Divisive Societal Collectivism Is a Primary Driver of Total Control Over the People

Divisive Societal Collectivism Is a Primary Driver of Total Control Over the People

LewRockwell.com  |  Gary D. Barnett

“But we must realize that even this tendency to restrict the exploitation of class privileges is a fairly common ingredient of totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is not simply amoral. It is the morality of the closed society—of the group, or of the tribe; it is not individual selfishness, but it is collective selfishness.” ~ Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies – Volume One: The Spell of Plato

The might of the State relies exclusively on the destruction of the individual, and participation, acceptance, allowance, and support of State as god, by the collective members of ‘society,’ who have succumbed to the State’s efforts to divide them into a multitude of groups at odds with every other group. The focus of this purposeful mass antagonism is to build differing aggressive personalities in order to set the stage for unrestrained division and chaos. This intentional distractive methodology pits one against another, in the age old strategy of divide and conquer. It has worked against the people and their freedom for most all of history, but has taken on new meaning in this immoral, consumption-based, irresponsible, apathetic, and postmodern culture, now consumed by a cold technological existence.

Without this gross division of society, the individual and individuals en masse, would reign supreme, and the ruling class and government would become politically impotent considering its endless drive toward power and control over large numbers of non-thinking collectives. This revelation is evident, so the solution necessary to lessen or destroy those who seek and practice authoritarian dominance, seems obvious and also simple, but due to the weaknesses and flaws of man, it is not as simple it appears.

The history of all politics, government, and rule, is one of unbridled authority, theft, perversion, organized crime, power, control, and mass murder. It is not, and never has been, any endeavor to ‘serve’  the people, but only to serve the State or personal and business desires. Those who choose politics, have voluntarily chosen the path of rule over others, which in effect, is an admission of power seeking, oppression, and dominance. To adhere with the political belief system, to accept voluntarily a ruling master class due to the fraud of voting; is little more than intentionally giving up your freedom in favor of tyrannical rule and serfdom.

Consider the deranged divisive nature of this population today. It is one of black against white, men against women, democrat against republican, the religious against the secular, confused and unhinged ‘transgenders’ against everybody, the reality of biology against stupidity,  neo-Marxists against children and all white males, tradition against postmodernism, and race against race. It is actually even much worse than this idiocy; it is all against all in this environment of hate, with the State (governments and rulers) waging war on all of humanity.

This is not the natural progression of all mankind as I see it, even though the human species is flawed almost beyond comprehension. I think this because humanity has not always been consumed by this gross indifference, apathy, ignorance, and herd mentality.  The idea of right over wrong, (good over evil) considering most general populations, was much more evident in past times, and that attitude was held in higher regard overall. But in modern times, the long-term conditioning of people by means of propaganda, all meant to indoctrinate minds in order to create a condition of hiding from the truth and turning away from compassion, has reached a critical mass.

So-called ‘civilizations’ have waged brutal war against each other since the very beginning, seeking more power and control at every turn, but the scope of that aggression is now universal throughout most States and their subjects. This is now evident worldwide. Was this due only to government’s and ruling classes’ efforts to control all, or are the people themselves at fault? Did the State initiate this plot, and did the people eventually cave to power, and accept it is normal? Obviously, the fault lies with both. The slaughter of innocents during most of our existence could be viewed as the founding element of our downfall, creating a lack of empathy for others, but what caused such aggression and murder amongst a single species if it is not the natural state of man? In my view, and as always, it comes down to evil against good, but is that determination based on the age old belief of ‘God’ against ‘Satan,’ or has this conclusion been accepted due to a purposely-structured narrative by those who seek to control the collective masses?  If so, would that explain the progression of the non-caring blindness that is seemingly universal today?

We will not be able to answer such a contentious and philosophically complicated question in full here of course, but one has to wonder why so many have turned away from logic, reason, compassion, cooperation, and common sense, in favor of the false belief that everything under the sun has to be accepted as normal. The only way for this utter madness to have become normalized, is for people to have abandoned the idea of the individual and individual sovereignty, and accepted societal collectivism, which can only bring about mass ignorance and division. Collectivism is a cancer of the mind, and can only result in a meaningless existence.

One extreme example of absurd collective mentality, is the recent bogus’ phenomenon’ called ‘transgenderism. Depending on which particular survey is accepted, and accepting any is questionable, it is stated that approximately 1 million to 1.5 million people supposedly ‘identify’ as ‘transgender’ in the U.S. Considering that this population is 335 million people, that means that about .4% have ‘identified’ themselves as ‘transgenders. Worldwide numbers would indicate between .1% and .6% identify as transgender.’ That is of course a vast minority, even if these figures are not grossly exaggerated. But if an alien space traveler from another planet was to suddenly  land in the U.S., he would think immediately that most every human was transgender, and was biologically ignorant. The airwaves, all major media, the entirety of government, large and even smaller corporations, most all institutions, especially government schools, and nearly every commercial ad, sporting event, television program,  and movie, among almost all other venues, are inundated with ‘transgender’ characters and ‘transgenderism’ in general. This is of course ludicrous.

Children are being bombarded with lies, and are being targeted by government and private institutions, in order to force the heinous notion that they should all respect ‘transgender’ identities, and should accept that they may all be confused about their own gender. Depraved ‘trans’ programs meant to confuse and indoctrinate children are rampant, and completely immoral, and the obvious rub here, and the most telling element of this horrible deception, is that most all who ‘identify’ as ‘transgender,’ are young children to young adults. Those over 50 who are confused, make up only about 0.3% of the total. This should be no surprise at all, as children are targeted in this evil campaign only because they are innocent and vulnerable to lies, propaganda, and indoctrination.

This is a mass effort by the State to corrupt and destroy this and future generations of children, so that future adults will be unable to function as normal human beings. This will lead to depopulation of course, a desired goal of the globalist rulers, but will also lead to a completely dumbed down and manipulated future adult population, making them susceptible to total control. Using and abusing children in order to gain power over future generations is deplorable and beyond any evil, but is now being accepted as normal by many in this country. How can such an atrocity as this be allowed to happen in any country made up of decent and moral people? The answer to this question, is that it cannot be allowed by any moral society, so what does that say about the sorry state of morality in what is referred to as ‘America?’

Societal collectivism in the midst of this divisive atmosphere, whether fomented by the State or not, and accepted by the illiterate herd; is the epitome of unintelligible stupidity, and can only lead to self-destruction. The only viable solution to change this course that has consumed this country, is to resurrect the importance of the individual in society, re-establish freedom by eliminating all power of the State, and abandon any idea that a collective mass of followers who expect someone else to solve all their problems for them, can be successful in any way.

This requires personal responsibility, and that cannot be achieved by any group, nor can any simple solution crafted by another, release you from your own slavery. Each individual is responsible for his own lot in life, so either stand up and negate all tyranny, or understand that you have no right to freedom.

“The socialist submerging of the individual under the collective’s prerogative is a perverse and putrid vision for humanity.”
~ A.E. Samaan

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Transgender numbers

(Note that the information on this subject is conjectural at best, and likely much overstated, and exhibit extreme bias in favor of the State narrative. Regardless, the numbers and ages are telling of the plot to destroy children.)

Source: The Best of Gary D. Barnett

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