Why California hasn't found any deaths linked to the COVID vaccines • They Are Not Looking

Why California hasn't found any deaths linked to the COVID vaccines • They Are Not Looking

Steve Kirsch

Executive summary

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) hasn’t investigated any link between the COVID vaccines and death. That’s a violation of California law to look the other way.

Peter Baldridge, former Assistant Chief Counsel of the CDPH, expressly brought this violation to the attention of the head of the department. As you might expect, the CDPH ignored him and did absolutely nothing.

We have proof of this.

Since the California government is not doing it’s job in following the law, I will be filing a writ of mandamus to compel the CDPH to do their job. The California court should also award me attorney fees.

In addition, Mr. Baldridge and I have both made a FOIA request to see the death-vax records; something that no state or world government has ever produced.

One way or another, the truth will be exposed soon for all to see.

Peter Baldridge’s requests

By letter dated December 17, 2022, Mr. Baldridge requested under the Public Records Act (Govt. Code, §§6250, et seq.) all records pertaining to any and all special investigations conducted or being conducted by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) into the COVID vaccine adverse events.

On January 10, 2023, he received CDPH’s response: CDPH provided no records of any special investigation in Covid-19 vaccine adverse events after January, 2021, and had no records of any other investigation for periods later than June, 2021.

Are you surprised? Peter wasn’t.

By letter dated January 29, 2023 he urged the Department to initiate such a special investigation pursuant to CA HSC § 100325.

He heard nothing back.

So in a letter dated April 17, 2023, Mr. Baldridge requested, under the California Public Records Act (Govt. Code, §§7920, et seq.), any and all records pertaining to special investigations into Covid-19 vaccine adverse events commenced after January 10, 2023, the date of the Department’s first response in order to see if anything happened.

On April 27, 2023 the Department responded that it had no responsive records to his request:

In other words, they were informed of what the law required them to do and they chose to do nothing.

Peter Baldrige’s letters to CDPH

Here is the full text of the letters Mr. Baldridge sent to the CDPH:

  1. December 17, 2022: Peter requests to produce the records of the investigations that were required by law
  2. Jan 29, 2023: Peter points out that the response to his previous request was inadequate and the department has not done its duty under the law. He reminds them again what is required.
  3. April 17, 2023: Peter asks for the records of the investigation that the department should have commenced after receiving his previous letter.
  4. May 5, 2023: Peter recounts what has happened to date and points out that there was again nothing done in response to his request to comply with the law. Peter shifts gears and makes a FOIA request for the correlated death and vaccination records

My FOIA request filed today, May 5, 2023

I also decided to make a FOIA request using the official CDPH portal:

It appears that the Department has little interest in or intention to investigate the reports of deaths in California related to Covid-19 vaccinations as required by law. I believe it is in the public’s interest that the correlation of vaccination and subsequent deaths be explored, particularly since, as of April 27, 2023, the Department continued to promote the Covid-19 vaccines as both safe and effective.  

The Department has in its possession records related to deaths in California commencing January, 2021, when the vaccine rollout began. The Department also has in its possession vaccination records for Californians. The Department also possesses the ability to correlate this data using personally identifying information including, but not limited to: Social Security Number, street address, zip code, date of birth, name, and gender.

Accordingly, I hereby request under the California Public Records Act (Govt. Code, §§7920, et seq.) that the Department correlate these data sets and provide for each individual who has died since January1, 202l the following data fields for each individual as follows:

Date(s) of COVID-19 vaccination(s): <if any>

Five year age range of the individual who died (e.g. 50-54)

Date of death

In lieu of personally identifying information, I request that the Department create a random identification number for each individual so that the identity of the individual remains confidential.

You may contact me at xxxxxx if you have any questions.

Note: the JOIN of the databases cannot be done through the CAIR because they do not have the death records. CDPH controls both databases, so if this is not the proper request portal, please let me know which is the correct place to submit the database JOIN request.

Here is the receipt from my FOIA request: P018493-050523

Who wants to see the data?

As Ryan Cole is fond of saying, “You will never find what you don’t look for.”

Let’s be clear. California is not looking into any injuries or deaths caused by the vaccines. They are looking out for the interests of the drug companies, not your health. They don’t care how many people in California have been injured or died. Your injuries and deaths are immaterial. They don’t care. They don’t even want to look.

The medical community in California is not better. They don’t want an investigation either. Have you heard of a single doctor, Dean of Medicine, or medical association in California calling for an investigation? Of course not!

Does Governor Newsom want an investigation? No way. Newsom himself is vaccine injured so he knows the vaccines cause harm. That’s why he dropped out of sight for weeks after his booster shot. A proper investigation would show that the vaccines killed people which means that Newsom instituted policies that likely lead to the untimely demise of tens of thousands of innocent residents of California and the injury of many times that number.

The only person who called for an investigation, as required by law, is the former Assistant Chief Counsel of the California Department of Public Health. He worked there for 27 years and is appalled by what is happening there now. They can’t take away his medical license because he’s not a doctor. They could try to take away his license to practice law, but he’s retired. This is a problem for them. They ran into someone they couldn’t intimidate.

Interested in bringing my writ of mandamus in California?

If you are a lawyer interested in bringing my writ of mandamus action, please use the Contact Me link and select the “writ of mandamus” option on the form.


It is clear at this point that neither the CDPH, the governor, the California legislature, the medical community, or the mainstream media have any interest or intention to investigate the reports of injuries and deaths in California related to the COVID vaccinations.

This is why I’ll be bringing a writ of mandamus action against the CDPH for not investigating the injuries and deaths.

In addition, I have sent a FOIA to the CDPH for the death-vax records. If the CDPH does not comply with my FOIA request, I will bring another writ of mandamus request action against them.

Peter Baldridge is a hero for speaking out.

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