The Final Countdown: Agenda 2030 On The March

The Final Countdown: Agenda 2030 On The March

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J.B. Shurk |

King Charles III insists that we have only six years left to “save the planet.” (p)Resident Biden is spending tens of billions of dollars to ensure that high-speed broadband internet access is universal within the U.S. and its territories by 2030. Intelligence analysts continue to predict that China will invade and conquer Taiwan no later than 2030. Four Electoral Court judges in Brazil have banned former president Jair Bolsonaro — an anti-globalist conservative — from office for eight years. The Department of (in)Justice and political activists posing as prosecutors in New York and Georgia are doing everything in their illegitimate powers to prevent President Trump’s return to the White House — a reality that would derail the Deep State’s Marxist globalism this decade.

It seems as if all the great powers of the world are marching in lockstep toward the same Zero Hour. Global industry must be immediately reorganized in order to avert “climate” disaster. Americans must be universally chained to an online system that can monitor their movements, control their digital assets, assess their compliance with “vaccine” and “global warming” mandates, and feed them “approved” information. Free countries such as Taiwan must be absorbed by communist dictatorships. Outspoken nationalists who oppose one-world government must be deposed or jailed permanently. Mark your calendars and prepare accordingly, because 2030 sure looks as though it will be a doozy!

This is no surprise. The United Nations has an entire strategy campaign designated as Agenda 2030 that essentially acknowledges the end of the decade as the beginning of a New World Order in which a few global “elites” will control everything. In this planetary utopia, people will want for nothing. Economies will thrive. Disease will be well controlled. Apocalyptic “climate change” will be abated. World peace will be at hand. The promises are so over the top that it is almost unbelievable that they are presented as part of an official U.N. policy roadmap for the next few years.

All we have to do is follow the U.N.’s various marching orders that intend to regulate every facet of human life — including the interpretation of religious doctrine, the legality of speech, the accessibility of information, the limits of personal property, the extent of global economic redistribution, the resettlement of immigrants from around the world, and the imposition of ad hoc “emergency” powers whenever convenient. In return for obediently handing over our freedoms, the U.N. will provide a “free” lifetime supply of control and security. It’s a lot like living inside a prison — except well-behaved inmates will adore their prison guards and accuse anyone who attempts to escape of being a fascist! Just as in the State’s other penitentiaries, you will still own nothing.

Already the U.N. and its enablers have been seeding the cognitive battle space with propaganda meant to win an information war for the minds of the masses. The Marxists have distorted free markets with ESG nonsense and replaced hard work and merit with DIE delusions. What are ESG (Extremely Stupid Government) and DIE (Division, Isolation, Exploitation) programs meant to do if not pre-program the impressionable to follow moronic initiatives that only further empower the powerful while enslaving the weak? Heck, the left’s “useful idiots” no longer even know what most words mean. Their capacity for critical thinking is so degraded that they regularly accuse poor white males of having “privilege” while doing backflips to defend Joe Biden’s bagman and son, Hunter — the walking, talking personification of the left’s dreaded “white supremacy”!

When free speech is “violence” and real violence is “justice”; when boys are girls and pedophiles are a “protected class”; when bad weather proves that hydrocarbons are evil and “climate change” fanatics prefer to “save the planet” by forcing people to freeze and starve; when peace requires endless war and permanent bureaucracy is somehow “democracy” — well, then a global dictatorship can pretend to represent the human race! If the U.N. can conquer the world in a way where the only people taking a shot are those victims who are being injected with experimental “vaccines,” then it will accomplish what Napoleon and Hitler could not.

Of course, the U.N. is just a pretty middleman that pretends to represent the global population but really takes its marching orders from economic behemoths such as Vanguard and BlackRock; Marxist globalists such as Klaus Schwab and George Soros; billionaires committed to reducing the world’s population such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates; anti-American totalitarians such as Barack Obama and John Kerry; warmongers such as the Clintons and the Bushes; proponents of a European super-state such as Emmanuel Macron and Ursula von der Leyen; too-big-to-fail banking conglomerates from Wall Street and the City of London; and communist presidents such as those who now rule China and Brazil. It really is a “Who’s Who” of tyrants with mutual designs to take over the world! Their New World Order rallying cry for global peace could just as illogically be coerced medical experimentation, cluster bombs, and other crimes against humanity!

The authoritarians behind Agenda 2030 insist that their New World Order will prevent otherwise certain Armageddon. Keeping with the Marxists’ penchant for saying the exact opposite of what they mean, they actually intend to destroy the current world and rebuild something in their own vainglorious image. The buzzword for this demolition is “sustainability.” Everything must be sustainable! If that sounds a lot like a going-out-of-business sale, where everything must go, that’s because “sustainability” is a politically correct code word for the end of Western civilization. There is no room for free thoughts, free speech, personal liberty, unencumbered property, or dissent in a global system that seeks to manage eight billion–plus souls from secretive boardrooms filled with Jeffrey Epstein’s former clients.

“Sustainability” requires that farmers have no control over their lands, that manufacturers have no control over what they produce, that industrialists have no control over what they mine, and that ordinary people have no control over their bank accounts. Who will decide what is “sustainable”? Why, the experts, of course! A handful of wealthy elites cloistered off from the real world are in a much better position to micromanage every transaction on the planet than the human beings actually engaged in those transactions.

In other words, personal property, free commerce, and private ownership are all antithetical to the U.N.’s goals for a “sustainable” future. “Sustainability” is just another name for communism repackaged in a way that allows doomsaying governments to frighten global populations into voluntary submission! We must build a sustainable future — or you will all die a horrible death! Whether coming from “Che” Guevara or Barack Obama, the left’s promise of “hope and change” always comes with a loaded pistol pressed firmly against the temple.

As we enter into this final 2030 death march intended to unleash despotism on a global scale, remember that the U.N. and its Marxist partners will do everything to identify, isolate, and intimidate those who resist. The World Health Organization’s unscientific imposition of face masks during the flu-like COVID pandemic and corporate ESG/DIE requirements are but two examples of a shared globalist strategy — to provide a mechanism that allows unscrupulous government agents to quickly see who is not complying and who should be targeted for punishment and re-education.

Said simply, the global tentacles of the totalitarian proto-State seeking to rule the world are engaged in an all-out war on personal conscience. The New World Order is not meant to provide a structure where individuals can thrive; it is meant to recast individuals into swappable cogs that can be tossed away for recycling after they serve the globalist machine. Resist evil and rage against that machine.


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