FOI Response Proves Australian Government Is Actively Censoring Citizens Posts About Covid Vaccine Injuries On Social Media

FOI Response Proves Australian Government Is Actively Censoring Citizens Posts About Covid Vaccine Injuries On Social Media

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Rhoda Wilson

Yesterday, a response was received to a Freedom of Information Act (“FOI”) request which includes evidence that the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care (“DHAC”) were colluding with Facebook to censor posts about covid vaccine injuries. The FOI response is heavily redacted but the evidence is clear.

On 26 August 2021, DHAC emailed a member of Facebook’s staff:

Just flagging this group to you about Vaccine reactions that are not substantiated.  It has 743 members but thought I would flag it before it got too many more:

I’ve also reported this via the Facebook reporting function.

The author of the email was the “Assistant Director – Social Media – National Incident Room, Australian Government Department of Health.”

Facebook responded: “Thanks. Yes this was hig

hlighted to us previously when it was first started. Will check if the posts violate now that there are more posts.”

DHAC replied: “Thanks [redacted], and this is another group on Instagram as well to watch official/

The group was removed by Facebook the next day for “violating its policies.”

Sharing the image above, Australian Member of Parliament Craig Kellytweeted:

The FOI request Posts and tweet(s) from 1 January 2021 to March 2023 that are requested by the Department of Health and Aged Care, Australia to be categorised as “Misleading Information”, “Disputed Claim” and/or “Misinformation’ to Twitter and Facebook.

New FOI release shows that in August 2021, when tens of thousands of Australians had been damaged by the experimental covid injections, the Government pressured Facebook to censor anyone posting about their injuries, by deeming them as “unsubstantiated.”

See FOI document No.6:

These malfeasants wanted to silence public discussion about the dangers of the vaccines.

Free & Informed consent be damned.

A small cabal of bureaucrats operating in secret thought they knew best – and they sought to censor all public discussion that questioned their edicts.

The public were gaslit.

By censoring public debate on the dangers of the jabs, Australians unwittingly line up for their 2nd and 3rd  shots – from which many would suffer life-changing catastrophic injuries.  

And these very same order of government bureaucrats now want the extra power to be able to threaten social  media platforms with multi-million dollar fines if the  platforms don‘t comply [with] the bureaucrats’ demands to  censor anything that the bureaucrats deem as “misinformation.”

Not only have they demonstrated they can‘t be trusted  with such powers  –  they have also demonstrated that they possess neither the wit nor wisdom to be the sole  “arbiters of truth.”Craig Kelly on Twitter

DHAC also introduced other “stakeholders” to Facebook so they too could break the laws by violating the inalienable right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression.  This time the target was Reignite Democracy Australia.

Note the email title in the image above. “Emails and a phone call from Anti COVID Vaxer and a social post on their Facebook page.”  The use of the term “Anti COVID Vaxer” is interesting and shows how deeply instilled the covid PsyOp had permeated within what should be health institutions following evidence-based medicine and the Precautionary Principle.

Emails, a phone call and a social media post: DHAC would never be able to cope with the amount of bullying and harassment “anti-vaxxers” have endured for years at the hands of the Censorship Industrial Complex, government agencies, corporate media, employers and professional bodies.  Some of them have faced court cases, disciplinary action, lost their livelihoods and reputations, endured threats and some, such as Dr. Rashid Buttar and Dr. Andreas Noack, may have even lost their lives.

Regarding the email above, the Facebook employee agreed to “get the group reviewed” and asked if the “Assistant Director – Social Media – National Incident Room” would “link me up so I can get more information.”  DHAC agreed to pass the Facebook employee’s email address to “our colleagues who will be in touch shortly.”

Sharing the image above on Twitter, Mr. Kelly tweeted:

Just released FOI disclosure shows that even the bungling incompetents at NSW Health tried to get into the censorship game, seeking to have Facebook deplatform Reignite Democracy because they dared criticise the bungling incompetence of NSW Health.


What type of society are we developing into where citizens cannot criticise government bureaucracies?

And these very same government bureaucracies now want the power to fine social media platforms millions for refusing to censor any criticism of them that these bureaucracies deem “misinformation.”Craig Kelly on Twitter

Mr. Kelly has also been a targeted for censorship at DHAC’s request.  The exchange below can be found on Document 12 (or the first two pages) in Part 3 of the FOI response below.

On 29 April 2021, in an email headed ‘World Immunisation Week- April 24 – 30’ to confirm the date of a WebEx meeting and who should be invited, DHAC wrote to a recipient whose details are redacted:

Finally, we reported Craig Kelly’s account (the MP who has been banned from Facebook and Insta for spreading COVID misinformation) as we noticed that all of the COVID misinformation is now going to his Twitter account but we were advised that the account didn’t breach the Twitter guidelines (email attached). Is there a way we can escalate this?

The unknown recipient responded: “Can you please add myself and ([redacted] to the invite for the 13th?”

There are several pages of completely redacted emails so it’s impossible to know what the trail of emails said or who were the senders or recipients.  But an email that wasn’t redacted from Twitter Support two days before reveals what may have upset DHAC:

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