Dr. Carrie Madej: COVID-19 vaccines are about introducing TECHNOLOGY into human bodies

Dr. Carrie Madej: COVID-19 vaccines are about introducing TECHNOLOGY into human bodies

NaturalNews.com | Kevin Hughes

Dr. Carrie Madej remarked that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine wasn't about people's health and well-being, but the introduction of technology into their bodies.

She told Dr. Steven Hotze on the July 24 episode of "The Dr. Hotze Report" on Brighteon.TV:

"I knew immediately that this [vaccine] was not about the health and wellbeing of people, but simply to introduce a technology into the human body."
"In essence, they could start to use WiFi, it's almost being able to monitor the body wirelessly. So, this is called Internet of Things, or internet of bodies,"

Madej continued. Hotze agreed with her sentiment, adding that they wanted to people to get the COVID-19 injections so people's bodies get contaminated with graphene oxide, hydrogels and other nanotech.

According to the Brighteon.TV host, graphene oxide can go through the blood-brain barrier into the brain and interface with the neurons. It can also cause clotting in the blood, alongside other health issues. Hotze said having graphene oxide in the blood isn't normal, and that this will eventually form into filaments that would allow authorities to control people.

Graphene oxide is no conspiracy theory, Hotze added, citing a company called Inbrain Neuroelectronics taking graphene oxide and putting it into a patient's body. The company then utilized a computer and an electromagnetic field to control the patient's thoughts and behavior.

Hotze ultimately warned that this procedure means a vaccinated person will no longer be doing the thinking for them, thanks to the graphene oxide and hydrogel. Electromagnetic waves from a mobile phone or cell tower can then be used to control how a person thinks or acts, he added.

COVID-19 vaccines are all about CONTROL

Madej, an osteopathic and internal medicine physician, said she was baffled by the rush of people to have the so-called "vaccine" – in reality, genetic modification shots. She learned about the various ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccine vials after previously attending meetings about transhumanism, genetic modification and the use of biosensors in the human body.

She also disclosed that during the meetings she attended, she never heard anyone talking about technology being used for the betterment of humans. Instead, the talks always centered on controlling and modifying the thoughts and behavior of human.

According to Madej, technology can be used for good or bad. Humans being connected wirelessly to any smart device for their protection and health monitoring is one example of benevolent technology use. But in this case, the powers that be are utilizing technology in a malevolent way – in this case, to spy on and control people. [and kill them]

Hotze ultimately remarked that the so-called COVID-19 vaccine with graphene oxide and hydrogel wasn't "safe and effective" as presented – since it didn't stop people from catching the [alleged] disease and passing it to other people.

"This was a new technology, the mRNA, where they inject into somebody's body ribonucleic acid, which goes to the ribosome and tells the ribosome to make spike protein," he said.

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