Pharma-Controlled FDA OK’s Kill Shot Boosters for Young Kids | Flu/covid jabs “are designed to kill and depopulate the planet.”

Stephen Lendman

Cheerleading what demands denunciation, the NYT turned science on its head — again — as follows, saying:

On Tuesday, the FDA “authorized (health-destroying) Pfizer…booster shots…for children 5 to 11,” adding:

It’s “the latest (action) to bolster waning protection against infection (sic).”

Around two-thirds of children aged 5 – 11 are unjabbed for flu/covid.

Remaining unjabbed is crucial to protect health over destroying it by kill shots.

The Times admitted that most parents “have been reluctant” to get their young kids jabbed.

It quoted Pharma’s man at the FDA, its commissioner, Robert Califf’s distortion of reality, falsely claiming:

More scariant than variant “omicron has seen more kids getting sick with the disease and being hospitalized (sic), and children may also experience longer-term effects (sic).”

The above rubbish is all about fear-mongering parents into harming their young kids by permitting toxic jabs to destroy their health over protecting it by shunning kill shots.

In a Tuesday news release, Pfizer once again lied, falsely claiming the following:

That its booster “elicited a strong immune response in…5 to 11-year-olds (sic),” adding:

It “generat(ed) neutralizing antibodies (sic) against both (more scariant than variant) omicron and (nonexistent) SARS-CoV-2” coronavirus (sic).

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about what Pfizer called the “safety profile” of its kill shots for kids — or anyone else.

The Times promoted use of Pfizer’s kill shots for kids instead of warning parents to avoid them.

When the CDC’s kill shot advisory panel meets on Thursday, rubber-stamp approval of toxic boosters for young kids is virtually certain — with destroying their health in mind over protecting it.

Because full recovery for children, adolescents and young adults is virtually certain if become ill from flu/covid, it’s beneficial for them to contract the illness because of natural immunity protection gotten against reinfection.

In stark contrast, kill shots irreparably harm health while providing illusory protection alone, not the real thing as heavily promoted.

In April, Moderna sought emergency authorization use of kill shot for children aged-6 months to years — when no emergency exists.

Nor has one existed before or since kill shots were rolled out in December 2019.

Claims otherwise have been state-sponsored/MSM proliferated fake news to scare maximum numbers of people to unwittingly self-inflict harm.

A Final Comment

Last week, Alliance for Human Research Protection, Vera Sharav, slammed Pharma profiteers for harming or killing countless millions of people from toxins in their flu/covid jabs.

A holocaust survivor, she said “(d)eath is imminent if we don’t stop it, if we don’t say no, if we don’t object.”

“Part of the problem during the Nazi period was precisely that people were also terrified.”

“They just looked the other way as neighbors were being taken away.”

What’s going on now is far more menacing because it’s all about “depopulation” on an unparalleled scale.

That’s what global mass-jabbing is all about.

Along with dozens of other lawyers, Reiner Fullmich minced no words stressing that flu/covid jabs “are designed to kill and depopulate the planet.”

Pfizer, Moderna, and J & J are complicit with serial killing.

They’re profiteering from destruction of health and mass extermination over protecting what’s too precious to lose.

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