The American Empire Is Slated For Destruction

The American Empire Is Slated For Destruction

Kevin Hughes

Author and podcaster Charlie Robinson has warned that the American empire is slated for destruction, with its controlled demolition already in place.

"What we are seeing is that the American empire – not necessarily the U.S. – is slated for destruction," he told Michael Fitzgerald during a recent episode of the "Monero Magazine" podcast.

"It just can't remain in its current incarnation. The One World Government lunatics have decided that if you're going to build a world government, you can't have an existing superpower in its way," Robinson told host Michael Fitzgerald during a recent episode of the "Monero Magazine" podcast.

Robinson, who penned the books "The Octopus of Global Control" and "The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire," said the American empire will experience the same thing that happened with the Soviet Union. The latter's dissolution led to the birth of 15 independent nations led by Russia. (Related: Special Report: The Health Ranger and Steve Quayle discuss “The Last Days of the American Empire.”)

In America's case, all of the ancillary things and privileges America had – such as the military bases worldwide, the privilege of being the world's reserve currency and the petrodollar arrangement – will go away.

"We are this American empire. We have worn out our welcome. We've treated other countries poorly. We have lost major wars. We've hyperinflated our currency. We've invaded countries. We've regime changed a hundred different countries over the last 50 years," Robinson said.

"I mean, we're diabolical and the world is done with us. And more importantly, the controllers have decided that America has been slated for destruction."

NAFTA kicked off America's economic weakening

Robinson also noted that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was instrumental in commencing America's weakening from the inside. The agreement resulted in all U.S. manufacturing jobs being outsourced to Asia and Mexico. He cited a warning by former presidential candidate Ross Perot about Americans hearing "a giant sucking sound of all the jobs and factories getting sucked out of America" – which indeed came true.

According to the author and podcaster, the outsourcing of 50,000 factories out to Asia has affected the blue-collar community and the American working class in general. Several industrial regions of America, including the so-called Rust Belt, also bore the brunt of NAFTA due to the lack of jobs. When the jobs go, all hope goes as well and families break up.

Aside from U.S. manufacturing, Robinson said the U.S. monetary system is among the pillars that will be taken down in the controlled demolition. He mentioned that the greenback is now "completely garbage" and has been hyper-inflated in the last couple of years.

Moreover, the author and podcaster said the funding of the private prison industry has created even more despair. This lined up with the rewriting of drug laws which put Americans in prison on disproportionately large charges for crack cocaine, as opposed to regular cocaine. He noted that all these things happened in the 1990s, and the next generation is getting it as well.

Ultimately, Robinson pointed out that the American government is the bad guy, especially with its mask already taken off. He stressed the American empire must go because it has been responsible for so much pain and suffering.

Watch Charlie Robinson warning that the American empire is slated for destruction below.

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