The Questionable Virus Theory

The Questionable Virus Theory


What really causes disease attributed to a virus?

I dusted off my old Latin-German dictionary of 1981 and looked up the word VIRUS. The translation says slime, tough moisture, natural poison, poisonous juice, poison as a disgusting substance, drool, but also uncleanliness, clumsiness.

I have listened to Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD, read the books and articles by Dr. Tom Cowan MD and heard the virologist and immunologist Dr. Poornima Wagh PhD as well as the German virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka speak about the history of virus research and how the existence of viruses has not been proven to this day.  I will go through the most important points they bring up which seriously question the existence of viruses. Then we will look at what might cause the diseases that are attributed to a virus, such as polio, hepatitis, measles, shingles, flu an so called Covid. This issue, as most others, should never be about beliefs one way or another but about evidence and discernment. Beliefs are usually in the way of finding the truth. The truth about viruses existing or not is foundational to the entire Scamdemic

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The above named doctors have put the history of virus discovery under the proverbial microscope and are illuminating the flaws in methodology, reasoning and conclusions behind the virus theory.

Virologists claim that in an infection, viruses enter the cells of tissues, enter their DNA or RNA into the nucleus of that cell and force the cell to make more viruses. There should be millions of copies of viruses in every infected cell. Yet everybody in virology agrees that viruses can’t be seen in tissues.  Therefore they use indirect methods to try and prove they exist. These methods though would have to be validated at every step using proper controls to make sure the final outcome is valid proof for the existence of a virus.

The so called ISOLATION which isn’t

Isolation should mean that one thing is separated from everything else, but the term isolation is being misused by virologists giving the impression they actually took out only the virus from a patient sample, whereas what they actually mean is that they took a sample of body fluid with lots of genetic material in it and put it into a cell culture. At no point does anybody know if there actually is a virus in the sample taken from a patient.

Cytopathic Effect as “proof” that there is a virus causing illness

Virologists proceed to take the sample of blood, lung fluid, mucus, snot from a patient and put it on a cell culture usually made with monkey kidney cells, called Vero cells. This is now a mixture of DNA and RNA from the patient and the DNA and RNA from the Vero cells. They add fetal calf serum, thus introducing more DNA and RNA. Then they starve the Vero cell culture and add antibiotics to it to kill any bacteria. The antibiotics are toxic to kidney cells. The cells begin to deteriorate and this is seen as proof that the “virus” which was never isolated from everything else is causing the cells to get sick and die. They call it the cytopathic effect.  They also call this a viral culture, but in actuality it’s a tissue culture.

Never has there been a control cell culture treated the same way except for adding a sample from a patient. This is necessary to determine if the cells are made sick by an alleged virus or because they are being starved and given antibiotics. Dr. Stefan Lanka performed the control study and proved that control cell cultures with no patient samples added deteriorate just as much and as fast as the cell culture with an alleged virus. Thus the cytopathic effect does not prove that a virus is doing it. There is never proof that the sample actually contains a virus.

Dr. John F. Enders began this process in the 1950ies and he was not sure if that was an accurate process to isolate viruses. Dr. Enders wrote that a colleague had found and isolated an agent from monkey kidney tissue that was indistinguishable from a human measles virus. It was unknown whether this agent was a virus or a product of normal tissue breakdown.

He further wrote that there is a potential risk in using such cells with attenuated virus for vaccines since the presence of other agents, possibly latent in primate tissue cannot be definitely excluded by any known method. One study done with measles had a sentence in it saying that there are no grounds for concluding that the factors in vivo are the same as those which underlie the formation of giant cells and the nuclear disturbances in vitro. In other words, the effects seen in sick children may not be caused by the agent causing a cytopathic effect in a petri dish of a cell culture.

In the magazine “Viruses journal” an article was published in May 2020 regarding the roles of extracellular vesicles as aliases of HIV, HCV and SARS Virus. The final paragraph wrote that a reliable method guaranteeing complete separation of break down products of the cells from viruses does not exist.

If they are not isolated, they don’t exist, they can’t cause disease, and you can’t do a PCR test.

Genome Sequencing in Silico (Computer Codes)

Virologists take short bits of DNA or RNA from the cell culture that now contains strands from the patient, the fetal calf serum and the Vero cells and amplify/multiply it with the PCR method (the only thing this is good for). Then they pair up short strands and have computer software insert so called missing pieces that are expected to be there to make longer strands. Then the computer compares the gene sequence to reference sequences in the database and of course, they find what they are looking for as they inserted expected missing sequences based on their expectations. This is circular argumentation. The genome found by the software never actually existed in the original patient sample.

In Summary, first one needs the virus, which they never have. Then you need to know that the genetic sequence is from the virus, and then you need to be certain that no other organism (human, bacteria, fungus) could possibly have that genetic sequence. Then it needs to be validated against another standard. This is never done.  Then they do sequencing of genetic material but they can’t know where the sequences come from as there is genetic material from the snot, the fetal calf serum and the cells in the cell culture.


It’s not a test. It’s an amplification method to multiply genetic sequences. The primers used to “diagnose” a certain gene sequence is based on computer generated gene sequences, based on bits and pieces of gene sequences found in a petri dish full of genes from all kinds of sources.


Two Bulgarian pathologists found no monoclonal antibodies in autopsy studies of patients who had died and whose death was attributed to COVID. A larger question though is: “What is the nature of antibodies? How were antibodies against certain viruses determined to be just that?” This will require some digging.

Koch postulates not followed

Robert Koch set up some rules to prove contagion: If there were a virus, it would cause unique symptoms. If the virus were then isolated from a sick person and inoculated into animals, it should cause the same specific symptoms. Then again the virus needs to be taken from the sick animal and inoculated into another animal which again should develop the unique symptoms. This has never been done for any viral disease in the history of medicine.

FOIA requests to health agencies and governments around the world asking for papers proving the isolation of the virus have all been returned with the answer that they don’t have such papers or know of the existence of any such papers.

A live vaccine is essentially a toxic Vero cell culture. There can’t be a virus in it as the existence of the virus has never been proven.

Artifact Creation for Electron Microscopy and Exosomes

In order to prepare a sample to be viewed under an electron microscope, the sample is treated with various chemicals, dyes, heated, frozen and heated again. This obviously will cause damage to the sample creating artifacts. These are structures seen by the microscope that are artificially created by the process of preparing the sample and don’t actually exist in live cells.

Particles were photographed that were interpreted to be viruses. But scientists had to admit they look identical to so called Exosomes. These are garbage scows of the cells to transport waste products out of the cell. Judy Mikovits calls these “outfections” from damaged cells. The more cells are damaged, for example by EMF radiation, toxic metals and chemicals, the more Exosomes can be seen that eliminate debris from damaged cells.  During the plandemic, scientists added Trypsin to the samples prepared for microscopy. Trypsin digests protein and caused the spiky look of the exterior of these exosomes, thus making them appear like spike protein on a virus.


Claimed to be SARS CoV (Virus) by CDC,

Creating the Illusion of a viral pandemic

As David Icke has been saying since the spring of 2020, if there had been a real pandemic, there would not have been a need to create cases and death numbers by bribing hospitals to put Covid on practically all death certificates no matter what the patients died of. There would not have been a need to actively kill patients with the combination of Morphine and/or Midazolam to suppress breathing, Remdesivir to destroy kidney function leading to pulmonary edema and intubation damaging lung tissue. There would not have been a need to create positive cases with a PCR test that can’t test for illness, ramped up to 45 cycles. There would not have been a need to create film clips on movie sets with actors supposedly showing overflowing hospitals in Italy.

So much for the lack of proof that viruses exist. This now leaves the question: What causes the disease or symptom complex attributed to certain viruses.


Polio is often cited as a prime example of vaccines at work. However, polio was on the way out before vaccines were available. In Europe, polio vaccinations were not used much at the time, and polio started to vanish in Europe simultaneously as it did in the United States, where vaccinations were more common. The real suspected cause of Polio is toxins such as Mercury, Arsenic and Lead in the 18th and 19th century. In the early 20th century the pesticide DDT was liberally sprayed on crops right before harvest and Phosphorus containing fertilizers and the pesticide Parathion were widely used as well and are associated with Poliomyelitis symptoms as they are neurotoxins. Scientists claimed they proved that Polio was infectious by taking ground up spinal cord from a monkey with polio symptoms and injected it into the brain of healthy monkeys. The first monkey may have been intoxicated by these neurotoxins on fruit it had eaten. Then the toxin would also be present in the spinal cord and thus, when injected into the brain of a healthy monkey, it would produce the same symptoms. This is not proof of infection, but rather poisoning.  Dr. Michael Yeadon has just made a statement about Polio as well, which you can read here:

Hepatitis A, B, C….. Alphabet Soup

In the late 1990ies I treated a patient with Hepatitis C, diagnosed by a PCR test (I didn’t know better at the time). He was a very heavy drinker most of his life and looking back it was the daily alcohol intoxication that caused his hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) and ultimately liver cancer. Another patient was diagnosed years ago with Hepatitis B. He has spent time in factory tanning cow hide with toxic chemicals and he liked to drink his share of wine as well. I suspect it was the combination of toxins and alcohol causing hepatitis. He rarely drinks since then and is no longer exposed to these chemicals and his liver healed.

Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology Richard Strohman said:” Toxic shocks like smoking or alcohol consumption can traumatize the liver, causing genetic instabilities. The human cell itself, then, can produce the genetic particles which are fished out by orthodox researchers with their PCR test and simply interpreted as exogenous viruses. But before jumping on the virus bandwagon, one must have closely analyzed if these really are viruses- which has not happened with hepatitis C.”

Hepatitis C is said to be transmitted by blood transfusion, sexual contact and junkies sharing needles. Junkies also use drugs that are detrimental to the liver, causing hepatitis. Almost 80% of drug addicts test positive for Hepatitis C (with a test that can’t test for it). People who need blood transfusions are usually very will and most likely will have been given at least one pharmaceutical drug. Most of these are toxic to the liver. Most Hepatitis C patients have no symptoms, but they are given toxic drugs to treat the “infection”, which ultimately destroy the liver.


As with hepatitis, AIDS was diagnosed mostly in people using drugs such as poppers in the gay community. Among other things, chronic use weakens the immune system. Once the PCR Test was used to “find the HI-Virus”, perfectly healthy people were put on the toxic drug AZT that destroys the immune system and actually caused the symptoms attributed to a virus.


The infectiousness of the Spanish flu of 1918 could never been proven even with grosse experiments of putting snot of sick patients up the noses of healthy ones who then did not get sick. What are the typical flu symptoms? Fever (leads to sweating), runny nose, cough, muscle pain, malaise and often a sore throat are common. The first three point to a detox reaction. The body is trying to get rid of something by sweating and secreting from the nose and the lung. The latter two force the body to rest, which is an important part of healing. A sore throat prevents one from swallowing, possibly to prevent further intake from a toxin? What toxins could it be? Take your pick, we are bombarded with toxins. Before the Spanish flu, soldiers were vaccinated with all kinds of concoctions to be sent to the trenches of WWI; they were then exposed to horrible conditions and suffered from malnutrition and chlorine gas, newly developed as a war weapon. It causes lung problems and makes breathing difficult. The symptoms could be confused with flu. Since 1933 it couldn’t be proven that influenza was contagious.

In 2001 an astronomer, Ken Tapping, together with two physicians found that during the last three centuries, influenza epidemics occurred during peaks of solar magnetic activity. Another physician, Johannes Mygge, showed that influenza outbreaks occurred during years of maximum solar activity. Many others also found a connection between influenza and sunspots or atmospheric electricity. In 1889 influenza “spread” from country to country all over the world faster than ships and trains could travel. Sailors on ships with no contact to land suddenly fell ill with influenza months after their last visit on land only to find that the country they were approaching already had an influenza outbreak and was exposed to new kinds of radio waves. During many influenza outbreaks, respiratory symptoms were not prevalent, but rather neurological and cardiac symptoms. During an outbreak in England in 1889 doctors concluded that it was primarily a case of “poisoned nerves”. As nerves control respiration, heartbeat, digestion it made sense that these functions would be hampered. In addition, wildlife such as birds, horses, pigs, even fish also had influenza symptoms at the same time. They were obviously exposed to the same poison/EMF.

In the early late 1890ies and early 1900s Giuglielmo Marconi began building the first radio transmitters on the Isle of Wight causing him to run high temperatures plaguing him the rest of his life. People living near these stations complained of tingling sensations. Queen Victoria residing only 12 miles from his high powerful transmitter suffered a cerebral hemorrhage just as he powered it up and died. It also led to a steep decline of the islands bee population. Towards the end of WWI the US Navy had built the most powerful radio stations to communicate with stations on ships and land. That’s when the Spanish flu appeared, first at the Naval Radio School in Cambridge, MA and on Navy ships as well as Army camps where radio operators were being trained. Few had runny noses, sore throats or respiratory symptoms but most suffered from neurological symptoms.  Another new military invention was radar emitting never before existing electromagnetic frequencies.

Our bodies are electric from the brain, the heart, the nervous system to the membrane potential of every cell membrane. The unfamiliar energies of EMF produce changes in nearly every body function. Many are associated with a stress response caused by the exposure to EMF. The most commonly affected organs are the central nervous system, the heart, endocrine system, growth systems and immune response.


I have spoken to people that claimed they had Covid. Their symptoms ranged from a positive test result (they wear it like a badge of honor) to a mild case of the sniffles to a severe cold to flu symptoms. One person’s oxygen saturation dropped dramatically and he had to be hospitalized. They put him on Remdesivir until I warned the family about the dangers and a nurse in the family had them take him off it. It turned out he had a pulmonary embolism, which he probably had from the beginning causing his oxygen saturation to drop. In an era before the Covid hysteria, the doctors would have checked for this on admission, but as they wrote him off as Covid, it took them two weeks to make the diagnosis.  This is disgusting!

People did get flu and cold like symptoms that were quite severe.  During the start of the plandemic, 5G towers were activated in the hotspots of Covid right before people got ill. As we have seen with Influenza above, new types of electromagnetic emissions have caused flu symptoms since the roll out of such frequencies in the form of telegraph lines, radar, radio transmitters, electrical lines and now 5G. The symptoms of Covid were defined as flu like. As with the flu, it fits a detox reaction the body goes through when bombarded with EMF and other toxins. Cells die and debris will be removed by Exosomes.

Dr. Beverly Rubik has a PhD in Biophysics from the University of California and is internationally renowned for her research into the biofield, the field of energy-with-information of living systems. She published paper in 2021 detailing the effects of wireless communication radiation on the human body.  It can cause morphologic changes in red blood cells, leading to rouleau effect and hypercoagulation. It thus impairs micro circulation, reduces red blood cells and hemoglobin causing a lack of oxygen (hypoxia). It causes hyperinflammation and immune dysfunction, increases cellular oxidative stress and production of free radicals causing damage to blood vessels and organs. And it can cause heart palpitations by increasing intracellular Calcium levels.

Measles and Shingles

Dr. Stefan Lanka won in the high court in Germany proving that there is no proof that a measles virus exists. I was vaccinated against measles as a young child, but I got the measles a few years later which stumped my dad who was also a physician.

In 1954 scientist Ralph Scobey reported in the journal Archives of Pediatrics that herpes zoster (shingles) arose after ingestion or injection of heavy metals like arsenic, bismuth and alcohol.  So toxins can absolutely manifest as skin conditions.

In New German Medicine founded by Dr. Hamer, skin conditions can manifest during the resolution phase of a conflict that involves separation. For example a child begins kindergarten or school and thus experiences separation from the mother, father, grandparents, and younger siblings or experiences only the fear of the coming separation. The active phase involves reduced function of sensory nerves in the skin which is usually not noticeable. It can also come to short term memory dysfunction that can last until the healing phase. Once the conflict is resolved, the skin reacts with redness, swelling, pain (itching), warmth, fever. Then during the healing crisis the symptoms vanish. Biological reason: reduced skin sensitivity in the active phase and short term memory loss help forget the person from which separation took place or is feared.

These few examples show that just, because a cluster of people develop symptoms it’s not proof that there is a contagion at work. We all live enveloped in a local environment and in a field of frequencies just like fish in an aquarium all live in the same water. If the fish suddenly get sick, the first thought must be that there is something wrong with the water, NOT “oh there must be a virus making them sick”. Unfortunately the propagation of virus theory has stopped research to find the real causes for the diseases attributed to a virus.


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