Kicking The Can Down The Road, Again

Kicking The Can Down The Road, Again

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Benjamin Fulford

There is a lot of frustration among readers being expressed this week about the US Corporation kicking the can down the road yet again.

Nobody was more frustrated by the news than I was. I have been trying to convince the Asians to cut them off for over 15 years. They did once in 2008 with the Lehman shock but then were convinced by the promise of a black communist president to provide enough money ($23 trillion) for the whole show to continue until 2020.

They cut them off again in 2020 only to have the cabal use their control of the medical system to launder another $10 trillion using the scamdemic and the vaccines.

When I read the news about the Biden sh*t show getting more money I went ballistic and contacted all sorts of people to try to do something about it. I spoke at the Canadian military tribunal and explained exactly how to proceed legally against Castrudeau. I met Japanese right wing politicians, police and military types and explained to them how to proceed legally against the vaccine pushers as well. I was on the phone with the Russians, Pentagon types, CIA types, MI6 types etc. demanding action.

The problem seems to be that from an Asian perspective, it is better to have a US government that has to obey them because it needs to borrow more than to have the US declare a default. The longer this continues, the weaker the US gets and the stronger the Asians get. That seems to be the real reason why they let the Biden show continue. That is why it is going to be up to us to take action. So if you are feeling frustrated, please take personal action. Pick up the phone, call politicians, police etc. to demand action. If every reader picked up the phone and demanded action, then more would happen,

The US does seem to be stuck in a holding pattern with the same news churning over and over again in circles as two factions seem to be stuck in a stalemate of accusations and counter-accusations. How many times have you seen phrases like “January 6th” and Hunter Biden Laptop,” and “Russiagate” repeated? It is frustrating to watch and frustrating to report on.

Despite all this, if you are outside of the US you can see that most of the world has abandoned the G7 Khazarian mafia control grid over the past 15 years. The KM only rule over 11% of the world now. Unfortunately, Americans are among that 11%.

People also need to remember we are trying to overthrow a group that has been in power literally for thousands of years. Nonetheless, we have made a lot of progress in waking people up. For example, when I first started there was exactly one sentence about the Rothschild family on the entire internet. Now, there are millions of pages about them and their crimes, A large percentage of them are no longer alive. The same is true of many of the other oligarch families.

Remember, just because we are dealing with a strong, stubborn, and very intelligent opponent, does not mean we should give up. We are winning. It might seem slow, but we are winning. We will keep fighting until it really, truly, is over.

Finally, as far as comments about the UFO videos posted at the end of the reports are concerned, this is done because countless trillions of dollars have been spent over decades to prepare for some sort of alien event (fake or not)  and we think it is important people are made aware of this.

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