As The BBC Plays “Hide The Atrocity” It Accidentally Admits COVID Vaccine Is To Blame For 2022 Being Worst Year for Excess Deaths In Half A Century

As The BBC Plays “Hide The Atrocity” It Accidentally  Admits COVID Vaccine Is To Blame For 2022 Being Worst Year for Excess Deaths In Half A Century

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Steve Cook

We feature here more stellar investigative journalism from the bright minds at The Expose.

Thanks to their sterling work really confronting and analysing the official statistics they can revel discover what the stats ACTUALLY TELL US.

As opposed, that is, to MSM distortions in the game known as “Hide the Atrocity”. As a result, we are better informed than the subversive elite who have hijacked our country would like us to be.

The people of the UK should now be in a state of shock.

But instead, they have been distracted by non-stop coverage of Phil Schofield’s questionable affair, so will have most likely missed the tragic and devastating information published by BBC News of all organisations.

Information that reveals the UK suffered the highest number of excess deaths throughout 2022 in over half a century.

However, the reporters, driven by ambition and a belief that they will not be held accountable, made the decision to conceal the truth behind why there were so many excess deaths last year.

They most likely thought the majority of the British public would be too lazy to “mark their homework”, so to speak.

But they didn’t count on an independent news organisation committed to reporting the facts that the mainstream refuse to fact-checking their quietly published article.

And we can reveal that the widely but most definitely unjustly trusted news source/propaganda arm of the Government known as the BBC, and its reporters, have knowingly lied about the safety of the vaccine and lied to you.

It was all going so well for the BBC and its reporters until they decided to unequivocally state that in no way shape or form is the Covid-19 vaccine responsible for a record-breaking year of death. They even provided a “source” to prove it and claimed that –

Figures up to June 2022 looking at deaths from all causes show unvaccinated people were more likely to die than vaccinated people.’

Source- BBC News

They then went on to state:

”If vaccines were driving excess deaths we would expect this to be the other way around.”.

Source- BBC News

The problem for BBC News and its dishonest reporters is that The Expose has been analysing the source in question, which has been provided by a UK Government institution known as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for months on end.

And we can reveal that mortality rates per 100,000 in every single age group, even children, in England and Wales were lowest among the unvaccinated in some age groups as early as 2021, and lowest among the unvaccinated in all age groups by May 2022 at the latest.

Therefore, BBC News has not only lied to the public, but they have also admitted in black and white that the Covid-19 injections are to blame for 2022 being the worst year for deaths in half a century by confirming that “if vaccines were driving excess deaths we would expect this to be the other way around (highest mortality rates among the vaccinated)”.

The moral of this story is of course, always check the official source. Specifically table 2.


But that is of no comfort to the thousands of families across the country who are still mourning the loss of loved ones as the truth about the catastrophic events of the past year comes to light.

And as the investigation into the Covid-19 vaccine scandal unfolds, it is clear that the consequences of this deception will be felt for years to come.

The devastation left in the wake of your Government’s actions, unelected powerful institutions’ actions, Big Techs’ actions and the Mainstream Media’s actions is unimaginable.

You cannot trust the BBC. And the UK Government has clearly confirmed that mortality rates per 100,000 are highest among the vaccinated in every single age group.

This means that people who have taken the Covid-19 vaccine have a higher chance of dying than the general population due to the intense damage it can do to the most vital organ in the human body, the heart, and the devastating decimation it does to the natural immune system.

Because this isn’t an isolated incident occurring in the UK, it’s occurring in every country where the Pfizer and/or Moderna vaccines have been administered.

Official figures prove that in the ‘Five Eyes’ countries and most of Europe there were nearly 2 million excess deaths recorded by November 2022 since the roll-out of the Covid-19 injections.

And in the USA there have been half a million deaths among young adults and children resulting in 118,000 excess deaths since the Covid-19 injections were first administered to the wider population..

Another “white lie” told by BBC News in its article is that –

It wasn’t until June that excess deaths really started to rise – just as the number of people waiting for hours on trolleys in English hospitals hit levels normally seen in winter.

Source- BBC News

This lie was clearly told so that they could attempt to blame the rise in excess deaths due to a crisis in the NHS affecting waiting times for treatment etc.

But the official ONS data, and Public Health Scotland data actually proves that the significant increase in excess deaths began in April.

We dug into the data, analysing the weekly number of deaths over the past eight months and comparing them to the 2015-2019 five-year average –

The chart reveals a disturbing trend, with excess deaths occurring in all but two weeks since April 2022. These two exceptions, it turns out, coincide with the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and funeral, which would have caused delays in death registrations due to the bank holidays.

But even taking these weeks into account, the data shows an average of 1,268 excess deaths every single week.


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