It’s Official: Nazi-Infested Ukraine Is a Dictatorship

Stephen Lendman

Like US/Western societies, Ukraine’s self-proclaimed democracy was pure fantasy after the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev.

When Russia’s SMO began on Feb. 24, martial law in Ukraine replaced what little remained of greatly eroded freedoms.

Eleven opposition parties were virtually banned by suspending them.

Hardened censorship of speech, media, and academic freedom became official policy.

Whatever conflicts with the fabricated official narrative is banned in Ukraine.

Independent truth-telling media were shut down.

State-approved fake news alone is permitted.

In March, puppet Zelensky signed a decree to replace TV news channels with a single state-controlled one — to proliferate state-approved propaganda.

Falsely claiming it’s to counter Russian “misinformation,” its aim is all about controlling the message, banning what conflicts with it.

Now the easy to see through mask is stripped off entirely to reveal a monster that’s masquerading as a nation state.

As OK’d by his higher power in Washington, puppet Zelensky signed new police state legislation into law on Saturday to make Ukraine a one-party state — the Nazified war party.

It officially bans political parties considered sympathetic toward Russia, including ones urging cooperative relations over confrontation.

According to the US-installed regime, they’re considered “anti-Ukrainian.”

Anyone denying the fabricated claim about Russian “aggression against Ukraine” risks arrest, prosecution, imprisonment, and torture to reprogram their mindset.

Outlawing other political parties is all about hardening dictatorial rule.

Ukraine’s second largest party — Opposition Platform — For Life — was banned for alleged ties to Russia.

Its leader, Viktor Medvedchuk, was placed under house arrest in April.

Russia rejected Zelensky’s proposal to exchange him for Ukrainian POWs.

A political prisoner, he’s held without bail.

Falsely accused of funding and supporting terrorism, he faces likely longterm imprisonment to silence him for speaking truth to power.

All of the above and more of the same leaves no doubt that tyranny is the law of the land in Ukraine.

Freedom and the rule of law no longer exist.

Puppet Zelensky bows to the will of his higher power in Washington and dominant Nazis in Ukraine.

Using its troops as proxy foot soldiers, the Biden regime aims to wage forever war on Russia.

As manipulated by US dark forces, Nazified Ukraine poses a major threat to world peace.

With tyranny hardening to full-blown in Kiev, the risk of things heading for East/West confrontation remains a frightening threat too ominous to ignore.

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