Covid mRNAs Are Small Scale Bio-Nano Machines • The Goal Is Tracking Of Everything And Everyone - Everywhere

Covid mRNAs Are Small Scale Bio-Nano Machines • The Goal Is Tracking Of Everything And Everyone - Everywhere
COVID MRNAS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN SMALL SCALE BIO-NANO MACHINES | Lecture by Professor Ian Akyildiz From Georgia Institute Of Technology


In this lecture (above), Professor Ian Alkyildiz from the Georgia Institute of Technology gives an overview of his work for the last 15 years developing terahertz communication systems for the internet of everything. In the underlined link above, you can see his impressive resume.

His current research interests include networking 2030, metaverse, hologram and extended reality communication, 6G/7G wireless systems, terahertz communication, and underwater communication.

I always pay attention when the most brilliant researchers who worked with the US Army and DARPA comment on the vaccines. His view of the C19 shots is quite revealing - and he should know, given what his field of expertise is.

He discussed how the mRNA are just programmed small scale bio nano machines and then they are injected to monitor all health problems. “It is going really well” according to the Professor. He then proceeds to discuss the technology of full spectrum data surveillance on planet earth.

Here is one of his papers:

He also speaks about application of terahertz for holographic universe and metaverse transitioning. This is what I have been speaking about in regards to the transhumanist agenda for complete digitization and surveillance of all life.

He worked with the US Army:

He mentions that the CIA put a lock on the patent for Graphene based nano antennas seen in the first slide. Graphene, according to him, has fantastic characteristics, harder than steel, excellent use for information processing. The first 1 nm transistor in history was developed in 2008.

He speaks about DARPA’s work on terahertz frequency electronics, devices, meta materials, as well as atomic GPS tracking and surveillance, that was worked on in 2014 and is based on quantum computing:

He speaks about total surveillance technologies:

And the connection with the internet of space, development of extremely tiny satellites that allow total global data control.

The goal is tracking of everything and everyone - everywhere.

He clearly is involved in creating the metaverse technology platform that also ties into medical applications:


While virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have immensely benefited from eMBB and URLLC introduced as part of 5G, there are many applications such as advanced healthcare including remote diagnosis and surgery, high-resolution sensing for remote exploration, and near-real person video conferencing that cannot be adequately served by a combination of AR and VR. To this end, holographic teleportation has been recognized as the natural successor to AR and VR-based solutions. Unlike existing solutions, holographic teleportation operates in a true three-dimensional space and leverages all five senses– sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste, to provide a truly immersive experience.

Here is the link to his paper

6G and Beyond: The Future of Wireless Communications Systems


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