Doctors Who Poisoned Themselves and Their Families, Including Small Children, with COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

Doctors Who Poisoned Themselves and Their Families, Including Small Children, with COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

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Former Canadian Medical Association President Dr.Gigi Osler posted pictures of vaccinating herself and her teenage daughter with Moderna. “We believe in Moderna…my daughter got it. But did not get magnetized”

Every day I hear stories about young doctors who are closing their practice and retiring because they had a heart attack or a stroke or a neurological injury and they can’t practice medicine anymore. Every other day a Canadian doctor dies suddenly.

They were all COVID-19 vaccinated. And most of them convinced their family members to take COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and forced them on their children.

Why are doctors the most brainwashed group?

I often get this question: why are doctors the most brainwashed with COVID-19 propaganda?

Part of it is incompetence and arrogance. Doctors are put on a pedestal and praised, despite many doctors being grossly incompetent, dull, and not critical thinkers.

But another part is much darker. Doctors who fell for the propaganda also pushed COVID-19 vaccines on their family members and gave them to their children.

Now they can’t admit COVID-19 vaccines are toxic because they gave those toxic products to their loved ones.

Australia – 26 yo Caillin Atchison, daughter of a doctor and Australian Medical Association president Michelle Atchison, died suddenly in her sleep on May 11, 2022. (click here)

Just in case there are any questions about how big of an mRNA vaccine pusher her Australian physician mother Dr. Michelle Atchison was:

Marlinton, WV – 25 year old Allyson Cutlip developed pericarditis multiple times, as well as inflammation of the liver and spleen. “Why can’t I just be healthy?”

Allyson’s mother is a COVID-19 vaccinated doctor who just had breast cancer and mastectomy:

Allyson’s 3 year old boy has an autoimmune platelet disorder that was almost fatal:

Here is a family with three generations recently impacted by very serious health problems.

A COVID-19 vaccinated physician mother (in her late 40s/early 50s) would have ensured her daughter, with whom she has a great relationship, was also COVID-19 vaccinated. The mom doctor just developed breast cancer at a young age, the 25 yo daughter developed pericarditis, and inflammation of liver and spleen – very typical of post COVID-19 vaccination auto-immune issues.

The boy who is 3 years old had an auto-immune disease attacking his own platelets. Did Allyson get vaccinated while she was breastfeeding? Or is the boy COVID-19 vaccinated himself? These are important questions.

Imagine a family poisoned over 3 generations because of bad advice of one doctor in the family. I believe this is now the reality for many doctors’ families.

Saskatchewan Infectious diseases specialist Dr. Alexander Wong rushes to get his small kids COVID-19 vaccinated, then disappears (he has been missing for 14 months).

This has been one of the most shocking things for me to watch over the past year. Dr. Alexander Wong, a Saskatchewan Infectious Diseases specialist rushed to get his 5-year old boy COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated on Nov. 27, 2021.

He must have been one of the first children age 5 to get mRNA vaccinated in Canada.

On April 28, 2022, he wrote numerous Twitter posts about how excited he was to vaccinate his two young children under age 5 as soon as Moderna mRNA vaccine was approved:

Those were his last Twitter posts. He hasn’t posted in 14 months.

For someone who pushed propaganda regularly throughout the entire pandemic, it is not normal to then disappear for 14 months. I hope Dr. Wong and his family are ok, and I’m very concerned about his young children.

For his sake, I hope he didn’t vaccinate those two young children under age 5.

US doctor Dr. Bret Stetka age 43, director at Medscape/WebMD died suddenly on Aug. 6, 2022.

Perhaps most shocking was the fact that his last tweet, 2 weeks before he died, was getting his 1 year old daughter COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated.

US Marine Ronald Hinton lost three relatives in 5 months in 2022, one doctor and two nurses.

Halifax, NS – Fully COVID-19 vaccinated Dr. Hesham Lakosha, a physician & ophthalmologist died on April 9, 2023, allegedly from ALS and his ex-wife Latifa Alabdy (age 68) died two weeks later on April 23, 2023.

St. Cloud Florida – Patrick Kelly (age 20) died April 18, 2022 and his mother, a nurse, Francesca Kelly (age 50) died Feb. 5, 2023. Mother believed her son died from the COVID-19 vaccine (click here)

My Take

One of the main reasons why most doctors are either not waking up or are refusing to wake up to the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine fraud, is because they pushed these toxic products on their family members including their children, some of them very young.

Psychologically, it must be very difficult to face the possibility that, as a doctor, and as someone that your entire family trusted and counted on, you made a horrible mistake and ended up poisoning your entire family including your children.

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