Dr Vernon Coleman - MB ChB DSc

There is much bewilderment among intelligent doctors and scientists as to why so many doctors kept quiet about the lies being told when the covid-19 hoax and the fake pandemic unfolded.

So, why did so many doctors keep quiet about the covid-19 vaccine and continued to prescribe a product which has been accurately described as the most dangerous and damaging single pharmaceutical product ever marketed? The covid-19 jab did not do what the establishment promised it would do but, at the same time, it caused countless thousands of deaths and serious injuries among the patients who were injected.

There are two explanations for the fact that so many doctors ignored the evidence and did what they were told to do by dishonest advisors within the medical establishment and bought and paid for journalists and celebrities.

The first explanation is that all over the world doctors were extraordinarily well paid to give the covid-19 jabs. Hospitals were given bribes (labelled as bonuses) which were dependent upon the number of patients they injected. Doctors were bought off, and dissuaded from asking too many questions, by being paid well over the normal fees for giving vaccinations. Those doctors will, in due course, appear in court where they will be unable to mount any sort of defence. To say that they behaved unprofessionally and greedily is a massive understatement.

The second explanation is that doctors were too terrified to speak out against the medical establishment because they saw what had happened to colleagues who dared to share their views with their colleagues and the general public and who had had their licences removed by the official licensing authorities and, in addition, been vilified by the media .

The truth, so well hidden during the last three years, is that the medical establishment was, as it has been for decades, controlled by the pharmaceutical industry and instead of looking at the facts licensing authorities around the world merely did as they were told to do. Numerous doctors lost their licences, and their livelihoods, because they dared to speak out and tell the truth. The majority of doctors, seeing what had happened to those who spoke out, kept quiet and betrayed their patients, themselves and their profession. Those gutless wimps should be ashamed.

In this short paper I intend to explain the truth about this great betrayal.

I’m going to illustrate my explanation with specific reference to what happened in the United Kingdom, where doctors are licensed by the General Medical Council, an organisation which is, in theory at least, a charity but which appears to have some of the worst qualities of a quango, a government department and an enforcer for the drug industry. I believe that drug companies control governments, they control the medical establishment and, it appears, they may also control the UK’s medical licensing authority – the General Medical Council.

Fifty years ago, the General Medical Council was infamous for providing the Sunday newspapers with a regular diet of scandal and sleaze. The GMC specialised in striking off doctors who had been found abusing drugs or having sex with their patients. Occasionally, they would take aim at doctors who could be accused of advertising.

I should mention, at this point, that in the 1970s, I attracted the attention of the GMC as a result of my writing a series of novels which I had written under a pen name. Responding to a complaint from a drug company, the GMC wrote to me and I was threatened with the removal of my name from the medical register. Since I was at the time an NHS GP with no private patients and since the novels had been written under a pen name which was a fairly well-kept secret (if not, apparently, from the GMC) the case against me fell apart quite quickly. This did not, however, prevent the GMC from targeting me on other occasions when they received complaints from drug companies which objected to my more academic books (such as The Medicine Men – published in 1975) in which I had exposed the close links between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment.

More recently, the GMC has become infamous for its extraordinarily one-sided defence of the exaggerated covid pandemic and the pointless but enormously dangerous covid vaccine.

When the fake pandemic was first promoted with enthusiasm in February and March 2020, I immediately described the covid scare a hoax. The figures available proved without any question that the danger of what was clearly merely a rebranded annual flu had been massively exaggerated by people who had a bad track record at assessing the relevant figures. In the UK, the Government’s own official advisors agreed with me, dismissing the covid-19 infection as being no more dangerous than the annual flu. Their expert advice appears to have been ignored in favour of advice from a mathematician with a terrible track record.

I have been writing about drug companies and medical deceits since the 1960s and I can spot a medical fraud a mile away. Naturally, the conspirators behind the exaggerated risk (and I use the word conspirators deliberately) did not like my description of the covid scare as a hoax (a video I made was seen by many millions within days) and I was quickly demonised and lied about in the media. The GMC couldn’t take away my licence because their own administrative rules meant that, as with many doctors, my retirement from active practise meant that I’d had to give up my licence. But younger doctors, those still in practice, were to feel the full wrath of the drug company controlled medical establishment.

So, for example, consider the case of Dr Mohammad Adil who, until three years ago was a respected surgeon working in the NHS. Three years ago Dr Adil criticised the Government line on covid, and the GMC responded by taking away his licence – meaning that he could no longer practise as a surgeon or, as a doctor in any capacity.

Today, after three years of unemployment, Dr Adil still doesn’t have his licence. The cost to him has been extraordinary. And we should not forget the cost to the NHS. If we consider that in that three years he could have performed 1,000 operations a year – not an unlikely number – then his three year banishment means that 3,000 patients have been denied the operations they needed.

I have made videos about Dr Adil’s situation on two previous occasions. Those videos can still be seen on this website and on Brand New Tube. I also wrote an article for my websites in which I examined in detail a hearing at which his request to be reinstated was again rejected. Prior to that I wrote a critical article for The Spectator about the GMC’s absurd revalidation process (which is, I believe, at least partly responsible for Britain’s shortage of GPs) and I have examined the GMC’s role more fully in my book Why and how doctors kill more people than cancer.

After several hearings the GMC has still refused to give Dr Adil back his licence. Dr Adil is not alone. I know of several other doctors in the UK who have had their licences removed for criticising the absurd and indefensible covid policy.

And exactly the same thing has been happening around the world where licensing authorities have ignored the scientific evidence and punished doctors who have dared to share the truth with the world – usually on social media. It is this unscientific bullying, and the widespread publicity given to the consequences, which has contributed to the fact that thousands of doctors who share their doubts and fears have kept quiet – frightened that they too would lose their licences and their livelihoods. A doctor without a licence to practise is as useless as a sweep without his brushes or a taxi driver without a cab. (It is extraordinary, by the way, that the GMC appears to have taken no action whatsoever against doctors who did not care enough about patients but allowed themselves to be bribed to vaccinate with an unnecessary and dangerous drug. Nor has it punished doctors who went on strike, demanding an inflationary 35% pay rise, and abandoned their patients – thereby breaking every moral, ethical and professional commitment.)

I now intend to show exactly why the GMC’s decision to deny Dr Adil his licence was always unjustifiable.

First, there is the question of free speech. Article 19 of the United Nations Charter states clearly that ‘everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression’. There is no codicil limiting the rights of doctors. The GMC’s decision is in direct opposition to this fundamental human right. It has been argued that doctors have a special responsibility because of their position and training but this strengthens rather than weakens the UN charter. Doctors have a special responsibility to speak out when they believe that something is wrong. And, of course, you can’t have a little bit of free speech any more than a woman can be a bit pregnant. You either have free speech or you don’t. To say that a doctor cannot criticise the medical establishment is as nonsensical as saying that an opposition party politician cannot criticise the Government. The licensing authorities which have removed doctors’ licences for speaking out are undeniably in breach of the UN Charter. How a lawyer or a judge can justify allowing any licensing body to deny an individual’s right to protection from the UN Charter is, I confess, a mystery to me. Doctors are entitled to share their views with the public and the public is entitled to decide whom to believe.

It is worth noting, by the way, that right from the start, in early spring of 2020, the doctors supporting the Government and drug companies have steadfastly refused to debate in public and the mainstream media has taken an entirely biased, unbalanced one-sided line in reporting the fake pandemic. The BBC, ignoring its own charter and repeated claims of fairness, has even stated that they would not interview anyone questioning the value of vaccination whether they were `right or wrong’. I have frequently challenged vaccine supporters to a live, national public debate. None has had the confidence or the courage to accept the challenge.

Second, the GMC has assumed that the Government and the medical establishment must always be correct and beyond criticism. This is dangerous nonsense. One doesn’t have to go very far back in history to find numerous examples of times when the Government and the medical establishment have been completely wrong and, as a result, patients have suffered until doctors had the courage to stand up for the truth. When Dr John Snow gave chloroform to Queen Victoria, there was an uproar in the medical establishment because it was felt that women should not be given anaesthesia during childbirth. Electroconvulsive therapy, leucotomies and the removal of vast lengths of the intestine were all approved by the medical establishment but later condemned. It was because of the medical establishment that tonsils were removed without good reason. No one knows how many children died as a result. A good deal of unnecessary heart surgery has been performed on patients because of bad medical practices promoted by the medical establishment. It was because of bad medical practices condoned or encouraged by the medical establishment that millions of patients became hooked on barbiturates and then benzodiazepines. And I wonder how many of those who have condemned Dr Adil know that widely used and previously approved vaccination programmes have been condemned as worthless and dangerous.

History shows that the medical establishment has been wrong more often than it has been right and if the GMC stops doctors criticising the Government and the medical establishment (known to be linked to the pharmaceutical industry) then nothing will ever change for the better.

If we go back a little further in medical history we come across individuals such as Dr Semmelweiss whose work on women lying in labour wards changed medical practice and saved thousands if not millions of lives. Dr Semmelweiss was, of course, viciously attacked by the medical establishment. There are many more examples in my book Medical Heretics. Maybe the lawyers working for the General Medical Council would like to read a copy. It is readily available on Amazon.

The undeniable truth is that history shows that the medical establishment has always suppressed the truth and promoted profitable lies. Nothing has changed. The medical establishment still promotes medical procedures which don’t work, while suppressing essential but inconvenient truths. The GMC’s fundamental mistake appears to me to have been their assumption that its loyalty should be to the medical establishment rather than to the welfare of patients.

Third, and more directly perhaps, the evidence now shows quite clearly that the medical establishment’s official line on covid-19 was completely false. Everything that the establishment has said and done has been wrong and dangerous. The General Medical Council and all those who supported its decisions seemed to have assumed that the establishment was right.

If they had looked closely at the evidence they would have known that the UK Government’s own scientific advisers decided, back in March 2020, that covid was not a major threat. They would have known that Government statistics show that the number of people who died from covid-19 was no greater than the number who die from flu every year (a disease which had mysteriously and conveniently disappeared). Indeed, the number of deaths from what was clearly a rebranded flu was no greater in 2020 and 2021 than it was in some previous years. Moreover, it is now clear that the absurd policies of lockdowns, social distancing and mask wearing were without any scientific foundation, were unnecessary and dangerous and were in part responsible for the entirely predictable increase in deaths which marked 2022 and will continue for some years to come. The PCR test was never intended to be used as it was, and has been proven, beyond any doubt, to be of no more value than a coin toss. It is clear that the closing down of schools and businesses was also entirely unnecessary and has done massive, long-lasting damage. Worse still, it is now abundantly clear, and generally accepted by intelligent, well-informed doctors and scientists, that the covid-19 vaccine was never properly tested, was never fit for purpose and is the most dangerous and deadly pharmaceutical product ever marketed. Largely because of links with the pharmaceutical companies, the Government and the medical establishment misled the public and the health professions. All the evidence for these claims is available on my website and books and in over 300 videos I have made in the last three years.

Finally, there is one other rather shocking reason why the GMC should not have made any rulings about Dr Adil or any other doctors who criticised the official line on covid-19 and the covid-19 vaccine.

Remarkably, it seems to me that the General Medical Council has itself been behaving quite improperly. Its disciplinary actions must surely now come into question.

The General Medical Council (in my view one of two big enemies of patients in the UK – the other is the British Medical Association) has invested nearly £1,000,000 in fast food and drink firms and, worse still, has invested large amounts of money from doctors’ fees in drug companies. And one of the companies in which it had shares was one of the companies making a covid-19 vaccine.

How can the GMC judge doctors’ behaviour in relation to covid and covid jabs when it has a vested interest in the financial success of vaccine manufacturers such as Astra Zeneca?

It seems to me that it cannot.

I believe that any doctors who have lost their licences for criticising the fake pandemic and the toxic covid jab should be reinstated immediately since the GMC is clearly ‘contaminated’.

It could surely be argued that the GMC, which has money invested in vaccine manufacture, has a vested interest in protecting vaccine making and should not, therefore, discipline doctors whose actions might have damaged the earning potential of any companies in which it has invested its own money.

The GMC can be compared to a judge punishing someone for criticising a product in which he himself has a financial interest. Indeed, I would argue that the GMC, and its vast army of overpaid, and, it seems to me, sometimes arrogant, pen pushers has abandoned its role as a guardian of the public and become an enforcer for the pharmaceutical industry.

Those doctors, like Dr Adil, who had the wisdom to see that the Government and the medical establishment were wrong deserve praise not punishment.

Those who had the courage to speak out should be applauded and it is they, not the promoters of a ‘vaccine’ that does not do what it was promised to do but which has caused many deaths and much illness, who should be honoured.

In a free and progressive society criticism of the establishment should never be subject to censorship.

My conclusion can only be that the General Medical Council is unfit for purpose and should be closed down immediately. It is not fit to hand out dog licences, and certainly not equipped to control the licensing of doctors. It has failed to do its job: to protect the public and it appears to me to have acted more in the interests of the pharmaceutical industry than the interests of patients.

I hope that readers will send this article to their MP and to the press and to ask why the GMC has been allowed to act against the interests of the public for the last three years. I’m banned from all mainstream media and all social media so please put links to this article on Facebook, Twitter and all the rest.

I suspect that other licensing bodies around the world may, on investigation, be shown to have similarly failed their publics and I hope that they too will be investigated.

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