Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents

Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents

The Vigilant Fox and Dr. Naomi Wolf | Global Research

“This is a mystery novel in which the question is, how do we stop women from having healthy babies? That’s the story of the Pfizer documents.”

“These people [powers that be] don’t want us to be self-sustaining,” concluded Dr. Naomi Wolf in front of a live audience at a recent VAC family event. “They want us to be dependent and scared.”

What self-sustaining quality are they targeting most? Our ability to reproduce, attested Dr. Wolf.

“One thing people have been able to do for thousands of years is to have sex and have babies without any intervention or help from anyone else. It’s a tremendous way that the human race is self-reliant — that it can survive catastrophe. Well, the Tech Bros. and probably China want to take that away from us. This is clear in the Pfizer documents.”

“There’s a section of the Pfizer documents in which Pfizer breaks down the adverse events and concludes that women sustain 72% of them,” she continued. “And of those — and these are Pfizer’s words — 16% are quote-unquote “reproductive disorders” compared to 0.49% for men. So they’re very focused on reproduction, on female reproduction.”

“It’s my belief that they were trying to disrupt especially female reproduction,” Dr. Wolf determined. “And the question is, how do I know that? And the answer is from the structure of what they looked at. Again, I’m a literary critic, but this is a mystery novel in which the question is, how do we stop women from having healthy babies? That’s the story of the Pfizer documents.”

“So in the Pfizer documents, there’s a chart,” detailed Dr. Wolf.

“And as a woman, this is one of the most painful things to see. And I’m Jewish. And my grandmother lost nine brothers and sisters to the Holocaust. So I don’t say this lightly, but this chart is a Mengele-type of chart. It’s Mengele science.”

“Why is it Mengele science?” she asked. “Because they break down 20 different horrible things that can happen to women’s menstruation.”

More reproductive adverse events are listed here.

Here’s a fraction of the 20-something different ways Pfizer admits the mRNA jab can dysregulate or affect women’s reproductive health:

  • Heavy menstrual bleeding – 27,685 cases
  • Menstrual disorder (pain, heavy bleeding, or absence of menstruation) – 22,145 cases
  • Menstruation irregular (irregular cycle lengths) – 15,083 cases
  • Menstruation delayed – 13,989 cases
  • Dysmennorhea (pain during menstruation) – 13,904 cases
  • Intermenstrual bleeding (bleeding in between periods) – 12,424 cases
  • Amenorrhea (absence of period) – 11,363 cases
  • Polymenorrhea (multiple periods) – 9,546 cases
  • Vaginal hemorrhage (excessive bleeding of the female reproductive system) – 4,699 cases.
  • Oligomenorrhea (infrequent menstrual periods) – 3,437 cases

“I’m looking at ruined lives,” grieved Dr. Wolf.

“And they [Pfizer] just note them calmly, one by one by one.”

Criminal Malfeasance: Pfizer Knew 275 People Suffered Serious Strokes in the First 90 Days After Vaccine Rollout

There’s also a group in France called Où est mon cycle, which translates to “Where’s my cycle?”

Dr. Wolf detailed “super-strange things” within the Pfizer Documents, such as “ten-year-old girls menstruating on first being injected” and “long-postmenopausal women in their 80s and 90s bleeding again after being injected.”

It wasn’t enough for Pfizer to watch women be ruined, asserted Dr. Wolf.

“Again, I keep saying this is a respiratory pathogen. Why are they so focused on sex? At one point, they mate vaccinated male rats and unvaccinated female rats. Then they kill them, and they dissect and look at the cells of their sexual organs. Okay? So they’re very, very focused on mammalian sexuality.”

“And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist” to figure out that Pfizer’s mRNA injections would cause fertility issues, emphasized Dr. Wolf.

“You need 8th-grade math to guess that if women are having horrible menstrual problems in 2021, there are going to be fertility problems in 2023, right?”

“So now it’s 2023,” mourned Dr. Wolf, as those fertility problems have come to fruition. “Igor Chudovcompared databases in countries around the world. There are a million missing babies in Europe. They never got born. [There are] double the number of miscarriages and spontaneous abortions in Scotland [and a] 13% to 20% drop in live births around the world. [There are] two or three times the number of spontaneous abortions and miscarriages in Tel Aviv as before. And so on around the world. And now we know why. Now we know the mechanism.”

“So it is an attack not just on humanity; it’s an attack on our future,” determined Dr. Wolf.

“It’s not just an attack on us. It’s not just a mass murder, which is the language that Ofcom objected to, but it’s an existential attack. And think about it chronologically. I’m very worried that a source in Britain said that they wanted to embargo this information for 20 years. Because I’m like, what do they expect to have happened in 20 years?”

“I think this is the tip of the iceberg,” she continued. “We’ve [DailyClout/War Room Volunteers] got a report on turbo cancers, we’ve got a report on strokes, we’ve got a report on liver damage, kidney damage.”

“I don’t want to depress you, but all around you are people who are suffering from illnesses,” mourned Dr. Wolf. “None of their doctors are telling them that these illnesses are in the Pfizer documents as side effects and that we now understand the mechanisms of them.”

“And if you want to know what’s happening to your loved ones, please, read the reports on Dailyclout.io,” urged Dr. Wolf.

“They’re free. Or order the book, please. It has all of it [the evidence] right there. But all around you, all around me, are people suffering and dying from side effects that are in these documents that they knew about.”

The entirety of Dr. Wolf’s speech is available to watch in the video below:

Source: DailyClout

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