Escalated Fear-Mongering Based on Big Lies and Mass Deception

Stephen Lendman  

Countless millions harmed in the US/West and elsewhere — along with hundreds of thousands of lives lost — aren’t enough for dark forces responsible for what’s going on and their MSM co-conspirators.

Allied in pushing the most diabolical scam of all-time, they want lots more of the same.

According to NYT fake news, “the US stands on the cusp of surpassing 800,000 deaths from” flu/covid (sic).

The vast majority of reported deaths were from kill shots, not the virus that in pre-2020 years took the lives of from 12-60,000 Americans annually — from often from other health-related complications.

Seasonal flu now deceptively called covid is a relatively mild illness compared to cancer, heart disease and other major ones.

When treated with known safe and effective protocols, the virus is easily obliterated, most often in a few days, health fully restored.

There’s nothing scariant about it. Yet propaganda by the Times and other MSM — based on state-approved talking points — falsely claims otherwise with mass-extermination and transforming of world community nations into tyrannical ruler/serf societies in mind.

That’s what the diabolical scheme is all about — destroying health and freedom, protecting neither.

True enough, the elderly, infirm and others immunosuppressed are most vulnerable to any one or more serious illnesses, including potentially fatal ones.

Their vulnerability is multi-times greater following kill shots.

What’s indisputable is consistently ignored by the Times and other MSM, falsely blaming the above on a relatively minor health issue for most people.

Claiming that “(m)ore than 1,200 people (of all ages) in the US are dying from (flu/covid) each day” is a bald-faced Big Lie.

A daily blitzkrieg of propaganda is responsible for heightened fear among people who’ve been brainwashed to believe rubbish that science debunked.

Separately, what the Times called (flu/covid) anxiety, depression, and other psychological distress came from fear-mongering mass deception brainwashing, not a major threat to health from the virus, what it failed to explain.

WaPo fear-mongered that “omicron (arrive) in DC and 30 US states as (it’s) poised to dominate in Europe (sic).”

Left unexplained is that it’s virtually no different from other more scariants than variants.

The WSJ hyperventilated about a reported UK omicron death.

What should be a nonissue was headline news, the Journal adding that Britain “warn(ed) of a tidal wave of cases (sic)” — another fear-mongering Big Lie it failed to debunk.

Separately, the Journal reported that some of the largest US hospitals dropped their mandate for staff to be jabbed — because many wisely refused.

What’s important about the news is that if large enough numbers in the US and abroad are no longer willing to get health-destroying jabs, mandates across the board will disappear.

As earlier explained, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are short-staffed because nurses and others are quitting, being suspended or sacked for refusing to sacrifice health as a condition of employment.

If large enough numbers leave the profession with protecting their own health in mind, how many will be left to care for the sick and injured?

They’re indispensable to hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, and wherever else healthcare services are provided.

The Journal quoted employee-benefits lawyer Wade Symons, saying “a mass exodus” of healthcare staff is ongoing.

CEO of Ballad Health’s 21 hospitals, Alan Levine, said loss of unjabbed staff “would (be) devastating to our system.”

The same reality applies nationwide to many hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

HCA Healthcare operates the largest number of US hospitals.

Its spokesman Harlow Sumerford said jabbing requirements for staff were dropped after the mandate was judicially halted.

Advent Health, Tenet, the Cleveland Clinic and many other hospitals suspended or ended their requirement for staff to be jabbed.

The once highly respected New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) long ago fell from grace by supporting medical tyranny over the other way around.

On December 8, it published a fake news report in defiance of science, falsely claiming that flu/covid cases and deaths are highest in nursing homes with the lowest rates of jabbed staff.

According to indisputable evidence, jabbed individuals account for the vast majority of outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths.

A CNN fake news report falsely claimed otherwise, saying that flu/covid deaths are largely occurring among the unjabbed when evidence shows that the vast majority who died were jabbed or multi-jabbed.

Virtually everything MSM report about flu/covid and other major issues is fake news, what’s most important to report suppressed.

On Sunday, former FDA commissioner, current Pfizer board member, Scott Gottlieb pushed the same bald-faced Big Lie, falsely saying:

“(T)he (unjabbed) are showing up in the healthcare system requiring advanced care (sic)” — knowing they’re profoundly safer than individuals who got one or more kill shots.

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