Biden regime to spend $1.2B on terraforming operation that will remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to kill plants and devastate food crop yields worldwide

Biden regime to spend $1.2B on terraforming operation that will remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to kill plants and devastate food crop yields worldwide  |  Ethan Huff

The first major investment to kickstart the United States carbon removal industry has just occurred within the regime of fake president Joe Biden, which wants to destroy natural photosynthesis, the basis of all life on earth, by removing all carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

Literally comprised of "huge vacuum cleaners sucking carbon dioxide out of the air," to quote CNN, the Biden regime's carbon capture agenda involves blasting "chemicals" into the air in order to remove natural greenhouse gases.

"Once removed, CO2 gets stored underground, or is used in industrial materials like cement," the fake news media outlet further explained.

The first $1.2 billion in taxpayer funding will go toward two new demonstration projects in Texas and Louisiana, known as the South Texas Direct Air Capture hub and Project Cypress, respectively.

"These two projects are going to build these regional direct air capture hubs," said Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to reporters. "That means they're going to link everything from capture to processing to deep underground storage, all in one seamless process."

The two projects are expected to capture and bury more than two million metric tons of CO2 from the air every single year, once they are fully up and running. This is the equivalent, according to CNN, of removing nearly 500,000 gas-powered cars from the road.

How will plants grow and humans eat once Biden removes all CO2 from the atmosphere?

According to the Biden regime, trees and other plants, bogs, and even the world's oceans themselves are not naturally capturing enough CO2 out of the atmosphere for their liking, so these new carbon capture machines have been designed to "supercharge" CO2's removal.

White House senior adviser Mitch Landrieu bragged, much like the builders of the Titanic did before it sank, that the Biden regime's carbon capture scheme "will be the largest in the world."

The Biden regime has yet to explain how plants will continue growing after it removes all CO2 from the atmosphere. Elementary-level science taught us all that CO2 is food for plants, which rely on natural photosynthesis to grow and thrive, to then provide food for living creatures.

Without CO2, plants will die, which means eventually all animals and humans will also die. In short, Biden is attempting to change the climate himself by murdering everyone through the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.

As of now, we also do not know where Biden is planning to store all that captured carbon once it has been extracted. The Department of Energy has, however, revealed that none of the captured CO2 will be used for enhanced oil recovery, a method in which carbon is injected into the ground to release more oil.

Because oil is "bad," according to Biden and his cronies, there will never be any plan put forward to actually make oil more affordable so people can thrive as prosperity grows. Instead, Biden wants to get rid of all people and their prosperity and turn the planet "green," which to him and his kind means devoid of all natural lifeforms.

Hilariously, the facilities that will be capturing carbon will have to be powered by local utility companies that, surprise, utilize fossil fuels to create energy. So, what is this all supposed to accomplish again? Oh yeah: mass extermination of the world's population so they can usher in their highly anticipated new world order – that's what.

Man-made climate change is a money-grifting, liberty-stealing hoax.


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