74% Of Deaths In New Autopsy Study Linked To Covid Jabs

74% Of Deaths In New Autopsy Study Linked To Covid Jabs


Texas cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough recently joined The Epoch Times for a discussion about a new study linking 74% of deaths in peer-reviewed autopsies to Covid shots.

The doctor explained he was joined in the study by a graduate student at the Michigan School of Public Health as well as others and that they looked at 44 papers with 325 total autopsies.

Next, Dr. McCullough delivered details of all the autopsies to a trio of doctors who are “experts at looking at pathological specimens” to double-check if his suspicion the Covid jabs were to blame for the deaths was accurate.

After the other doctors examined the data, Dr. McCullough said, “We found that 73.9% of all the cases – it was either the vaccine as the direct cause of death or it significantly contributed to the death. The deaths occurred within a week or two after taking the last shot.”

“In far more than 50%, the single cause was a cardiovascular cause of death,” he added.

Later, Dr. McCullough pointed out what he found to be the most disturbing part of the study, which is that most of the cases were “people who were perfectly healthy, had no other medical problems, the only new thing in their lives was the vaccine and then they died with an obvious syndrome like a blood clot or heart damage, myocarditis.”

Infowars and brave individuals like Dr. McCullough have been sounding the alarm bells over the Covid jabs for years now, but it appears as if more people are beginning to wake up to the dangers of the experimental shots as more people are killed and injured.

The systematic review by doctors McCullough & colleagues:

PDF Source: https://zenodo.org/record/8120771

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