The Abnormal New Normal • The Past Is Present Still

The Abnormal New Normal • The Past Is Present Still

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Dr. Emanuel Garcia

We all knew the pre-covid world was careening, lustily so, towards a dark place in a way that could never be sustained: rampant greed, endless war, catastrophic debts run up by and for the banks that seemed to rule us all.

Travel was relatively cheap, the booming internet had created a global community like nothing before in history, and the ever-progressing digital landscape grew ever more precise and powerful. Giddy teens with phones whose computing power exponentially outstripped the highest technology of the Apollo moon missions were gaga over Facebook and Instagram and the like, and pornography became available to anyone with a mobile device or computer, no questions asked (except the porn sites’ requisite splashpage warning about age, which required nothing more than a click to dismiss).

We knew, I think, that something wasn’t right, and despite the mess there was still a sense that our autonomy prevailed. But when covid hit the clenched iron fist of the ruling ‘elites’ came down hard. All of our excesses, in a matter of weeks, were curtailed, and our unalienable rights were universally dismissed in the name of a pandemic whose lethality never surpassed that of a flu [it was the flu, renamed], but whose ‘cure’ – and here I am referring to the second punch in the combination, the jab – has managed to kill off, maim and injure far too many. If some accounts turn out to be true, it will also have rendered large swaths of the population infertile.

During this three year orgy of repression most people complied with their governments’ orders to stay home, stay apart and get inoculated upon pain of ostracism. Here in New Zealand the hapless former Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, after promising that our rights to bodily sovereignty would be preserved, coolly – I am tempted to say insouciantly – fashioned an apartheid society.

This is all old hat, so to speak, and now, in our abnormal new normal, the shadow of the World Health Organization looms large, warnings about inevitable future pandemics grow, and the emergency legislation that gives the government the right to lock us down again in New Zealand at the drop of a hat, no questions asked, remains in place.

We are still deluged with news and articles about covid, covid variants, covid remedies, spike proteins, mRNA, DNA, boosters, bivalent so-called vaccines, and the ever growing cascade of deaths and injuries in the wake of the so-called vaccine and its boosted reiterations, a medical intervention that was never needed and has proved indubitably to be dangerous.

I am, frankly, bored, and also tired.

I knew at the outset that the pandemic was a fraud not only by the nature of its propagandistic launch, but by the glaring absence of any institutional impetus to encourage treatment. Even today as I write, the Medical Council of New Zealand continues its persecution of doctors who did not abandon their duty to informed consent and who had the audacity to treat people with covid [flu] and to treat victims of the jabs. Insanely ridiculous riders have been attached to doctors licences requiring that they not use Ivermectin, for example – which undermines the right of a physician to prescribe and treat as befits an individual’s needs, using whatever pharmaceuticals are necessary.

After three years colleagues and friends who have sacrificed their jobs to preserve their integrity continue to be bludgeoned by the silence of medical practitioners who could have ended the madness in minutes had they not cowered in obeisance to what they knew was, flatly, wrong.

As flu season begins masks are making a comeback, people are lining up for vaccinations, and when I attempt to talk to those on the ‘other side’ I am told to move on and to stop living in the past.

The problem is, this ‘past’ is present still.

Those who have lost their incomes are scarred and wanting, those who have been injured from the inoculations are suffering, and those who have lost their lives are gone. Autopsies – which by any honest reckoning should be mandated for the departed – aren’t happening, and all the dying is chalked up to ‘excess mortality’ – an eerily empty phrase that is used to cover up real murder.

The predominant majority, who had neither the wit nor inclination to question authority, even when that authority was patently absurd, are still here. Few of them know anything about the WHO or central bank digital currencies, and fewer still even care. Few connect the rise in heart attacks and kidney ailments and cancers with the jab, or the increase in anxiety problems with the lockdowns, or the trampling of unalienable rights with tyranny.

When the next onslaught against us occurs, will this majority toe the line and take the broad gate leading to destruction once again?

This time the ball is in our court. Let’s see if we have what it takes.


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