The Adrenochrome Empire

The Adrenochrome Empire


What is driving the child trafficking demand? Child sex, organ harvesting and Adrenochrome. This is a big deal. Adrenochrome is an Elite drug they have used for many years. 10 times more potent than heroin with mystical qualities to make you look younger.

How is Adrenochrome produced? When a child knows he’s going to die his body secretes adrenaline. It is the worst horror ever seen. The child is terrorized and screaming, thus increasing the amount of adrenaline that is flowing through their body. They are then killed and the Adrenochrome is collected with a needle and syringe from the base of the back of their neck and spinal column. Once collected, the chemical like drug can be sold on the black market at exorbitant prices.

These innocent children are deliberately terrorized for hours and sometimes days to increase the amount of adrenaline produced in their innocent bodies and then they are brutally murdered. Their terrorized blood, Adrenochrome is then sold to Elites and any person around the world willing to pay for it.

Human trafficking and child trafficking with all its evil components combined is a $152,000,000,000 Billion Dollar Business. We must save our innocent children.

Jim Caviezel is the star of Sound of Freedom which portrays the true story of a child trafficking rescue operation by Tim Ballard. The Sound of Freedom has the potential to change the world and end child trafficking by bringing awareness to this evil.

Many agents who have witnessed first hand all these atrocities against innocent children are terrified to come forward because they think they will be killed. This movie has the potential to move their hearts and give them the strength not to be afraid, but to bravely expose these atrocities to the world.

This is a clear and present danger. We need all the government agents who eye witnessed these atrocities to come forward as whistleblowers and bravely do the right thing. You must share this horrific truth with the world. Millions of children’s lives depend upon you not being afraid to act. Remember, when God tells you to do something, you do not hesitate. For God’s children are not for sale.

There are many child sex islands besides Epstein Island and this is one of the reasons why they do not want you to see the Sound of Freedom. You have a lot of government agencies involved in child trafficking.

Jim Caviezel says, yes 100 percent all the three letter agencies are involved in child trafficking. Absolutely, all of them which includes DHS, FBI, CIA, ICE, DOJ, DOD, HHS. Not every person in these agencies are involved, but the most powerful at the top are all involved. Who controls the 3 letter agencies? The Committee of 300.

2 Million children are sex trafficked every year and 2 million more are trafficked for organ harvesting. This is a completely organized operation of child trafficking demand and supply by our government agencies and wealthy bloodlines known as the Committee of 300.

Jim Caviezel spoke to government agents who revealed to him that a barrel of body parts of children, which include blood, Adrenochrome and all the parts that are in the mothers womb goes into a plastic barrel that is sold for $77,000 thousand dollars and then shipped to Bio Labs in Ukraine and other Bio Labs around the world.

The three letter agencies DHS, CIA, FBI, ICE, DOJ, DOD, HHS he believes are organizing these $77,000 thousand dollar child body part barrels. HHS Whistleblower testified that 85,000 unaccompanied children disappeared. They did not disappear, they are being trafficked by the U.S. Government under the control of the Pedophile Committee of 300.

Jim Caviezel also says he received from the best of the best sources that Hunter Biden’s laptop will show Adrenochrome. Ambrosia is the street term or Elite term used for Adrenochrome.

This is the worst evil I have ever seen, he says. Many government agents who eye witness this evil do not last long in the field because the atrocities are too shocking and traumatizing, causing emotional damage.

Let me be clear, Tim Ballard never went into the Adrenochrome with Jim Caviezel at this time, Tim saw the organ harvesting, but Jim personally saw and heard the screams and murder involved in Adrenochrome from the evidence the agents had shown him. After seeing this he was not able to sleep for two years.

In the State of California lawmakers want to make it legal to kill babies up to 27 days after their birth. This is an all out attack, a war on God’s innocent children. This is a war of good versus evil. A war we all must fight without fear until we eradicate every last trace of this evil from off the surface of our Earth.

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Star of 'Sound of Freedom', the most powerful whistleblower movie released in decades, says U.S. '3-letter agencies' involved in child-sex trafficking - "Gods Children Are No Longer For Sale"

Anna Maria Mihalcea- "I am posting this important movie because the same agencies that traffic and murder innocent children are also involved with the elites in killing humanity with the C19 bioweapon. If you do not understand evil, you do not understand the mind of those who want to depopulate the earth and use adrenochrome as their currency. I have this important interview with Cathy O'Brien, who confirms that our government is using human sex slaves from birth

Mel Gibson says, Go See Sound of Freedom.


Mind-boggling if true, but I think it is. We've seen the images of Charles with Jimmy Saville.

Children were tortured and sacrificed. Cops would pick up kids and rape them first. To get to 33, MASONS need to sacrifice a baby. King is head of the Freemasons.

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Global Pedophile Trafficking Cartel That Doesn’t Exist


Helena Glass

The Guardian would have us believe that child trafficking is a QAnon right wing ghost story.   Yet The Guardian was front and center in the Jimmy Savile scandal that embroiled the UK in a pedophile ring of elites and politicians dating back to the 1980’s.  Or The Franklin Scandal that nearly took down the White House with George Bush in the 1980’s.   Or the Belgium Scandal with Marc Dutroux who buried two of his kidnapped rape victims – ALIVE!

According to The Guardian, this is all drivel and never happened…   except they reported on these scandals and confirmed their authenticity.

Those victims who survived these horrors have a continuum;   the perpetrators included politicians, police, MP’s, entertainers, sports figures, and clergy, ie Powerful Figures who could circumvent criminal investigations and charges.  The victims were all deemed to be liars.

This isn’t just Epstein. This is a global Cartel that panders to the whims of people with money.   The means of protection?    Blackmail. Photos.   Videos.

Some of the victims are kidnapped.   Others are given away by their parents for money, others are taken from group homes or foster homes, and still others disappear after crossing the US Border… 50,000 of them according to Biden.   Disappeared.

UN Peacekeepers charged with allegations of trafficking children, raping children, and yet not a single conviction…

Belgium is on the US State Department notification of risk as a hub for child and human trafficking.   Ukraine was/is considered the point of entry.   The ‘Grain Exports’ is likely the means for its continuation. Most of which were sent to Poland.   Except the Polish government declared ‘the grain’ had expired and was tainted.   Meaning the victims perished.

Thereafter, Poland announced they would be a transit route for Ukraine’s Grain to other countries and not a destination –

In 1980, the US Department of Justice produced a paper written by, E Brongursma, in which he states, “…suppression of sexuality in juveniles is correlated to criminality and violence. It might therefore be possible to reduce violence through physical pleasure in a meaningful human context. Children should have the right to control their own sexual lives and follow their own natural sexual inclinations.”   The means suggested for this pleasuring? Pedophilia.

Edward Brongursma was an attorney and a politician serving in the Senate of The Netherlands starting in the 1950’s. His career as a politician began after he was imprisoned for having sexual relations with a minor when he was 40 years old.   They embraced his pedophilia.

Pedophilia, aka pedophilic disorder, could have many causes, including genetics, hormones, and structural brain changes.

Despite Theresa May declaring throughout her term as PM that she would once and for all investigate the massive number of allegations put forth by victims of the Jimmy Savile Grand Scheme, she never did.   In fact, it appeared her father, Hubert Brasier, a clergyman might have had involvement.

There were over 1400 allegations put forth by victims naming names.  After The Queen knighted Jimmy Savile, he was assured protection from the highest authority.   Despite Theresa May attempting to make a ‘show’ of investigating the shamble of perpetrators numbering over 1400, the entire investigation was halted and removed from media sites.   All sources of detailed data regarding May’s father have been wiped clean.   The only perpetrator to ever be found guilty was Savile himself – AFTER he was dead.

Geoffrey Dickens, a UK Conservative MP, had a dossier of allegations of sexual abuse committed by eight high ranking UK politicians. He gave his dossier to then Home Secretary, Leon Britton, and it was apparently destroyed. The subsequent Home Secretary, Theresa May, claimed it never existed.    In 2012, Tom Watson, a Labour MP, stated that there is “clear intelligence suggesting a powerful pedophile network linked to Parliament and to Number 10.”

The Franklin Scandal began to take a dark turn when President Bush’s name came into the fray.

Roughly the same time period as the Jimmy Savile Scandal broke another sex scandal was being probed.  In the late 1980’s The Franklin Scandal surfaced in which allegations of White House involvement was implicated.  Boys Town was the source of the victims.   In that incidence, the only person to be charged was one of the victims – she went to jail for 4 ½ years for perjury.

A New York based pedophile ring was brought down in 2012. The Madame of the ring, Anna Gristine, stated that her clients included the elite of the elite, bankers, politicians, entertainment execs, etc… None were named and none were charged. She spent four months in jail.  A previous Madame who was indicted for similar charges stated she was prepared to name names.  Shortly thereafter, she was found dead.  The police ruled it ‘suicide’.

The far left Atlantic, published an article in 2021, “The Great (FAKE) Child Sex Trafficking Epidemic”.  The article is part of a larger project by The Atlantic to dispel and repudiate ‘Conspiracy Theories’. ALL deemed to come from right wing lunatics just ‘gossiping’. The Atlantic article was likely the fodder for The Guardian hit-piece about the movie, ‘Sound of Freedom’.

Yet The Guardian wrote tens of pieces about Savile the Pedophile. Including this one:   Police Uncovering Epidemic of Child-Abuse in 1970’s and-80’s … 2/5/20.

Source:  Helena-The Nationalist Voice

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