The History of Robert Kennedy Jr.

The History of Robert Kennedy Jr.


Charles Burris

In his early 20’s, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. attacked the overthrow of Allende in Chile. (See Atlantic Monthly, February 1974). In 1975, before the Church Committee completed revelations, he condemned American assassinations of foreign leaders. (See Wall Street Journal, December 16, 1975). When others stayed silent as we unleashed Islamic jihad through Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, RFK pushed back in twin articles in February of 1979 published in the Post and the Boston Globe against the coups. RFK continue to criticize almost every major foreign intervention in his lifetime, which started with Vietnam alongside his father’s campaign in 1968 through his criticism of both Iraq wars, the intervention in Syria, and the involvement in Afghanistan, criticizing these oil-driven wars, as his commentary in 2001, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2016, and 2018 detail. As the latest iteration of that, see a pre-campaign, but recent piece in Politico.

RFK’s dissident history doesn’t stop there. Just as he opposed regime change, anti-democratic coups, and foreign assassinations, he continued in his critique of torture and mass state surveillance. See his 2005 article on the best of America reflecting an “anti-torture tradition” in the December 17, 2005 edition of the Los Angeles Times, or his interview from 2005 in Oprah’s magazine. This led to early criticism of the globalist agenda of mass surveillance on Covid, as it did critique of digital currency and centralized banking power. An early focus of RFK criticism during Covid was Fauci, and he early-on spotted the Wuhan leak and gain of function problems.

RFK also questioned the integrity of American elections’, attributed his father and uncle’s assassinations to the intelligence agencies, and critiqued both the public health and food industries in America for decades, attacking the pharma-industrial complex, the food-industrial complex, and the military-industrial complex. Along the way, RFK attacked, by name, the likes of Bill Gates, and Klaus Schwab.

Kennedy’s Children Health Defense led the way against Covid policy.  He forecast the vaccine problems immediately. While much of his Covid criticism was being removed from YouTube, suppressed on social media, and smeared in the institutional press, his Children Health Defense led the way sponsoring writers, speakers and activists in challenging the narrative, while one of the first to warn of vaccine mandates, dangerous vaccines, and the pernicious role of Bill Gates. RFK said, in April of 2020, from the inception, that “the current lockdown measures that are in place during the Covid-19 pandemic are training society to do what it’s told, to accept this kind of surveillance, to accept these constraints on our civil rights, to allow the government to come in and tell us that we must stay at home and not send our kids to school”: while blasting the WHO as Bill Gates “owned.” His work was so significant that he was the primary target of media-state sponsored censorship, including his May 2, 2020 published broadcast with Patrick Bet-David.

This followed RFK’s long skepticism of globalist agendas on food and medicine. He condemned the FDA and USDA as just Big Food cutouts poisoning our bodies through their corporate cartel control over the food supply and its enabler regulators. Kennedy bashed “alternative” meat products, while attacking corporate controlled farms for replacing family farmers. RFK repeatedly represented family farmers and ordinary fishermen against corporations and their state-colluding allies. RFK’s sponsorship of the leading small farmer, direct-to-table, natural foods, the Weston A. Price Foundation, reflected that. This paralleled his legendary fight against Big Pharma, especially in the coerced vaccine environment. This extends to him critiquing the globalist aspects of the climate change movement, central bank digital currency, and promoting alternatives in the food, medicine, and financial markets.

Anyone ignoring this nearly half-century criticism of the establishment in RFK’s dissident voice on the critical issues of Deep State corruption, regulatory capture, crony capitalism, militaristic adventurism, the mass polluting of our bodies in the food, medical and local environmental support chains, the propagation of the war machine, the corrupting influence of the intelligence agencies, ignores one fact above all: RFK blames the Deep State for the murder of his father and uncle. There’s a reason they fear him, and it ain’t because they think he’s secretly on their side. The Sins Against the Father will be Remembered by the Son.

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