Lahaina Was Destroyed by a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW)

Lahaina Was Destroyed by a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW)

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The US Government steps up its open war on the American people with DEW attack on Maui, part of the Weather Change Hoax, which has replaced the COVID Hoax.

The wildfire would only make sense if a forest of trees surrounded the city of Lahaina. That is the first problem with the story. There is no forest near the town.

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There were some strange things about the alleged wildfire at Lahaina, Hawaii. Notably, the spokesman who explained what happened was NOT a fire official or anyone from the local government with any knowledge of fire fighting or emergencies. Instead, we find Major General Kenneth Hara, the commanding general of the Hawaii Army National Guard. He stated that he did not know what ignited the fires. But he opined that low humidity and high winds “set the conditions for the wildfires.” He is an army general; what does he know about forest fires?

There is reason to question the general’s claim. The wildfire would only make sense if a forest of trees surrounded the city of Lahaina. That is the first problem with the story. There is no forest near the town. Indeed, the satellite photo below shows that the tallest trees near the city belong to the Maui Kuaia Estate Cacao Farm. Cacao trees are pretty small ranging in height between 13 and 26 feet. But those trees are across a highway several hundred yards from the nearest building.

What about the trees within the city itself? There are lots of trees in the town. But when we look at the photos of the city after the alleged fire, we find that the trees in the town are mainly intact. Strangely buildings that have been destroyed allegedly by fire are surrounded by trees untouched by flames.

Something else is going on here. That something else is directed energy. The buildings were destroyed by directed energy weapons. Directed energy weapons use microwaves. They cause molecular destruction of materials that absorb them; wood remains unfazed because wood absorbs very little microwave radiation. It is similar to how you can put a paper plate in a microwave oven without concern that it will catch fire. But if you put aluminum foil into that same microwave oven, it will quickly begin to spark and burst into flames.

Directed energy is not new technology. Directed energy weapons were used during the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. The book 9/11-Enemies Foreign and Domestic details the evidence that directed energy weapons were used on 9/11.

Notice in the video how the buildings are leveled to the ground, but the trees remain standing and unburned.

Footage Of A Directed Energy Attack Like What Was Used In Maui Hawaii

Jim Crenshaw

Helena Glass | Helena-The Nationalist Voice

The media overwhelmingly claim the Maui fire was caused by climate change.   Why?   Because the topsy-turvydom world claims everything nefarious is now caused by climate change.   Vax deaths are because of – climate change.   Plane crashes are – climate change.   Citywide chaos is caused by – climate change.   All because The Media says so.
The concept that a hurricane south of Hawaii caused the ‘climate change’ fires in Maui is preposterous!   According to a past weather graph, the temperatures in Maui were normal, peaking at 88’, the wind speed was NE peaking at 25 mph at noon. This is normal. Hurricane Dora never made landfall and was tracked 500 miles ‘south’ of Hawaii amidst Northeasterly winds blowing southwest.   Maui is north of Hawaii.
A normal ‘fast fire’ can travel up to 14 mph.   The Maui fire was stated to be traveling at 60 mph.
According to government officials, the vast majority of the recent fires in Greece and Italy were arson. These coordinated blazes also spread across Croatia, Portugal, Spain, and Algeria. In each scenario, the respective governments blamed ‘arson terrorists’.   NOT Climate Change!
Therefore, what if Hawaii was a tit-for-tat weaponized reaction to the China flooding? Or, what if it was a US military exercise using Directed Energy Lasers – gone awry…?
Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) use electromagnetic energy via energy lasers and high power microwave rays.   Sonar is used to hone in on a target.   They are being developed and/or are already in use by:   US, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, UK, Germany, France, Iran and Turkey. Their impact is somewhat akin to an atomic bomb.
Lockheed Martin:   “At sea, in the air and on the ground, Lockheed Martin is developing laser weapon systems ready to defend U.S. and allied forces. Combined with our platform integration expertise, these systems are designed to defeat a growing range of threats to military forces and infrastructure across all domains.”
Lockheed, Northrop, Raytheon are in various stages of testing Directed Energy Laser Weapons. It is NOT a conspiracy.   Their websites are rife with bravado regarding their ability to target our ‘enemies’.   Certainly, it would not be the first time the US military ‘accidentally’ destroyed a city/town.
The 2010 earthquake in Haiti was considered by ‘conspiracy theorists’ to have been caused by a HAARP experiment causing tectonic plate shifts. The recent earthquake in Turkey was a ‘threat’ to Erdogan to obey and abide by Western Cartels.  OUR Government is a Conspiracy – incapable of providing anything remotely parallel to Truth.
The power and control these DEW weapons can yield is considered much more efficient than nuclear. Yet governments continue to parlay the effects of climate change as though the military industrial complex is nonexistent.




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Discover the deeper aspects of the DEW attack on Lahaina, Maui – including predictive programming, hijacking of our subconscious, the DEW laser beams caught on video, foreknowledge, 15 minute city or cities, smart cities, Agenda 2023 and more.

Health Ranger writes on Telegram:

Evidence keeps mounting that the #Lahaina fires were DELIBERATELY shaped:

1) The (hurricane) warning sirens did not sound. Were they turned off on purpose?

2) The local fire department was ordered OFF the fire, claiming it was “contained”

3) The fire was still burning, though, with 70 mph winds known to be approaching

4) Emergency responder resources were WITHHELD from Lahaina as the fires raged

5) Local schools were cancelled to make sure children were at home, without their (working) parents

6) As a result, HUNDREDS of children were burned alive like a mass child sacrifice ritual

7) There is a massive COVER-UP right now about how many children were burned alive

This has all the hallmarks of an engineered act of #terrorism waged against the people of Hawaii…

America is under constant attack by the terrorist regime in power, run by criminals and satanists.