Communist Canada • Justin Trudeau Is Converting Canada From Democracy To Dictatorship

Communist Canada • Justin Trudeau Is Converting Canada From Democracy To Dictatorship

Justin Trudeau Hi-Jacks A Nation, Reinvents Canadian Society

CAP  |  Brad

A recent report from the Investigative Journalism Foundation has revealed  that our federal government has hired a number of  judges who previously made donations to the Liberal Party of Canada.

“The investigation has prompted a review by the Canadian Judicial Council into Ontario judges who may have continued to make donations to political parties after being appointed.”

Also known as “corruption,” PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberals continue to do what they do best. Systemically, by way of subterfuge, the Feds are working to influence every fundamental element of Canadian society.

Those who study political history have seen it before. Political scientists know the score. Slow and steady does it, as NGO’s, media, academia,lawyers, judges  and the court system transition to branches of a ruling government.

Also known as “communism,” it’s been going on since the day Justin Trudeau was propped-up to capture his position as Canadian prime minister.

The Investigative Journalism Foundation findings reveal that of all the judges and tribunal members appointed by the Trudeau government who donated in the decade before their nomination, the vast majority — 76 per cent had at some point made financial donations to the Liberal Party.

Translation: Justin Trudeau and the Liberals own the Canadian judiciary. To remain consistent, the Feds have also taken control of media dissemination in our country.

Why stop there? As funded by government, Canadian academia unfurl a continuous message of how awful our country is. Running with the “Anglophone as colonialist” narrative,  educational institutions throw a wrench into engine of Canadian society. That they  been doing so since former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau opened the doors for China to infiltrate our Canada’s educational system has eluded our citizenship.

Not to be called quitters, Team Trudeau get personal. In 2023, sexuality has been transferred to government control. LGBT politics– inclusive of transgenderism for citizens of any age– has fallen under the spell of the Trudeau government.

In addition to sexuality, race-relations today fall under control of the Liberals. No thinking Canadian should be surprised to know that under Trudeau’s watch,  racism is being used as a weapon of  social division.

In the area of freedom of speech, the Liberals have all-but ruined social media with their “Big Tech Must Pay” campaigns.

Blimey– turns out Trudeau’s Liberals are gunning to control of  every fundamental aspect of Canadian society. Cultural Action Party wonder if  historical examples of such a phenomenon can be dredged up to illustrate an ominous point:

Justin Trudeau is in the process of converting Canada from democracy to dictatorship. A review of authoritarian regimes and communist revolutions inform us that our Liberal government are working toward comprehensive re-imaging of Canadian society.

Media say nothing. Or rather, they deliver bits-and-pieces, bury relevant information, obscure truth, spin scandal, and display perpetual bias toward our ruling government.

The Liberals have a nasty habit of dividing citizen from citizen, and community from community. Premeditated in conception, government’s “divide and conquer” strategy is drawn from the annals of Marxist political philosophy, commonly known as communism.

We stand aghast. A light-bulb moment occurs. Perhaps it isn’t just social division that the Feds draw from communism. Perhaps–just maybe– it’s the entire gameplan.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Justin Trudeau hi-jacks an entire nation, and against their will, re-invents Canadian society in manner that no one asked for, or approved of.

More than likely, millions of Canadians– the majority even– do not want what Trudeau is doing to our nation. And in truth, they would have a fighting chance to end the seduction, if not for one factor.

Or shall we say, if not for one individual. Turns out that all it takes for pseudo-dictator Trudeau to continue his assault is one signature from one man.

New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh is that individual. Though mainstream media will never position it this way, the greatest supporter of our Liberal government is the current leader of an opposition party, the NDP.

Without the Trudeau-Singh “supply and confidence” agreement, Trudeau;’s run as neo-dictator would come crashing down.

It’s all pretty darn exciting when you think about it. Singh’s NDP currently control a mere 7% of seats in Parliament. At the same time, they hold the key to quasi-totalitarian control of Canada by Trudeau and the Liberals.

Extent to which elements of our discussion has been alluded to by legacy media in Canada: Zero.

For CAP, all of it spells an eventual end to democratic rule in a dying Great White North.

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