Darkfield Microscopy of Insulin Shows Self Assembly Hydrogel & Same Nanorobotic Features As C19 Injection Bioweapon

Darkfield Microscopy of Insulin Shows Self Assembly Hydrogel & Same Nanorobotic Features As C19 Injection Bioweapon


In this video of Lantus Microscopy you can see nanorobots assemble hydrogel clot formation.

The three ingredients are components of Hydrogel:

Glycerol is a hydrogel used for wearable devices and soft robotics, polysorbate 20 are twenty molecules of Polyethylene Glycol which is hydrogel used for the lipid nanoparticle delivery technology in the C19 bioweapons. M-cresol is a toxic hazardous derivative from coal that is labelled as a corrosive poison.

I discuss these components in detail in my video presentation.

Here is a longer video excerpt which shows self assembly quantum dots and the manufacturing of the hydrogel which we have shown to be the components of the rubbery clots. The same technology I found in the Lantus Insulin I routinely find in C19 unvaccinated blood.

This is a longer version of self assembly nanotechnology clearly visible. Blinking lights are Quantum Dots.

I have already previously analyzed multiple medications and posted that research here:

Hydrogel In Injectable Medications - Dexamethasone, Insulin, Benadryl, Lidocaine

Hydrogel In Injectable Medications - Dexamethasone, Insulin, Benadryl, Lidocaine

Image: Dried injectable Dexamethasone - Hydrogel filament Please see this video link for my discussion on the findings: Hydrogel In Injectable Medications In the video linked above, I show many images as well as video footage of how the hydrogel grows within minutes from the substrate of the medications. I have posted my recent investigation of injectabl…Read full story

I have verified my own results in other Lantus vials and short acting Insulin, which I will post tomorrow.

Dr. David Nixon has verified and confirmed my findings and I will cross post his research as soon as he publishes it.

Once again, these are crimes against humanity. We have been consistently right about our findings of self assembly nanotechnology in the C19 bioweapons and the subsequent findings in the blood. Diabetics are injecting daily self assembly nanotechnology that looks like the C19 bioweapons.

In 2019, 37 Million Diabetics lived in America, of which nine Million were Type 1, meaning dependent on Insulin to live.

My mom is on Lantus. Her pancreas is destroyed, so she is dependent on this poison. I am working on solutions, but people need to stand up and take action.

This post is dedicated to my mother - and all the innocent people who rely on the criminal Big Pharma complex for life sustaining medications. My heart goes out to all of them.

DO NOT STOP TAKING YOUR INSULIN. We need to find ways to create safe medications for people - this is why we also need to have an alternative health care system that is not designed to harm people. Getting the information out is paramount to hopefully waking some health care practitioners, pharmacists, scientists up - that have not sold their soul for money - who will be the leaders of these solutions. The FDA, CDC, Big Pharma complex cannot be trusted.

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