Government Adjusting For Round 2

Government Adjusting For Round 2

Dylan Eleven •

Our governments have learned from plandemic #1 the re-naming of the flu also known as Covid-19,  and are adjusting for the next round.  It is not over, if it were they would not be scheming so fervently.  

This time will probably be a fake pandemic caused by fake climate change.

They are busy making their pandemic treaties and forming government censorship boards, so called "ministries of truth" to get ready to implement the next lockdown with more force and censorship than the last.   With the eventual plan to put UN boots on faces around the world, in order to force vaccinated and get us all to conform in lockstep with their insane ideas.    

They were disgusted that the truth got out that about their plans to commit genocide by vaccine; and that many people using critical thinking skills avoided their obviously toxic injection.  

They don't want the pesky truth to get out again as it foils their plans.  

They want more control, more lockdowns and forced vaccinations with UN troops at the ready.  All with a tighter grip on censorship to ensure more compliance.

Last time most complied and they ended up injecting a huge portion of the world with a deadly vaccine.   They think this time, if they do more and harder they will get the rest.  

For every action there is a equal reaction.  Or at least there should be.

This time we must ALL not comply.   Zero compliance and zero tolerance for plandemic 2.   We must also be more proactive to guide others rather than let the mass hypnosis take over the sheeple again.

Personally I never wore a mask once.  I did not comply to any of the rules and also obviously did not get vaccinated.   I was defiant and vocal as I am sure you were.  But we were in the minority.  

The next time we all must immediately shut down any farce they try to impose on the planet.  We need to send a clear message to business and any other complaint nazi conformist cheerleader that we will not tolerate any more of this crap, not for one second.

They will not let up, because genocide has been committed.  They are all in, and can't turn back.  So their only choice is to move forward the total control and forced genocide vaccination plans.  

They will try to drastically change the narrative either with wars and forced military conscription, or by new pandemics which apparently now they claim can be caused by climate change.  Or both.  

Round 2 will come, they are planning for it.  One example of these plans  the article below forming Ministries of truth to silence the truth.    Government censorship positioning in preparation for the next round.

When round 2 comes they hope to be more organized and to apply what they have learned.  

We must do the same.

New Zealand Government releases proposal to set up Ministry of Truth  |  Neil Hague

The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs has released a consultation document containing proposed changes to censorship procedures.

The proposals include the appointment of a chief regulator who will be empowered to decide whether online content  – including social media posts – is “harmful.” To do so, he will be empowered to make up his own “guidelines” without the input of parliament. The proposals will also allow fines exceeding NZ$200,000 to be levied on those who don’t comply with his ideas.

What Exactly Will the Regulator’s Draconian Powers Replace?

  • Well of course free speech – the right to speak your mind – will be off the table. In other words, the ordinary process of discourse will be muted by the fear of arbitrary punishment.
  • This will supersede the NZ Bill of Rights, which was designed to guarantee our freedom of thought, conscience, expression, and religion.
  • The proposals will compromise the right to remain innocent until proven guilty. In other words, a person we have never met in a remote bureaucratic office can pronounce us guilty and silence us, regardless of circumstances and truth. It will be the rule of little minds.
  • It will replace the process of science and the gathering of evidence with the vagaries of uninformed opinion.
  • It will remove our right to cross-examine any accusers.
  • It will replace the rule of specific laws passed by an elected parliament after due discussion, which set out the limits to behaviour in writing, with the capricious decisions of an individual subject to all the usual individual failings including vulnerability to influence, money, power, and mistaken ideas.
  • These are all principles which have underpinned our way of life for centuries. The proposed censorship threatens to take us back to the Middle Ages when you could find out whether the wise woman village herbalist was a witch or not by asking your local misogynist wizard.

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