Nanotechnology Found in Both Vaxxed And Un-Vaxxed

Nanotechnology Found in Both Vaxxed And Un-Vaxxed

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We welcome comprehensible summaries of what is complex medical information. Here is what Dr. Ana Mihalcea in an e-mail to readers has to say about Greg Reese‘s short summarizing piece below on the nanotechnology being found in just about most people’s bodies:

Evidence of Crimes Against Humanity

Doctor Charles Morgan, former CIA and consultant for the US military on neurological sciences, spoke to cadets at West Point in 2018 about the current state of technology.

He briefed the cadets on experiments from 2013 where humans were given neural implants that allowed them to control prosthetic arms with their thoughts. Experiments where one person can control another person’s hands by just wearing an EEG cap. Experiments where information is transmitted from one mind to another. And experiments where memories are erased.

Doctor Morgan admits they have the technology to target an individual person and are working on the ability to erase the memories of any human they choose. Their biggest challenge five years ago was being able to interface with the hippocampus without the use of physical wires. And this is most likely one of the motivating factors for the deployment of the experimental COVID shots.

Using Dark-field microscopy, Doctor Ana Maria Mihalcea has captured in great detail what the scientific literature describes as effective technologies that exist today. Technology such as Quantum Dots.

Quantum Dots are nanotechnology with the ability to organize, operate, communicate, and build structures within the blood. They do so with a tunable photoluminescence that can be programmed to dictate various tasks via optical communication. The description and images displayed in the scientific literature compared to what Mihalcea’s Dark-field microscopy has captured are the same. You can see the Quantum Dots blinking in different colors, acting as the artificial intelligence directing the self-assembly around them. Bubbles are created within the blood that act as construction sites. Within these construction bubbles, the Quantum Dots organize the various materials into self-assembly.

These technologies are being found in both the blood of the vaccinated and in the blood of the un-vaccinated.

Depending on what materials are available, the Quantum Dots will trigger them into self-assembly. The COVID vaccines are full of rare and heavy metals to make all manner of nanotechnology. But it seems as if almost everyone is infected with some sort of nano-tech. According to several research teams, everyone’s blood seems to contain the materials required to produce the filaments, and the lattice work for this technology. Blood samples that appear to be healthy have been completely transformed by applying a mere 10 milliamps of electric current for two hours. And it looks as if we may have been infected by the Chemtrails.

Morgellons disease was first reported in 2002. It’s when synthetic fibers or filaments are growing in a person’s body. It has been theorized for decades that this was being spread via Chemtrails. And under a microscope, it appears to be the same filaments that people today are calling blood clots. And what the scientific journals call self-assembled hydrogels. According to Dane Wigington from Geoengineering, nanoparticles are being sprayed worldwide.

The good news is that Doctor Mihalcea’s research has found a remedy. The iron in the infected blood has been oxidized to a 3-plus state. And by taking antioxidants, one is able to dissolve these filament clots. She has found that EDTA Chelation therapy will remedy infected blood within 3 days. And mega-dosing Vitamin C also works.

Hope Wins: Before And After Intravenous EDTA Chelation + Vitamin C - Dark Field Live Blood Analysis - A Case Report


I have been showing live blood of unvaccinated people to alert the world that shedding is real and that we are under unprecedented assault. I received permission to show before and after treatment live blood analysis (LBA) of this C19 unvaccinated individual who has been experiencing progressive debilitating fatigue. The blood in the video above was one of the worst cases I have seen, with the toxic appearing red blood cells and many self assembly hydrogel first seen on Monday when the patient first came to see me. The person has been as careful as possible regarding exposure to C19 bioweapon shedding. I had posted the video yesterday. Here are other images from the first LBA.

This is how toxic the blood looked on most of the slide, immediately after the finger prick:

Here is a classic sphere associated with building hydrogel filaments with surrounding rouleaux:

Here is a filament with what appears to be red blood cells in them, a classic feature also associated with CDB/ Morgellons, different stages of assembly seen with sphere on the left and building substrate below filament.

This was the blood after EDTA Chelation alternating with Vitamin C 20.000mg - for a total of 2 EDTA Chelation’s and one Vitamin C infusion - three days later - normal blood, no filaments, the light circles is just light from darkfield condenser. The blood is moving, not clumping, white blood cells look normal. The toxic blood appearance has been completely restored. Please see the video footage:

Good blood flow seen, red blood cells look good:


I wish to continue to document that EDTA Chelation and Vitamin C combination clearly appears to be effective in alleviating the blood clumping, the toxic appearance of the red blood cells and has effect on decreasing the hydrogel building blocks and filaments. I will show other case studies with video the same way of dramatic improvements. People feel better and are relieved that the blood looks better. At minimum, the EDTA Chelation buys us time to continue to research definite solutions to clear the nanotechnology. People tell me all the time I should research other solutions. I do, and yet I encourage others to research other treatments because I have my protocols that are continually evolving, but I do not discard what works. When you have a patient walk into your office and the blood looks as concerning as I showed above, I want to use what works, which is this protocol. I have shown this over and over again and will continue to document this.

People accuse me of spreading fear with my research, but I simply state what I see to warn the world. Don’t you understand that you have to know as much as you can about the problem to find a solution - especially if there is a complete information blackout on this self spreading nanotechnology?

I have already given a working solution. It might not fit into people’s paradigm, but it works.

I will post more evidence in the coming days.

Hope and God wins.



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