Donald Trump • Controlled Opposition

Donald Trump • Controlled Opposition

The whole Trump charade, as well as RFK Jr. and false opposition in general, is designed to give Americans hope so they won't take more resolute action.

Dylan Eleven |

Trump is complicit in vaccine genocide.  All other debates pale in comparison.  He knowingly and still knowingly promotes a genocidal injection on his own population.  

CJ Evans

Donald Trump is bought and paid for by at least $300 million.

I submit Trump is a controlled opposition who goes along with the charade of the ostensible injustice that's thrown against him. If someone was truly opposed to this legal process, he could have easily revealed the fraudulent tactics of his opposition. Unfortunately, Trump continues to surround himself with a legal team that seems to undermine his every move, as did his Cabinet.

Trump could have pardoned all the Jan. 6 protestors, but he didn't pardon any as they continue to rot in jail. He could have pardoned all those who supported him during his presidency, but he evidently was instructed not to. He doesn't seem to care about his followers.

Soon after his presidency was over, Trump received over $200 million from a cash-out on a piece of his San Francisco commercial real estate. This cash-out occurred even after California had been contemplating bringing legal proceedings against him on sundry charges.

Once again, soon after Trump left office, and subsequent to the state of New York filing tax fraud and obstruction of justice charges against him, he was able to pull out at least $100 million cash on his NYC real estate from some obscure San Diego domiciled Bank.

If this were anyone else but Trump, that investor would have had his New York assets frozen, or at least would have been rendered unable to pull cash out. Tax fraud and obstruction of justice are serious and contemptible offenses, yet Trump was able to pull out that money on assets that were domiciled in New York City.

Where the alt-media see Donald Trump as a martyr and the recipient of a rigged justice system, I see a piece of garbage and controlled opposition who does what he's told.

Donald Trump's debt was purchased out of insolvency and bankruptcy on a number of occasions over the decades and he is now a person the synagogue of Satan can count on, regardless of circumstances. Donald Trump is a little oso, a silly dancing bear.

Instead of being portrayed as ignorant by the alt-media, Donald Trump placed around him duplicitous Judas goats who undermined his every path. Donald Trump has no one to blame but himself for his cabinet and insider pics. Even his legal team seems to sabotage his every move, which just prolongs his legal "woes" well into 2024 and beyond.


Mr. "Warp Speed" is still front and center and on the front pages of all the newspapers. Trump is still out there pumping up the [killer] mRNA injections as his creation. He's still there undermining the Republican party's chances as it destroys its golden opportunity to retake the presidency in the 2024 presidential election. With a friend like Trump, you don't need any enemies, because he'll be your worst one.

Mr. Donald Trump, the best friend the Democrat party could possibly have, and all it cost the globalists was $300 million in fortuitously timed real estate transactions.

There is no way that I can take any Trump supporter seriously anymore, and this includes Joel Skousen. Trump isn't a naive and sloppy student of politics, he carries out his instructions by our enemy to the letter.
And Mark my words, it's all about the money; follow the money and you will find the truth about how this world operates.

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