The USSA Government Needs to Be Dismantled • The Democrat And Republican Parties Are A One-Party Criminal Racket, Both Appendages Of The Regime

The USSA Government Needs to Be Dismantled • The Democrat And Republican Parties Are A One-Party Criminal Racket, Both Appendages Of The Regime

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Scott Lazarowitz

Recent events in the news are further proof that the regime in Washington needs to be dismantled, governance needs to be decentralized, and a restoration of freedom needs to happen.

The latest: there’s a document regarding an FBI whistleblower who claims that Biden took a bribe as vice president in exchange for a policy change in favor of whomever the bribe maker (or foreign regime) was.

The document is non-classified, but FBI director Chris Wray would not give Rep. James Comer the requested document, claiming that the informant could be killed in retaliation (Killed? By the FBI?). But, threatened with a contempt of CONgress charge, in an about-face now it seems Wray will give them the document.

But to distract the public from the Biden bribery document controversy, now the DOJ has indicted Donald Trump for Trump’s mishandling of classified information, that Trump claims he as president had legally declassified.

Another Trump indictment? Eight years ago Trump said “Drain the Swamp,” and the apparatchiks of the swamp have been after him ever since. And now Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has been saying the same things, more or less. Will Kennedy be given the same Orwellian treatment?

And the FBI supposedly held onto the Hunter Biden “laptop from Hell,” from late 2019 until after the 2020 elections. There is plenty of information on that laptop incriminating of both Hunter and Joe Biden.

So there is no “equal justice” administered by today’s centralized regime in Washington.

The FBI exonerated Hillary Clinton for mishandling of “classified” information in 2016, but are going after Trump for the same offenses. The FBI changed the phrase “gross negligence” to “extremely careless” to avoid criminally charging Clinton. And that was that.

In other news, the U.S. CONgress has passed the latest heist after threatening “default” with the debt ceiling. Republicans enthusiastically voted for the latest expansion of the D.C. Swamp and further erosion of our liberty and prosperity.

Even “conservative” Reps. Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Thomas Massie, of all people, voted for the monstrosity. What, were these people threatened? Are they being blackmailed? Should we take these “conservatives” seriously ever again?

And the “conservatives” on talk radio. As I mentioned here, they’re obsessed with the 2024 elections. Everything is all about the next election. “We’ll get the right people in there this time, you’ll see.” It seems that everything is all about “the next election, the next election, the next election,” to “save the country,” “take America back,” etc.

And regarding how to go against the Democrats’ shady voting methods, Sean Hannity, along with his pal Donald Trump, are saying that Republicans need to do the same things that Democrats did in the 2020 elections, ballot harvesting, mail-in voting and early voting.

In other words, now both sides will be doing as much cheating as possible, in desperation to get “the right people” in power.

Democrats made up the Covid scam to scare people into mail-in voting, and their shenanigans on election night showed how desperate they were to get rid of Trump.

Regarding the 2024 elections, if we don’t bring election protocols in the U.S. back to where they were in times past, then I don’t think that election results should be considered legitimate.

For restoration of legitimacy in elections, no mail-in voting, except for absentee ballot for those with a reasonable excuse, no ballot harvesting, no early voting, only voting on “Election Day,” and ID required, for starters. That’s my view.

Currently, elections are corrupt. Especially the 2020 presidential election. But thanks to media propaganda, many people still believe that claims of the 2020 presidential election being rigged and stolen are “without evidence.”

Sadly, most of the judges dismissed the dozens and dozens of 2020 election court cases without actually allowing any evidence or witnesses to be heard, citing “standing.” GOP chair Ronna McDaniel had hundreds and hundreds of witnesses who had signed sworn affidavits.

See articles from Breitbart, August 30, 2020: Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’ and September 1, 2020: Bloomberg-Funded Group: Trump May Win Election Night, But Joe Biden Will Win Days Later Due to Mail-in Votes, and from election night: Trump: I’m Winning By Large Margins and ‘Everything Just Stopped’ Getting Counted. And from the American Thinker: Suddenly, all the Democrat-run swing states need to stop counting ballots. And see this Townhall article on Time magazine’s explanation of the 2020 election rigging. And I had a long list of further articles on all that in January of 2022.

And then there was the FBI false flag psy-op to distract the election challengers from bringing their challenges to the floor, a.k.a. the January 6th “Insurrection” that wasn’t.

Speaking of Marjorie Taylor Greene, she did a 180 in her recent May 31st defense of releasing all the January 6th surveillance videos only by June 3rd to say the videos should NOT be released, citing concern of Trump supporters being doxxed by leftists. Yeah, right Marge.

We know that just a little bit of that surveillance video was used now to exonerate the “Shaman” Jacob Chansley, who was sentenced for obstruction of an official proceeding (January 6th), but was released after the video showed him peacefully being escorted through the Capitol by police.

FBI continue to detain indefinitely January 6th Trump supporters who were not violent but happened to be at the Capitol that day.

There are thousands of hours of that public domain surveillance video, some of which is exculpatory evidence that can exonerate those January 6th defendants who are being unlawfully, unconstitutionally detained.

So, the FBI is not a stranger to politically motivated obstruction of justice and election interference. While they go after conservatives and Trump supporters, the feds also have a history of letting BLM and Antifa rioters, looters and arsonists (i.e. Democrat supporters) get away with those crimes in 2020.

But while Republicans complain about the FBI’s bias and corruption, I’m sure the GOP would want a return to the good ol’ FBI that went after Martin Luther King, Jr., Vietnam War protesters, Occupy Wall Street, etc., etc.

The truth is, both the Democrat and Republican parties are a one-party racket, a criminal racket, both appendages of the regime. The two major parties are just another bureaucracy part of government in our USSA.

Both the Democrat and Republican parties collude and conspire to legally restrict ballot access to third party or independent candidates for public office. They are the party of government drug prohibition a.k.a. the “war on drugs,” the police state, the War Party, and the party of government tax-thefts and redistributionism, and both need to be dismantled and ousted from decent society.

Frankly, the regime in Washington should also be dismantled and let the rest of us go our separate ways.

Alas, the petty regime tyrants, parasites and hooligans will not easily let go of their little fiefdoms and tax-theft-funded extravagances. But freedom advocates should still keep trying, that’s for sure.


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