Psychiatry’s War on Sanity: the “ADHD” Misdiagnosis offensive

Psychiatry’s War on Sanity: the “ADHD” Misdiagnosis offensive

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The following featured article is from The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). It gives a succinct description  of how psychiatrists operate as pushers for the Big Pharma drug cartels, targeting children and youth for brain-damaging drugs such as Ritalin using the cover of “diagnosis” of a fictitious “illness”

‘ADHD’ wrongly diagnosed in 100% of cases

Experts have suggested a controversial psychiatric ‘disorder’ may have been misdiagnosed in a large percentage of cases, according to a new study. The ‘disorder’ is the highly lucrative ‘ADHD’ or ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.’

The study suggests 3 out of 4 cases may have been wrongly diagnosed. On the basis however that ‘ADHD’ has never been scientifically proven to exist, and on the basis that ‘ADHD’ came into being after it was unscientifically voted into existence, it would be entirely accurate to say 4 out of 4 cases have been wrongly diagnosed.

‘ADHD’ is a figment of psychiatric imagination based only on a checklist of behaviours which could fit any normal child; ‘runs about or climbs excessively in situations when it is not appropriate,’ ‘is often on the go,’ ‘acts as if driven by a motor,’ ‘blurts out answers,’ ‘is easily distracted,’ ‘loses pencils or toys,’ ‘often doesn’t seem to listen.’

Any one of us can have an opinion about the way children behave, but we do not claim our opinions as scientific fact. Psychiatrists however, do. Despite the absence of proof to support ‘ADHD’, psychiatry has industriously built a multi-million pound empire around it with no more than an empty deck of cards.

Combine the figures from England, Scotland and Wales and the ‘ADHD chemical cosh’ drugs alone are worth £46 million a year.

Psychiatrists claim those labelled have a ‘chemical imbalance’ in their brains, but it’s a claim that has never been scientifically proven. The scam of ‘ADHD’ and the ‘chemical imbalance’ have been accepted by means of a slick marketing campaign, not scientific evidence.

When all of the rhetoric is stripped away, what psychiatrists are actually doing is redefining bad behaviour as an illness and drugging it. They have manufactured a label, shrouded it in medical legitimacy, concocted an expensive chemical, given it to children and adolescents, and produced nullifying effects that are then hailed as ‘demonstrably effective.’ All that has actually happened is the child or adolescent has been drugged, and is exhibiting the effects of a dangerous mind-altering foreign substance in his or her body.

The emphasis must be on workable medical testing and treatments that find undiagnosed physical conditions manifesting as so-called mental illness. It is time to practice real medicine, rather than psychiatry.

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