The First PHEIC Will Be A Climate Emergency • Nullification and The Anti-Commandeering Doctrine

The First PHEIC Will Be A Climate Emergency • Nullification and The Anti-Commandeering Doctrine

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The partnership above took place this May at the WHA conference in Geneva. This makes it very clear what the first declared emergency will be……Climate Change.

The World Health Assembly (WHA) just finished their 10 day love fest conference in Geneva where they worked diligently figuring out how to transfer our sovereignty over to the WHO.

Please understand what they are doing will require absolutely no vote from our Congress. The people with a platform keep pushing that we exit from the WHO. They have good intentions and I agree we need to get out of the WHO but it is time to realize this is never going to happen. In other words they keep pushing a non-solution solution.

The only way out of the WHO is for a country’s leader to submit a letter to the WHO advising Tedros that their country is withdrawing from the WHO. After the letter is submitted the final withdrawal takes 12 months.

Do you think Biden will write such a letter? Do you think Trudeau will write such a letter? Do you think any country leader will write the letter??

While negotiating the debt ceiling increase our US House had the ability to refuse to discuss the debt ceiling until Biden wrote the letter to withdraw from the WHO AND TO DEFUND every NGO that is bringing illegals into our country. But the Republican congress never mentioned one peep about the WHO or the border.

The only peaceful solution we have left is at the state level. It is called Nullification and The Anti-Commandeering Doctrine (this is the better of the 2 choices).

People need to understand that WE THE PEOPLE sit at the top of pyramid not the federal government and WE THE PEOPLE and the states do not have to obey any law, regulation, international agreement that violates the constitution (Nullification) or that WE THE PEOPLE deem unjust (Anti-Commandeering).

How many people know our federal government was GIVEN just 18 enumerated powers by WE THE PEOPLE. Anything that is outside of those 18 enumerated powers belong to the states and the people. PLEASE stop thinking the very people that caused this mess are going to fix this mess. It is not going to happen.

EVERY single person in DC is out for themselves not for the people. The ones that speak out and pound their hands on the table against McCarthy and Democrats are playing their assigned role on the stage of the DC Kabuki theater.

They have to give the illusion that “some” folks in DC are fighting for us. THEY ARE NOT!!! Get over it!! Wake up!!

Either take control of your destiny or continue to rely on the federal government and end up the slave they have worked for decades to create.

These people making the circuit and educating people on the amendments to the IHR and the Pandemic Treaty (which is desperately needed) and push for EXIT THE WHO seem to be stuck in a paradigm and are unwilling to say “hey folks EXIT THE WHO is just not going to happen and we need to change course.” I saw this happen with Common Core. Even when ESSA was passed people still thought they could get government to stop Common Core and refused to look at other solutions. When people have time, effort and resources tied up they find it hard to say we need to step back and regroup. I have never supported beating a dead horse. THIS is exactly why we never win. I do agree we need to EXIT THE WHO but when you understand the process to do so it becomes very obvious that will not happen.

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