RFK Jr. Accuses Mainstream Media Of Broadcasting Propaganda In An Organized Conspiracy

RFK Jr. Accuses Mainstream Media Of Broadcasting  Propaganda In An Organized Conspiracy

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Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) accused the mainstream media (MSM) of acting as "propaganda organs" for government agencies.

He leveled this accusation during an appearance on the "Lex Fridman Podcast," adding that the MSM played a major role in an "organized conspiracy" by censoring anyone who questioned the narrative. "I actually think the entire field of journalism has really shamed itself in recent years," he told Fridman. "If you look at what happened during the pandemic, it was the inverse of that kind of journalism."

"The major press organs in this country … were broadcasting propaganda. They became propaganda organs for the government agencies. They were actually censoring the speech of anybody who dissented, of the powerless."

According to the presidential candidate, the media's role is to speak truth to power and safeguard the freedom of expression as guaranteed by the First Amendment. When the media colludes with powerful entities to manipulate public opinion, it becomes an instrument of authoritarian rule. This, RFK Jr. added, undermines the essence of journalism in a democracy.

An example of collusion he mentioned was the influence of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in shaping public opinion. In response to Fridman's question about how the agency influences the narrative, RFK Jr. replied: "Through the press, directly through key members. There are certain press organs that have been linked to the agency."

He named several media outlets involved in the scheme, such as the Daily Beast, Rolling Stone, Salon and Daily Kos. These MSM outlets, he said, have deep relationships with the intelligence community.

RFK Jr. sues Trusted News Initiative over censorship conspiracy

The presidential hopeful told Fridman that the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) had a central role in this suppression. According to RFK Jr., the TNI was initiated by the BBC and sought to prevent the publication of stories or facts that deviated from government orthodoxy.

He added that major news services such as United Press International (UPI) and the Associated Press (AP), alongside news outlets such as the Washington Post (WaPo) owned by Jeff Bezos, were in on the scheme as signatories to the TNI. Big Tech firms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and Microsoft were also in on the scheme.

"The way it worked is [that] the UPI and the AP – which are the news services that provide most of the news around the country – [alongside] WaPo, would decide what news was permissible to print," RFK Jr. told Fridman. Topics such as the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and Hunter Biden's so-called "laptop from hell" were verboten, with any suggestion of their authenticity or compromising content being suppressed. (Related: ABC News censors Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s criticisms against covid "vaccines.")

The nephew of former President John F. Kennedy also disclosed his involvement in a lawsuit against the TNI. He accused the collective of conspiring to suppress dissenting voices. The younger Kennedy further accused WaPo of overseeing a true conspiracy to label individuals as "conspiracy theorists" while engaging in the suppression of information.

"Federal antitrust law has its own name for this kind of 'industry partnership': it's called a 'group boycott,'" the complaint said. "While the TNI publicly purports to be a self-appointed 'truth police' extirpating online 'misinformation,' in fact it has suppressed wholly accurate and legitimate reporting in furtherance of the economic self-interest of its members."

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