Dr David Martin Changes His Mind: There Was No SARS Cov2 Disease, Just A Set Of Symptoms And A Branding Campaign

Dr David Martin Changes His Mind: There Was No SARS Cov2 Disease, Just A Set Of Symptoms And A Branding Campaign

Which is what I said in the spring of 2020 and still say: THERE NEVER HAS BEEN A ‘COVID VIRUS’

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Dr. David Martin has been championed as a guy who has shown proof that “SARS was research developed by humans in the lab at the University of North Carolina and then weaponised and released to attack humans.” Now though, he has said that there is “no disease it was a set of symptoms and a branding campaign” Simplified he says, it is a fake virus that was merely used to convince many people to get injected.

“They said (the perpetrators) they were going to make an event where the media hype would drive the public to demand a medical countermeasure called a vaccine, so for that the unambiguous nature of what this is, it was domestic and international terrorism it was collusion it was racketeering.” Says Martin.

Unfortunately, much of the health freedom movement have used his previous statements of an intentional “release” to lend credence to the lab-made virus idea, an idea that has caused many an argument against those who have never believed in its existence.

Therefore, Martin’s theory has potentially weakened the unity and divided the truth movement. Now it appears that Dr Martin, who at the very least insinuated there had been an “intentional release” has had a change of mind and says there was no disease!

Who is David Martin PhD?
For those who may not know who Dr Martin is. Dr. David Martin has been speaking about the origins of SARS since 2006, and has been able to give a historical timeline leading up to the alleged pandemic in 2020, and has been an integral voice for those seeking the truth about the plandemic who have tended to always find him knowledgeable and trustworthy.

As recently as May this year, Dr Martin was seen giving an address at the International Covid Summit 3 – Press Conference. During his presentation, where he argued that the COVID-19 pandemic, was a pre-meditated act of domestic terrorism which he stressed did not happen overnight.

In fact, it was “56 years in the making”, he claimed and argued that a biological weapons lab facility at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill received an exemption from the gain-of-function moratorium so that by 2016, with a journal article saying “SARS coronavirus is poised for human emergence – in 2016.”

This, claimed Dr Martin “was WIV-1., the Wuhan Institute of Virology Virus One“, which was “Poised for human emergence in 2016 at the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” and he continued, “that by 2017 and 2018, the following phrase entered into common parlance among the community,”

“There is going to be an accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen. […]The operative word, obviously, in that phrase is the word “release.” Does that sound like a leak? Dr. Martin asks

“And, lo and behold, we got SARS-CoV-2 and four times in April of 2019 – seven months before the allegation of patient number one – four patent applications of Moderna were modified to include the term “accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen” Below is a slide from Dr. Martins presentation.

Did Dr. David Martin have a change of mind?

It would appear that the good doctor has either changed his mind or perhaps is now telling us what he always believed but was insinuating something else? As Dr. Martin revealed only last month that he had a new stance in his analysis of the plandemic in a conversation with Alec Zeck from THEWAYFWRD  about the foundational so-called science that gave way for the entire plan of 2020 to begin.

It was a long conversation where Dr Martin and the host of a podcast Alec discuss and also disagree on many fundamental issues relating to virology, I will attempt to show the key parts of that discussion, however, the video link is at the bottom of the article.

Just A Few Key Points

  • SARS cov2 was a branding campaign.
  • They (perpetrators) were very clear to stipulate that there was no disease, it was a set of symptoms.
  • The vaccines were prepared well in advance of the pseudopandemic.
  • The last four years were a premeditated Act of Domestic and international terrorism.
  • It was actually a disease of numbers not a disease of anything.
  • The numbers were created using false positive test results from the fraudulent PCR tests.
  • This was propaganda and warfare.
  • Dr Martin claims his engagement with the propaganda Warfare was to show that the propagandists themselves had their own falsifiable evidence.

The host wasted no time in asking Dr Martin what his take was on SARS-cov2 and viruses in general and the answers given were quite a surprise.

SARS cov2 – The Branded Terror Campaign

Dr Martin went straight in with an important point, saying that

there was no question in his mind that people who had every intention of disrupting and harming humanity and people who had every intention of building things that would ultimately toxify the environment to make human life more unattainable so that they could have greater control, used a series of biological weapons, creation efforts to create a branded Terror campaign.”

SAR cov1 Was Eradicated

However, he continues that “the Branded Terror campaignwas a campaign that had to include the term SARS cov2, it was a term that was necessary because they had declared SARS cov1 eradicated.“and it kind of sucks if you’re going to try to sell a fear narrative to go the thing that we said was eradicated his back because that would suggest that science that declared it eradicated was wrong and obviously you can’t do that if you’re trying to run a terror campaign”  and

No Disease – A Set of Symptoms – A Branding Campaign.

Dr. Martin answered the question

“What was his take on the virus?” by revealing his new to us “theory” that “there was no disease, it was a set of symptoms!” and that “the International Committee on the Taxonomy of viruses (ICTV) were very clear to stipulate that!   The ICTV had published their official brand on March the 2nd 2020″

Dr Martin says,  

“it said that there was, quote, a “novel pathogen” that novel pathogen was going to be branded SARS cov2”. Martin continued, “so that we were, “ethnically” as you know, allegedly “ethnically sensitive” to the Chinese and that there was a, quote “disease” in their words, caused, in their words, by this “thing” they branded the disease covid-19,”
But”, he argues,, “they were very clear to stipulate that there was no disease, it was a set of symptoms, and those symptoms were commonly associated with influenza-like illness and have been associated with influenza-like illness, for it’s an amalgamation of symptoms.”

“So, this idea that it was, quote a “novel disease” was a branding campaign.”

International Terrorism

Dr Martin then asks to stipulate again, “for the conversation”, that the entirety of the last foor years was a premeditated Act of Domestic and international terrorism, “And most importantly the perpetrators admitted to that very fact in 2015.”

They said they were going to make an event where the media hype would drive the public to demand a medical countermeasure called a vaccine, so for that the unambiguous nature of what this is, it was domestic and international terrorism it was collusion it was racketeering.”   Martin claims, adding that they actually “stipulated that they were going to commit the crime in 2015.” and “They executed the crime on schedule.”

The Viruses in General Question

What “we’re dealing with according to Dr Martin, “is a piece of terminology that has morphed since it was introduced in the 14th century” […] “insofar as virus means, in proto-Italian, means poison”

“do I believe there are poisons in the world? Martin asks, “The answer is unambiguous yes, and the reason is because I’ve had poisons injected into me and I know that the poisons had an effect which was the desired effect insofar as do we believe there are poisons? Absolutely there are and there’s no question that poisons are in fact sometimes accidental and sometimes intentionally introduced to cause incapacitation or death”.

Virus means Poison.

Dr Martin asks, “is there a microparticle coming up into the 18th century? is there a microparticle involved in the causation of disease that we then now rebrand? and by the way, once again it’s branding, we rebrand a virus and we then try through the cunning use of language to subtly replace the actual multi-century use of that term, which is poison”.

There is, for a causative agent of anything, the answer is absolutely, not causation which was invented in 1663 very specifically causation is an illusion of the intellectually lazy.  

The idea that we can identify out of the plurality of conditions in the universe every single factor that creates the condition giving rise to a thing is as hubris filled and delusional as the Council of Nicaea (the first council in the history of the Christian church) was in the 4th Century trying to pretend that they could take the infinite of the Divine and dictate in a couple paragraphs the sum total of what it meant to have religion.”

“This idea that we can be reductionist to the point of stupidity where we decide that we are going to pick the ontology and the frame in which we’re going to understand nature and then have the audacity of saying we’re going to get to causation is beyond the pale of idiocy.

He goes on to add a really important fact, which is undoubtedly happening today, but instead individuals are afraid of being vilified, struck off, losing their careers etc

It’s important for people in this conversation understand that Gottfried Leibniz (1646 – 1716) in 1663 published his dissertation “which gave us modern regression” and was importantly, the same year as two important things happening.   One of which was the conducting of heretic witch and heretic burning trials in Europe and also, Martin says, “the guy who wrote the fundamental mathematics behind which causation, regression is derived, was a Lutheran” and was being  sponsored by Catholics in a town where people were being burnt for being Lutheran”

Motivation for Causality

“So let’s be abundantly clear”, he continues, “that there was a tiny motivation for a guy to come up with an explanation for causality which he was commissioned to do by Catholics so that he didn’t get himself burned at the stake by the exact same people who are paying him and if we actually understood that causal regression is the derivative of that and every single thing we call medicine and science right now is a direct derivative of a fallacy that was established and published in 1663” He adds, “if we understood that we’d be having a different conversation

Alec Zeck then gets a rare word into the conversation (16:09) and asks

“so just to be clear here, so when we’re talking about a virus?” “I’m not talking about the previous definition of poison, I’m talking about a tiny replication-competent obligate intracellular parasite consisting of a genome surrounded by a protein coat that is an infectious particle”

Dr Martin extols

“ALL BULLSHIT, 100% bullshit”

The Danger That it Could be Repeated.

Dr. Martin has almost accounted for and excused his changed view, as he now has a “remit” “not to debate viruses” but to hold people accountable for criminal acts that they perpetrated on society”

That’s my remit One of the criminal acts perpetrated on society was to invent a fake virus on acomputer. If people don’t understand the true nature of the crime there is a danger that it could be repeated.”
The vaccines are causing many inflammatory conditions and cases of turbo cancer. he says this is “what is actually in these vaccines and the mechanisms whereby these diseases are being caused is still debatable and unclear. What is clear is that they were deliberately designed to cause chronic illness and death.” and “Propaganda about a fake virus that could spread from person to person was used to convince many people to get injected.”

To Conclude

The above is just my opinion on what was just some of the important points that Dr Martin raised in this interview, however, he did offer lots more information that can be heard in the video below.

However, there is one area that may stand out to many of us and that is that Dr Martin,, is therefore supporting the idea that individuals do at times write or say things that they do not even believe themselves.

A few years ago, whilst studying, a wise lecturer, pulled me up for quoting classic thinkers and saying they “believed.” For example, I may have written “Voltaire believed that “Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities, has the power to make you commit injustices.” I had no idea if Voltaire actually “believed” this at all, I was told. This was true, of course, I didn’t.

This is something that has become increasingly obvious last three and a half years that just because an individual says something, even with conviction, it certainly does not mean they believe what they say.

Take Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla when he said 2 years ago that  “there are no safety concerns’ about its vaccine,” he surely did not believe that if he had looked at Pfizer’s own trial data?

Anyway, one thing the plandemic era has taught us, is that, perhaps more than ever, we have observed ordinarily good people driving a ridiculous, harmful agenda and we can be sure there are going to be outside influences swaying the often biased arguments that they are presenting. We can be sure that these intelligent people do not honestly believe what they are saying. and many of us have lost trust in those we know are protecting their careers in favour over humanity.

Does David Martin PhD fall into this category? Has he been influenced previously to follow an agenda? If so, why are we now privvy to this, his new narrative, which is one that many of us believed to be true and argued for in the first place?


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