Plandemic: Dr. Andrew Kaufman says COVID-19 pandemic is meant to control people's minds  /  Belle Carter

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Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Andrew Kaufman recently told World Alternative Media CEO Josh Sigurdson that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is meant to to control people’s minds.

“We have seen since the beginning of the pandemic that there’s an effort of consolidation and further centralization of our retail system, including the food supply and everything else. We saw only Walmart, Target and Amazon were available, and all of the independent operations were not there. Many of the main influencers have mentioned how important controlling the food is to controlling the people,” Kaufman said.

He noted that people were told that everything was limited, that resources were dwindling and unavailable. The government and health authorities were clearly trying to influence the food distribution system and other systems, Kaufman said.

According to Kaufman, people are being influenced from the start. “We substitute their judgment and their opinion for our own, which elevates our status because we agree with the expert. And this is a real major, major problem moving forward because we have to be able to think for ourselves,” he said.

Kaufman urged the public to be more responsible. “We have to realize that we are obligated to be responsible. That responsibility includes finding out for ourselves what’s going on in the world and making our own opinion and not just reiterating other people’s opinions, especially when they are ill-conceived or compromised by conflicts of interest.” (Related: COVID HOAX: Study reveals 40-45% of coronavirus hospitalizations are actually due to other causes.)

Flawed germ theory exposed in a documentary

In a separate interview with Sigurdson in February, Kaufman talked about how the so-called health experts have been spreading lies regarding the pandemic, specifically that germs and viruses make us sick.

“But has anyone ever really said, ‘What exactly is that based off?'” Kaufman pointed out.

Those lies prompted him to produce “Terrain: The Film,” which exposes the tyrannical world pandemic hoax built upon the flawed model of illness and disease called the germ theory. The documentary aims to spread the word and look at the theory in-depth, from a real scientific point of view. It also shows the human struggles associated with the lies propagated by the so-called health experts, and how these lies were used to manipulate the public.

“Staying away from other humans or sterilizing ourselves to destroy bacteria goes against human nature,” Kaufman  said. “As social creatures, humans need to cooperate, collaborate, show affection and have interactions. Human existence is dependent upon each other in many ways, but this false narrative creates a model of warfare.”

Governments and health authorities are trying to take away human interaction. “So that the virtual world becomes a substitute. And of course, if we are doing all of our actions and business in the virtual world, it is very easy to track and surveil. Thus, we can be essentially controlled much easier than we can in the physical world when no one sees what we are doing behind closed doors,” Kaufman said.

Kaufman believes people need to turn to natural healing. “We have what is called the terrain theory or terrain medicine, which looks at how nature heals itself, rebalances itself and supports those processes in the bodies to bring about real healing” he said.

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