Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field And 5G Exposure Experiments With C19 Vaccinated Blood

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field And 5G Exposure Experiments With C19 Vaccinated Blood

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I have previously posted our findings on clotting evaluation of C19 vaccinated blood. Blood samples had been drawn of three C19 vaccinated individuals. Two were vaccine injured and one was completely asymptomatic. All of the samples formed a yellowish rubbery layer on top after the sample was left standing for 4 hours at room temperature. This yellowish layer was rubbery and not mechanically dissolvable. As I have previously written about, I believe this is hydrogel polymer separating from the blood. You can see these experiments here – please review the previous article for contextual understanding:

Visual Inspection Of C19 Vaccinated Live Blood Clots - Rubber (Hydrogel) Like Substance Found - Beware Graphic Images

Image: Four vaccinated Blood Samples left to sit for 4 hours I have posted the work of Clifford Carnicom and myself showing that Near Infrared Spectroscopy performed on C19 vaccinated and unvaccinated blood repetitively identified the spectral signature of functional chemical groups indicating polymer hydrogels.

It is very important to note that completely asymptomatic C19 vaccinated individuals have the same blood clotting findings as the vaccine injured. About a year ago, I first discussed Computerized Thermography of C19 Vaccinated people who were asymptomatic as a detection method for asymptomatic blood clots. This would be challenging to roll out on a mass scale due to limited access to thermography and cost. This new method presented here, simply requires a blood draw and it is possible to see the severity of the plastic like hydrogel layer within 45 minutes. To ensure adequate time of hydrogel coagulation, we left the samples for 4 hours in our previous tests.

In this next set of experiments we wanted to answer important questions on what effect does 5G radiation exposure have on the development of the yellowish rubbery zone – which I presume to be hydrogel polymer – based on all our previous experiments with Clifford Carnicom and my research. Many people have suggested to disable the nanotechnology and synthetic biology with pulsed electromagnetic fields. The idea comes from the understanding that you can wipe out a cell phone drive and its programming with such pulsed electromagnetic fields – hence the hope was that the suspected nanotechnological program should also be disabled via such a method.

In the first set of experiments, four syringes of 30ml blood from a C19 vaccine injured individual was drawn. One syringe was exposed to 40 min of 5G radiation by a 5 G tower. Another syringe was exposed to 40 min of 5G radiation and 3 minutes of PEMF. Two syringes were placed in a Faraday bag immediately after blood draw as a control. All samples were inspected after 4 hours and images were taken.

No significant difference was detected in the blood clots exposed to 5G, PEMF or the Faraday bag shielding. It appeared as if the PEMF was helping break down the clot. Hence the next experiment was performed. The C19 vaccinated individual had a whole body exposure to the PEMF for 3 minutes. Then blood was drawn again and inspected after 30 minutes:

It appeared that the PEMF did not increase the yellow hydrogel area. It was possible to disintegrate the clot mechanically, but it had some stringy yellowish features.

One month later, the same experiment was repeated. The same C19 vaccine injured individual was exposed to 3 minutes of PEMF.

This time the pre -PEMF blood already had a yellowish rubbery “hydrogel” zone. However, after 3 minutes of PEMF exposure, the yellowish clot part significantly increased and worsened. Additionally the red blood part changed from normal consistency to a sticky consistency – this was the first time a change to the red blood part was observed. It is not possible to disintegrate the yellowish hydrogel clot mechanically as we have shown in the video embedded in the last article.


Our before and after blood clotting experiment is a cheap and easy way to quantify treatment improvement or worsening. We will be showing different experiments in subsequent posts.

We did not see immediate worsening of the hydrogel development after 5 G exposure, however on live blood analysis we have consistently seen worsening hydrogel filaments and increased rouleaux formation – hence we still advise extreme caution with any 5G or EMF exposure.

While initially it appeared that the PEMF exposure was helping to break up the clots, a repeated experiment showed worrisome worsening and rapid growth of the hydrogel clot part. Therefore we advise EXTREME CAUTION in exposing C19 vaccinated individuals to pulsed electromagnetic fields for the purpose of disabling the nanotechnology or clots. It may make people worse.

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