UK Government’s Chemtrail Program • “To poison us and to block out the sun”

UK Government’s Chemtrail Program • “To poison us and to block out the sun”

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“Chemtrails are nothing new.  We’re just starting to notice them, that’s the shock for us,”  he said.  “[But] they’ve been doing it for years,” a commercial airline pilot said during a recent interview.

“They’ve been doing it for years.  It was pioneered in the [United] States.  It’s something the Rockefellers were involved with in sponsoring.  A lot of it is being done out of the back of military aircraft, particularly military transport aircraft.”

The airline pilot said the above during an interview with Drake Michigan host Ant Critchley. To protect the pilot’s anonymity, for purposes of the interview he was given the name Mark.

Mark has been a pilot for 34 years and in that time has flown over 26 different aircraft types.  His experience ranges from flight testing to flying specialist cargo and has also flown aircraft for the military as well as commercial airlines.

He told Critchley that said that chemtrails were pioneered in the United States with funding from the Rockefellers.  “The two purposes for chemtrailing are very, very clear,” he said.  It’s to poison us and block out the sun.  Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis and our bodies, for example, need sunlight to produce vitamin D. So, blocking out the sun will have a detrimental impact on and threaten the survival of all life on Earth.

In the video above, Mark explained that many years ago, he had a first officer that spoke to him about chemtrails.  At the time Mark completely dismissed it saying it was “utter nonsense, they would never do that.”  And he never gave it another thought until about three years ago when he was meeting friends at a café out in the country when he saw a line in the sky running north-south, which he estimated was 10 miles long, with 13 shorter two or three-mile-long lines traversing it. “The curious thing is that they stayed there for 40 minutes,” Mark said.

He contacted a colleague at the local airport who had an Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (“ADS-B”).  ADS-B is a surveillance or tracking software that relies on aircraft or airport vehicles broadcasting their identity, position and other information derived from an onboard system.

Mark asked his colleague if there was an aeroplane over the airport flying at around 12,000-13,000 feet “doing squiggly lines.”  Mark’s colleague answered ”No, but there is one at 10 [thousand feet.]”  Mark then recalled the conversation with the first officer years before and realised that the lines he had seen were chemtrails.

What Are Contrails?

There’s a difference between a contrail, condensation trail, and a chemtrail, chemical trail.  To understand the difference, we need to understand how contrails are formed, Mark said.

“As we go higher, about every thousand feet the temperature drops about 2 degrees Celsius.  And it goes down to about minus 63 degrees Celsius, sometimes 65.  Those temperatures are found at around about 37,000/38,000 feet.  Contrails can only physically start [forming] at 28,000 feet, which is around about minus 40 degrees Celsius.  A contrail is water vapour.  In fact, it’s trillions and trillions of ice crystals,” Mark explained.

The reason that we don’t consistently see the same number of contrails on various days, assuming the airlines’ flight schedules remain consistent, is that the humidity of the air the aircraft is flying in also plays a role. “As the temperature decreases, the parcel of air is less able to hold water vapour [or] water moisture,” Mark said.

The dew point is the temperature the air needs to be cooled to (at constant pressure) in order to achieve a relative humidity (RH) of 100%. At this point, the air cannot hold more water in the gas form. If the air were to be cooled even more, water vapour would have to come out of the atmosphere in liquid form, usually as fog or precipitation.

At 30,000 odd feet and flying in a dry parcel of air, “I can look in my rearview camera and I see absolutely nothing coming out of the back of my engines,” Mark said.  “But then I can fly along … and get a little bit of turbulence, just for a split second, and I look at my temperature gauge and it was minus 63 and it’s now minus 64 … I now look back into my camera and I see that I’m contrailing.”

On the other hand, chemtrails are applied anywhere between 10,000 and 12,000 feet.

Why Are Aeroplanes Not Showing on Flight Radars?

All aircraft have transponders. “You cannot get airborne without one, it’s the law,” Mark said.  Transponder signals are picked up by air traffic flight radars so that any particular aircraft can be positively identified.  Before an aeroplane takes off, the pilot is assigned a four-digit code.  When the air traffic controller sees the code on his radar, he knows what aeroplane it is, whom the plane is registered to, the flight plan and also other information such as a reading of the captain’s altimeter.

“But what is perplexing people is that when they switch on their Flightradar24 or their ASD-B app on their phone or smart device, they can’t see these aeroplanes [that are chemtrailing] … that’s because there’s been a software fix [to the transponder] so that whenever there’s a bank of these transponder codes and they’re assigned, we cannot see them,” Mark explained. “That’s why we are having trouble physically tracing these aeroplanes.”

The CAA Knows What They’re Doing

On the day he saw the long north-south trail crossed by 13 others, Mark was able to obtain a registration for the aircraft from his colleague at the local airport.  Using the registration, Mark’s research led to the British company 2Excel Aviation Broadsword.

2Excel was started by two former Royal Air Force pilots and its CEO is Andy Offer.  Offer previously had a business partner who has “ducked out,” Mark said.  Adding that the former business partner has since had his reputation completely destroyed with fallacious claims.

2Excel has two Boeing 727s brought over from the United States. “They were already cargo aeroplanes so they lend themselves nicely to conversion,” Mark said. “These aeroplanes have seven lateral tanks across the aircraft from front to back … and there is a fixed boom at the back of the aircraft which goes underneath [ ] two [of the] engines,” Mark said.

According to 2Excel’s website, the company responds to oil spills, by spraying detergents on oil.  But Mark couldn’t understand why the company needed two aeroplanes for oil spills. “How many oil spills have we had around the UK in the past 20 years?  Why do they need two?” Mark thought to himself.  It’s expensive to maintain and fly these planes but there was supposedly no income. “So, that got me immediately suspicious,” he said.

2Excel has two air operator’s certificates (“AOCs”) granted by the civil aviation authority (“CAA”).  One is to fly low level over the sea, as it would be expected to enable them to spray detergents over oil spills.  But the other is to fly over forested areas.  But they weren’t flying over forested areas, 2Excel was flying over London, Birmingham, Glasgow or Manchester.  “So, that is in gross violation [of its AOC],” Mark said.

People have complained to the CAA that 2Excel is violating its AOCs but the response has been the usual “conspiracy theory” accusations.  “That … to me exposes the CAA … The good news is if we look at the upside, and there is an upside to this, it’s exposing all the people who we probably didn’t previously know were involved with the narrative,” he said.  Mark then explained in more detail about the process at the CAA to obtain various licences and the CAA inspections that 2Excel would have to pass to be able to operate.

“2Excel Aviation is very well organised.  They were at Doncaster, which was their main base for the 727s.  And they have a fleet of other smaller aircraft which get involved with coast guard work – monitoring, surveillance.  What are they looking at?  We don’t know.”

2Excel also has an aircraft hangar at Lasham Airport, just west of London, which is a premier site for gliding.  Other airports where there has been “some action from” is Newquay, Bournemouth and Prestwick. “These are ideal places from which to operate, almost by stealth, because you don’t get [aeroplane] spotters there,”  Mark explained.

There is another company called RVL Aviation based at East Midlands Airport. It is a Danish-registered company that has twin-engine light aircraft. The company does surveillance, coastguard work, monitoring and air sampling. “These [aircraft] are not doing the spraying but these are the ones that you can occasionally see on flight radar that are doing these either race track patterns – all these patterns where they go up and down, up and down, up and down and they eventually cover a large area.  What they’re looking at, what they’re surveying, I have no idea,” Mark said. Their activity has been on the increase, particularly in the last 18 months.

RVL is a smaller operation than 2 Excel.  RVL bought at least two Boeing 737s from cargo operator Western Atlantic.  These 737s are part of a group of aeroplanes that are painted all white and so are referred to as “whitetails” and have been spotted spraying chemtrails over Cornwall. RVL’s aircraft operate out of Newquay, Southampton, Stansted, Teesside, Prestwick and Liverpool airports.

There are other companies – such as Delta Airlines registered in Atlanta, Georgia – but 2Excel and RVL are doing most of the chemtrailing in UK’s skies.

The Pilots Know What They’re Doing

Once you start asking one question, it opens the door to other questions. The aeroplane takes off from Teesside, where is it going? Who’s told the pilot where to go?

Mark has seen up to five aeroplanes at a time in the sky which are flying in parallel with each other, then “going in different directions, reforming and coming back.”  So, someone is coordinating the flights.  The aeroplane’s flight plan will be in the onboard computer but it will be up to the pilots when the spraying of chemicals starts or stops.

“What they are doing is very contrived, it’s very wilful and people say: ‘Well, I can’t believe the pilots know they’re doing it’.  Well, let me assure you – they do,”  Mark said.

The crew have to be licensed by the CAA to fly that particular aircraft.  Virtually all of these pilots are ex-RAF, Mark said.  “This is key because the RAF guys are used to doing, shall we say, clandestine operations – unusual operations … and they also, crucially, signed the Official Secrets Act which means they don’t talk … Interestingly enough, almost exclusively, the engineers that maintain [2Excel’s] two 727s are also ex-RAF.”

If the pilots are taking any dangerous goods on board the aeroplane, whether it’s liquids or radioisotopes for X-ray machines, the captain has to have a document called a Notice to Captain (“NOTOC”).  The NOTOC details all of the dangerous goods onboard the aircraft and where they are located.  This is for safety in the event of an emergency landing.

Mark said: “Having spoken to the fire chiefs at several airports, the two aeroplanes that they’re very nervous about coming in with a Mayday are military aircraft – because they don’t know if the missiles under the wing are live or what they’ve got armed – [and] the other one is a cargo aircraft because they’ve got no idea what he’s got on board … So, the first thing a captain should do as he’s running out of the aircraft is grab his flight book and his NOTOC because then he can hand it to the fire chief … So, these captains will be issued with a [NOTOC], or should be.”

“Unfortunately, when I tell you the statistic about the amount of [non-chemtrail] pilots that were aware of current events [it’s low], I think a lot more of them are aware now.  But it’s also the same with the engineers.   I do know some very good engineers who are awake, but they’re in the minority.  And when they go to work, they go ‘Oh well, there’s that crank again’, you know, and they’re under attack.  And these are the engineers that fix the aeroplanes.  The [engineers] that are doing the cargo ones that are tuned to spray, they’ve obviously got non-disclosure agreements, they’re probably signed the Official Secrets Act, who knows.”

Why Are They Doing It?

It’s really difficult to understand the mentality of the people involved in chemtrailing.  “It’s called normalisation of deviance,” Mark said.

The concept of normalisation of deviance was first identified within the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (“NASA”). American sociologist Diane Vaughan defines the “normalisation of deviance” as “the gradual process through which unacceptable practice or standards become acceptable. As the deviant behaviour is repeated without catastrophic results, it becomes the social norm for the organisation.”

Mark also explained that as far as the people who are involved in chemtrail programmes are concerned, there is “intellectual dishonesty.” Intellectual dishonesty is a term used to describe intentionally committed fallacies in debates and reasoning.  It refers to the advocacy of a position known to be false, which is misused to advance an agenda or reinforce one’s deeply held beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence contrary.

Intellectual dishonesty is, for example, an MP writing back to you saying: “You’re a fool, you’re mistaken.  Those chemtrails are not chemtrails, they’re contrails.”

Mark believes chemtrails were pioneered in the United States.  “[The UK’s] been messing about with it in different guises, not so much airborne, but we’ve been messing about with it for a long time … A lot of the experiments that the British government were doing, a long time ago, [were] just on the ground.  So typically, they’d be spraying chemicals onto a passing train that would be going into a tunnel  … So, sadly it’s nothing new,” he said.

The two main purposes for chemtrailing are clear, he said.  “It’s to poison us and to block out the sun.”

In the United States, people have managed to obtain samples of chemtrails and used a mass spectrometer to determine the contents.  “If you look at the contents of the chemtrails … the three main ingredients tend to be barium, strontium and aluminium oxide – all of which are carcinogenic.  And the aluminium causes autism and Alzheimer’s,” Mark said.

Mark doesn’t have financial figures for RVL, but last year 2Excel had a revenue of £41 million. “£25 million of that was profit,” he said. “And the dividends, the shareholder profits, were £10.9 million.”  All that money comes out of the money British residents pay in taxes. “So, we’re paying for ourselves to be poisoned.”

2Excel’s Financial Director,  Harant Singh, sets up shell companies every week.  According to Mark, 2Excel has thousands of shell companies. “Some of them are closed down quite quickly.  So, the government, by whichever agencies they’re paying, pay into the shell company [and then] the shell company gets shutdown. I can only assume RVL is doing something similar,” he said.

It is claimed that chemtrailing is done to block out the sun to keep global temperatures within the limits as dictated by the Paris Climate Agreement. If it was, then the payments would be above board and elaborate schemes wouldn’t be devised to hide payments to the companies who are engaged in chemtrailing.

Chemtrails and HAARP

Critchley mentioned that chemtrails can take on unusual appearances, such as lines cutting across or odd shapes. Everything has a frequency and depending on how many metal particulates are being sprayed and the activities of the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (“HAARP”) at the time, these waves and lines will appear in the chemtrails, Mark explained.

He said that there is a HAARP facility in the UK, it’s sited halfway down the Welsh coast.  Documents for planning permission state that the facility’s purpose is for communications.  “But we’ve been down there, we’ve got photographs of it … the aerials are in something called a phased array … and produces something called side lobes.  So apart from the beam of energy going directly ahead and up, the side lobes come out of the side and will irradiate everything that’s there.”

Related: HAARP is of global concern because of its far-reaching impact

He explained how HAARP works and then said: “They can accurately change the weather. They’ve been doing that for a long time.”  He used the earthquake in Japan a few years ago as an example of how HAARP is used as a weapon to make governments obey the demands of the global cabal, in Japan’s case “to yield to the Rothschild banking system.”

Many years ago, author Elana Freeland and former HAARP engineer Billy Hayes began discussing the frequency relationships between CERN, HAARP, Chemtrails, Fracking and even Wind Turbines.  To begin your research, you can find some useful information about their research HERE, HERE or on Freeland’s website HERE.

Further reading:

What Can We Do?

These are crimes against humanity, we’ve got to fight back Mark said.  “Everybody can do their bit.”

People watching Drake Michigan’s podcast will say: “Well, I’m not an aviation person so what can I do?” Sow seeds, he said. “Start talking to people, make them more aware, air your concerns,” he said.

“Find out if somebody lives near the airport or you’ve got a friend who lives near the airport and they see anything.  Spotters’ clubs, plane spotters, all these people, they will see things.”

“I would implore anybody who works at an airport or lives near an airport to just be more attentive,” Mark said. “Keep asking questions.”

At the moment everything is under attack, for example, food, cattle and fish.  One of the psychological tricks that is being used is that they accelerate their agenda, we all feel it and then they back off and we breathe a sigh of relief.  They then accelerate the agenda again, Mark said.  So, when we have that moment of relief, don’t stop but keep pushing back.

On the Do Not Consent website is a template letter that people can download and send to their Member of Parliament (“MP”) and a second template letter that can be used to send a letter to the UK Prime Minister.  At the moment the MPs are on summer recess so you’ll need to either hand deliver the letter or send it recorded mail.  There is also a yellow sticker campaign that has been launched to use on social media profiles that states that we do not consent to be governed by a tyrannical regime.

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