Overthrow Of The World By Infiltration

Overthrow Of The World By Infiltration

How the path was cleared for the agenda of world domination

David Sorensen | Stop World Control  

In the previous post I explained how one fourth of humanity, meaning the Christian Church, has been strategically infiltrated by the cabal in the 19th century, with the purpose of turning Christianity from a victorious movement that transforms the world for the better, into a powerless group of people that wait for an escape.

Understandably many believers find this hard to accept, as hearing it for the first time is similar to the shock we experienced when we found out how the pandemic was planned, vaccines kill off humanity, the news media lie to us, and governments abuse us in the most horrendous ways.

It is always difficult to find out that something we believed to be true proves to be false, or authorities we trusted, turn out to be corrupt.

Our first reaction is often denial, because the shock of the truth is simply too painful. We all experience this at some point. It is called “cognitive dissonance” or the “Semmelweis effect”. New information is rejected, when it challenges our existing beliefs. We need time to process it.

Overthrow the world by infiltration

What we have to realize, is that every aspect of human society has been infiltrated by the cabal. Infiltration is they primary method used to overthrow the world. They position their leaders in the fields of medicine, education, politics, news media, religion, etc.

The Church hasn’t been spared from this, on the contrary: they have focused more on the Church than on anything else, because the children of God are their #1 opponent.

For centuries the Church had no concept of a rapture to escape the world, and leave humanity behind to be tortured by demons. Historically Christianity always was the most powerful force of transformation on earth. Everywhere the first Christians came, they abolished slavery, ended public human sacrifice, cancelled oppression of the poor, built orphanages and established healthcare for all, and so on.

They established medicine, science, education, elections, and so much more.

It’s thanks to the Christians that the world increasingly became a better place. Before, every nation of the world was marked by demon worship, slavery, human sacrifice, sorcery, and all kinds of horrors. Christianity changed all of that, until virtually everyone in the civilized nations had an understanding of a loving God, who wants us to love one another. Before Christianity, this idea didn’t exist, and it was the survival of the fittest everywhere, plus cruel demon worship and human sacrifice, in Asia, Africa, Europe, the America’s, everywhere.

The entire world used to be one horrible hell, before the message of Christ began transforming the nations.

So when the cabal developed a plan to rule the world, they knew they had to first of all get rid of this powerful force of the Church. No better way to do so than by infiltration, and convince them that their own Bible tells them they must allow evil to reign, and wait for a rapture. So that’s what they did: not a visible external attack, but a covert operation from within.

Specific verses in the Bible were mistranslated, taken out of context, and misused to promote this brand new doctrine.

The doctrine of a rapture was forced upon the minds of hundreds of millions of people by very strong mind control methods, used by the cabal, who positioned many of the so called “powerful Christian leaders”. They also promoted international movie productions and popular book series, to further spread this concept. Meanwhile they shut down all opposing voices. Renown theologians who exposed the dark lies of the rapture where silenced, in the same way physicians and scientists are silenced in the fields of medicine.

This is how they always work: push one single storyline onto everyone, while silencing all opposing voices.

I spent many years investigating this, and summarized my findings from Scripture and history in a highly revealing report, that you can find at the end of this post. I invite all who have courage and love for truth, to read this report, as it will answer many questions, and highlight what Christ truly said about this topic.

But first I want to give you some keys that can unlock your mind for the truth.

Keys to unlock your mind
to the truth

God created us to be kings who reign with Him to expel evil, not cowards who flee from evil.

God created us to be heroes who save humanity, not traitors who betray humanity.

God created us to be victors who overcome opposition, not losers who give up when we face hardship.

God calls us to love people, not leave them behind.

God calls us to care for the poor, not abandon them.

God calls us to end corruption, not allow it to rule.

God calls us to slay giants, not run from them.

Christ called us to be the light of the world, not leave the world in darkness.

Christ said we will reign with Him on the throne, not allow evil to reign.

David didn’t run from the giant Goliath, he ran towards him and killed him.

I can go on like this for a long time... The doctrine of the rapture has turned every aspect of the Bible upside down, inside out and the other way around. It has turned victors into losers, conquerors into cowards, kings into slaves, world changers into escapists, an army into a social club, visionaries into blind leaders.

Crippling the billions of Christians worldwide

Nothing crippled the Church more than the rapture doctrine. It was strategically done in order to prepare the way for the agenda of world domination of the elites. If they could convince billions of Christians that the agenda for world domination is the “fulfillment of Bible prophecy”, and is therefore inevitable, they would have cancelled the resistance from these billions of believers. It’s a very clever strategy.

Millions of Christians read the books, see the movies, and don’t understand how the Bible is abused, with verses that are quoted out of context, and words that are mistranslated to push this escapist theology upon the Church.

But as with all deception, there is always the clear voice of truth calling the people to make a choice.

Will we be like Christ, who gave His life to heal, save and restore humanity? Or will we be like Satan, who tells us to leave humanity in the claws of evil?

Will we ignore the cries of suffering people and look for an easy escape? Or will we have a heart of compassion to help those in need?

Will we run from the giants, or shall we run towards them to take them down?

The choice is ours.

What nobody told you about the return of Christ

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