Recently Released Secret Pfizer Document Shows Company Observed 1.6 Million Injuries Following COVID Vaccination Yet Claimed "Safe and Effective"

Recently Released Secret Pfizer Document Shows Company Observed 1.6 Million Injuries Following COVID Vaccination Yet Claimed "Safe and Effective"

Megan Redshaw | Substack

A recently released Pfizer document shows the pharmaceutical giant in August 2022 was aware of 1.6 million adverse events reported by those who had received it’s COVID vaccine.

The adverse events spanned more than 10,000 different categories and affected nearly every organ system in the body. Yet, Pfizer still concluded its shot was safe and effective.

According to Pfizer’s 396-page “confidential” pharmacovigilance document obtained by the European Medicines Agency, the company observed 508,351 case reports containing 1,597,673 adverse events. One-third of all adverse events were classified as “serious” — a number well beyond the 15% threshold that should trigger a safety signal.

The document shows that adverse events were three times more common in women than men, with 60% of all reports classified as “not recovered” or outcome unknown. The highest number of cases affected the 31-50 year age group.

Because 92% of individuals did not have a comorbidity, it’s unlikey their adverse events could be attributed to anything but Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

The document further categorized the 1.6 million adverse events observed by Pfizer into categories and subcategories based on injury. According to journalist Daniel Horowitz, Pfizer observed more than 10,000 categories of diagnosis, many of which were severe or rare.

For example, 73,542 cases in 264 categories of vascular disorders were reported by individuals after receiving Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, 696,508 cases of nervous system disorders were reported and 61,518 reported eye disorders in 100 different categories.

More than 47,000 ear disorders were reported, including 16,000 cases of tinnitus, 225,000 reports of skin and tissue disorders, 190,000 respiratory disorders, and more than 178,000 reproductive and breast disorders.

There were 77,000 reports of psychiatric disorders reported following vaccination, 3,711 cases of tumors, more than 100,000 reports of lymphatic disorders, and 127,000 reports of cardiac disorders in more than 270 categories.

The document also shows Pfizer was aware of 68 cases of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy — the rare and severe neurological disorder experienced by Maddie De Garay during Pfizer’s clinical trials that left her confined to a wheelchair.

At the end of hundreds of pages of observed injuries, Pfizer concluded the risks of it’s COVID-19 vaccine “evaluated in the context of the benefits” showed the shot had a favorable benefit-risk profile.

"No additional changes to the BNT l 62b2 RSI or additional risk minimisation activities in addition to those in place are warranted at this time,” the company, which made billions off its COVID vaccine, wrote.

To date, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not updated the product label for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine to include a list of its potential adverse events, nor has Pfizer been held accountable for failing to disclose these potental vaccine injuries to the public.

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