Mainstream Fake News and Government Pushing Climate Change Conspiracy Theories

Mainstream Fake News and Government Pushing Climate Change Conspiracy Theories

Dr. Joseph Sansone | Substack

Satellite images [below] showed that a dozen fires a week or so ago in Quebec started at almost the exact same moment.

Video shows the forest fires all starting at the same time in different areas

Over a hundred separate fires were reported. This indicates the possibility that it was a deep state attack. The northeastern United States was hit with a haze from the fires. Politicians and the media immediately pushed the man made climate change conspiracy theories in what looked to be a trial run of a climate change lockdown as people were advised to stay indoors.

Canada’s Psychopathic authoritarian prime Minister Justin Trudeau immediately blamed the fires across Quebec as a result of climate change. Almost on cue New Jersey psychopathic authoritarian governor Phil Murphy pushed the same conspiracy theory:

Make no mistake, from the wildfires in Canada to those cropping up with increasing frequency and severity in our own backyard, these extreme weather events are tangible – and devastating – evidence of the intensifying climate crisis.

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Over a hundred separate fires were reported and all seem to have started within a short period of time. This was documented via satellite imagery. Yet this apparent deep state terrorist attack was ignored and the man made climate change conspiracy theory was promoted by government and media.

According to this man made climate change conspiracy theory, human activity is creating excess C02 in the atmosphere and that is causing global warming. This of course is folly. Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn points out that C02 is an effect of climate changes, not a cause. Corbyn elucidates that C02 has been steadily rising while temperatures on the planet have been oscillating, and that increased C02 levels are actually the result of the Medieval warming period that occurred 500-800 years ago. C02 of course, as Corbyn points out, is the life blood of plant life and is not harmful to the environment. Corbyn also says that lower solar activity and current weather extremes are indicative of being on the cusp of another little ice age. Corbyn also points out that only .3% of scientists publishing papers on climate change attribute it to human activity.

Those pushing the man made climate change conspiracy theories know that climate change is a natural phenomenon. This is why man made climate change conspiracy theorists changed their story over the decades. First pushing a new ice age, then to a depleted ozone layer, then global warming, and finally, to climate change. Climate change is a natural phenomenon that has always occurred. Changing the mantra to climate change is actually a hypnosis technique called utilization. Utilization is a technique where you utilize everything that occurs to deepen the trance state. In the same fashion, when using the climate change boogey man, all changes to the weather are then blamed on human activity. The weather of course, is always changing. Always has, and always will.

While those orchestrating the climate change conspiracy theory are aware of their deception, those following have fallen victim to Group Think, or what is now being called Mass Formation Psychosis. I have written about this issue in an article almost a year ago, entitled, The Psychology of the Climate Change End Times Cult. Essentially, this secular end times cult is driven by a deep seated hatred of self, humanity, and ultimately, God. Think Jonestown on a global level.

Regarding man made climate change, I will repeat what I wrote in that article:

Climate change is almost too stupid to address. Without getting into the weeds on climate change, let’s just consider some basic facts. The climate is and always has been in a constant state of flux. This is a fact. Even the Sahara Desert alternates between a dry and wet climate every 20,000 years. The planet has been warming since the end of the ice age. There have also been periodic increases and decreases in temperature since the end of the ice age. The younger dryas period lasted from 12,900 and 11,600 years ago. In less than a hundred years this cooling period occurred plunging much of North America and Europe back into ice age conditions and ended abruptly approximately 1300 years later. The cooling period toward the end of the Roman Empire and early dark ages and the medieval warming period are examples, as was the mini ice age, where we saw George Washington enduring the chilling cold at Valley Forge. Then there was the warming period which started by the time the American War Between the States raged.

Although, what is not dumb, and quite frankly is rather intelligent, in a twisted Machiavellian sort of way, is the fact that while human activity is not causing climate change, climate changes appear to be occurring through deliberate geoengineering. Climate change is being influenced by human activity, it is just being done on purpose, and not the result of a thriving civilization harming the environment.

In the case of the fires in Quebec, the effect was that a haze covered the northeast. This looks to be a trial run for future climate change lockdowns. An uninformed population can easily be manipulated by the deep state as we have seen. Blocking out the sun for Quebec and the northeastern United States is a way to strong arm the population to obey willingly.

The terrorism organization called the World Economic Forum (WEF) has also promoted geoengineering among other insane ideas. Including trying to block the sun’s rays using bubbles in space. We do know that the OneHealth approach that the terrorism organization called the World Health Organization (WHO) does include the environment as an area that they can dictate policies to member nations. The latest version of the proposed WHO treaty is linked under item number two in this link.

Even if by some chance the fires started in Quebec were an entirely natural phenomenon, the fake news media’s actions were reprehensible. Government was equally malicious. Canadian dictator Justin Trudeau, along with New Jersey dictator Phil Murphy, immediately blaming wild fires on man made climate change conspiracy theories, is about as unscrupulous as could be imagined.

It appears that the extermination will include climate change lockdowns along the way.


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