Freedom Fighters Give Epic Speech At EU Parliament Rejecting The WHO Pandemic Treaty

Freedom Fighters Give Epic Speech At EU Parliament Rejecting The WHO Pandemic Treaty

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On July 4, there was a presentation by a selection of important figures, including well-known MEPs such as Cristian Terhes and Christine Anderson, Dr. Peter McCullough and Andrew Bridgen on the World Health Organization’s thoroughly tyrannical Pandemic Treaty. The full video is posted below.

The Pandemic Treaty has been an important topic for many people, not just in Europe but across the world.

A new citizens initiative called ‘Trust and Freedom’ has been set up to challenge the Pandemic Treaty proposed by the World Health Organisation.

Many strong and poignant speeches in the European Parliament with representatives from across the world who are uniting in their stance against unelected bureaucracy.

This initiative will spread WORLDWIDE. We call upon citizens to UNITE and demonstrate MASS NON COMPLIANCE and say NO!

Go to 1 hour, 57 minutes to hear Dr. Peter McCullough. Andrew Bridgenfollows on at 2 hours, 1 minute. Dr. David Martin speaks at 2:17:30. At 2:25:45 we hear the son of Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski, Nathaniel.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s son Nathaniel’s speech at the European Parliament today alongside his father’s video message as freedom fighters from across the world came to reject the WHO’s tyrannical Pandemic Treaty and proposed amendments to the International ‘Health’ Regulations.

Hard not to get a tear in your eye from the above speeches and pretty hard not to want to get rid of the WHO as a threat to freedom under guise of protecting health.

Friends, the World Health Organization is not above the law. According to law they are in big trouble. WHY? They are in breach of duty of their own rules for ethics which includes science, non discrimination, protection of human rights, and so much more.

The speech from Canada really hits home at the personal tragedies caused by States following WHO guidance.

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