Bill Gates – The Man Behind The Curtain

Bill Gates – The Man Behind The Curtain

The Expose | Patricia Harrity

To this day, some individuals still see Bill Gates as the philanthropic saviour, the man who gave up millions of dollars to offer protection to the people. They are mainly those people who choose not to see that a Trojan horse has come stampeding into our lives under the guise of a deadly virus. They will dismiss as conspiracy theories any talk of a global coup d’état and supranational organisations that have interfered with our governments worldwide, our lives, relationships and health in order to centralize power and establish a planetary dictatorship.

Conversely, there are others that see Bill Gates as a man with a lust for control and power, akin to the man behind the curtain in the fictitious OZ. He has even been thought of as a would be dictator.

Dictator Traits

Despite their obvious differences, dictators according to Frank Dikötter author of “How to Be a Dictator – The Cult of Personality in the Twentieth Century“, all seem to “come equipped with an ideology, but no principles, only a lust for power, but the propagation turns it into a mockery.

Other similarities include that often they “fancy themselves as writers or philosophers, but they fail to make the grade as intellectuals” and they long to be popular, and put great effort into creating that illusion, but it is all fakery.

If they are dictators of the right, they go to war, with the consequence of popular suffering, and lead the nation to shameful defeat. If of the left, their attempts at radical reform bring famine and suffering to the population, and “Surrounded by sycophants, they are friendless, lonely and paranoid.” (source)

Can we say that Gates has the fundamental traits found to be similar in dictators?

Gates Vaccinating the World

Well we do know that Bill Gates, failed to make the grade as an intellectual and was a college drop out, but even without medical qualifications he was entrusted with the task of vaccinating the entire world population when appointed as the head of the global vaccine initiative from 2012 to 2020 during the World Health Assembly. The ultimate goal being to create a society where individuals must receive repeated vaccinations multiple times each year.

An article on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website stated that: “The World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced a collaboration to increase coordination across the international vaccine community and create a Global Vaccine Action Plan.  […]

The collaboration follows the January 2010 call by Bill and Melinda Gates for the next ten years to be the Decade of Vaccines.  The Global Vaccine Action Plan will enable greater coordination across all stakeholder groups – national governments, multilateral organizations, civil society, the private sector and philanthropic organizations — and will identify critical policy, resource, and other gaps that must be addressed to realize the life-saving potential of vaccines.”

WHO Publications

Too Much Influence Over The WHO

Bill Gates serves as the primary financial contributor to the World Health Organization (WHO), affording him significant influence over this organization. Gates personally played a role in appointing Director General Tedros, who had a history as a communist activist in Ethiopia, as the director of WHO. Nevertheless, under the WHO’s “Pandemic Treaty,” they gain extensive authority over all nations whenever they declare a pandemic. (source)


The Swiss publication cited above, has good reason to ask if Gates has too much influence as out of the four health organisations that took a lead on the “global pandemic response”— The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and the Wellcome Trust are actually all founded and/or funded by Gates despite all four claiming to be independent organizations.

During the earliest days of the plandemic, these organisations began a coordinated effort to identify vaccine makers, fund tests, drug treatments and mRNA shots, and develop a global distribution plan in collaboration with the WHO (source).

Indeed, Gates is one of the WHO’s biggest funders, exceeding the donation of many individual states. And with the WHO becoming essentially a global health dictator,” says Dr Mercola who asks if Gates is the real power behind the curtain. Mercola, points out that “the WHO’s recommendation of the PCR test was “intentionally criminal” and was the key ingredient to maintaining the pandemic fearmongering.” (source).

A Tool of Statistical Necessity

It would appear to be as they opted for the PCR test for the “Covid” plan, which is known to yield as much as 94% false positives, rendering it an imperfect tool for declaring a “pandemic” based on unreliable test outcomes, but certainly a useful tool in producing fraudulent “cases.”


On November 27, 2020, twenty-two international consortium scientists submitted a request to retract the Drosten paper from the journal Eurosurveillance due to fatal flaws and conflicts of interest.  Upon reviewing the paper the came to a damning verdict: the study contains nine serious scientific errors and three minor inaccuracies (Source)

Undeterred by the evidence that was available even to the public, the motley crew continued with the fraudulent use of the PCR in order to create a false pandemic and unfortunately, the WHO has been given the authority to declare a similar pandemic whenever it likes utilising any diagnostic method of their choosing.

Gates Rehearsals

We will probably know when this occurs as there tends to be a rehearsal beforehand and it is Bill Gates, the man who has been a dictator during the plandemic, has been the one man responsible for organising “pandemic exercises” which have taken place right before the exact scenario they planned for, becomes reality.

Event 201 in October 2019, was one example, where Gates coordinated a set of four mock scenarios of a coronavirus pandemic simulation in a table top exercise, organised by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum (WEF). and the Johns Hopkins University. This rehearsal involved top-level participants who were invited from across the world from both private and public sectors. They were presented with a situation resembling the one that subsequently occurred in reality a couple of months later and they discussed the necessary actions to be taken, in a role play (source).

The Dictator.

With the capability that the WHO have to assume a role similar to that of a global governing body whenever they see fit and by recognising that Bill Gates essentially wields control over the WHO, it implies that “pandemics” effectively place Gates in a position akin to a global dictator.

Financial incentives are offered to governments worldwide by Bill Gates aiming to exert control over them and subsequently influence their policies, according to Italian politician Sara Cunial, who exposed the purported influence Gates had over the Italian president (source).

Similarly, members of the Nigerian parliament claimed that Gates offered $10 million to implement vaccine mandates in Nigeria, a claim Gates denied. However, he did pledge $79 million to “assist” Nigeria, after which Nigeria became the first nation globally to restrict unvaccinated individuals from accessing banking services. (source).

An Evil Mastermind?

Gates has lost much of his credibility and trust worldwide yet seems to be surprised by this. He admits that he never expected the level of resistance to his Covid interventions and says he was shocked people now refer to him as an “evil mastermind” and believes society now has more distrust of vaccines than before.

Why would that be?! Gates was good enough to jab hope into our arms! He did this in Africa too and tried to eradicate Polio This did result in a rapid outbreak from Chad, Cameroon and Sudan, but I’m sure he learnt from this source.

In fact, he did not even finish college! This is amazing he could so easily have gone down the wrong road, like his good buddy Jefferey Epstein, particularly as they spent so much time together!  (source).

He Who Controls the Media……

There is very likely more to the Gates/Epstein relationship that was said to be one of the reasons for the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates, but as Bill Gates “donates” hundreds of millions of dollars to news agencies, he has control over what they are allowed to broadcast, meaning that he can manipulate the news worldwide.

Noam Chomsky wrote about how the modern public relations industry has been influenced by Walter Lippmann’s theory of “spectator democracy,” in which the public is seen as a “bewildered herd” that needs to be directed, not empowered. Gates has made sure he is in this business of “controlling the public mind,” and not on informing it.

As Chomsky wrote, “Media Control is an invaluable primer on the secret workings of disinformation in democratic societies.” and Gates has taken full advantage.

The Defender reported in 2021, that while other billionaires’ media empires are relatively well known, the extent to which Gates’s cash underwrites the modern media landscape is not, but after sorting through over 30,000 individual grants, MintPress revealed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) had made over $300 million worth of donations to fund media projects.

Recipients of this cash include many of America’s most important news outlets, including CNN, NBC, NPR, PBS and The Atlantic. Gates also sponsors a myriad of influential world wide organisations, including the BBC, The Guardian, The Financial Times and The Daily Telegraph in the UK; prominent European newspapers such as Le Monde (France), Der Spiegel (Germany) and El País (Spain); as well as big global broadcasters like Al-Jazeera.

Added together, these Gates-sponsored media projects come to a total of $319.4 million. (source)

However, there are clear shortcomings with this non-exhaustive list, meaning the true figure is undoubtedly far higher. First, it does not count sub-grants — money given by recipients to media around the world (source).

Gates Control of Academia

Also not included are grants aimed at producing articles for academic journals. While these articles are not meant for mass consumption, they regularly form the basis for stories in the mainstream press and help shape narratives around key issues.

The Gates Foundation has given far and wide to academic sources, with at least $13.6 million going toward creating content for the prestigious medical journal The Lancet. And, of course, even money given to universities for purely research projects eventually ends up in academic journals, and ultimately, downstream into mass media. Academics are under heavy pressure to print their results in prestigious journals; “publish or perish” is the mantra in university departments.

Therefore, even these sorts of grants have an effect on our media. Neither these nor grants funding the printing of books or establishment of websites counted in the total, although they too are forms of media (source).

Gates the Philanthropist

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also granted funds to organisations engaged in developing vaccines as a part of its global development programme:

  • $957,000,000 to GAVI Alliance based in Geneva.
  • $755,210,000 to the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International in 2007.
  • $750,000,000 to again to the GAVI Campaign in 1999 under its global development programme which aims to develop vaccines, deliver and administer them to children in underdeveloped countries.
  • $750,000,000 to the Global Fund to fight Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria in 2011. “The basic aim behind the release of this fund is to see a HIV free world.”
  • $682,305,429 pledged to the World Health Organization (WHO) for its Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI). Granted in 2008, the grant sanctioned was focused in intensifying the eradication initiative, particularly in the regions of Africa and Asia.

The 20-1 Return

However, this is not as charitable as it may seem, remember, GAVI is a Gates organisation, funding the WHO also benefits Gates and allows him to have influence in health decisions.

Additionally, investing in global health organisations aimed at increasing access to vaccines created a 20-to-1 return in economic benefit” according to Gates in an interview with CNBC.

Over the past two decades, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated “a bit more than $10 billion” into mainly three groups: the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.” CNBCreported from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

We feel there’s been over a 20-to-1 return,” yielding $200 billion over those 20 or so years,” Gates told CNBC’s Becky Quick on “Squawk Box .

Vaccinate through Food

As if this return was not enough Gates could increase his profits through vaccinating through our food. “Gates, the WHO, a ton of these universities: they’re all talking about including mRNA vaccinations as part of the food. They’re going to modify the genes of these foods to make them mRNA vaccines,” warned attorney Tom Renz.

This has been in the pipeline since 2013, an article in the NIH  discusses foods ‘under application’ to be genetically modified to become edible vaccines.

Vaccination Through Mosquitoes

If that does not get you vaccinated, in 2021 Bill Gates thought of another way, and teamed up with the NIH to create “an army of genetically modified mosquitoes to vaccinate people against their will.” In a National Institutes of Health-funded study, a box of genetically modified mosquitoes successfully immunized a human against malaria (NIH).

“The study involved about 200 hungry mosquitoes biting a human subject’s arm. Human participants placed their arms directly over a small box full of the bloodsuckers,” The Counter Signal reports.

“Are we to trust that these “small flying syringes” won’t be used to vaccinate the masses against their will?” asked Prepare for Change, who claim that “Genetically modified mosquitoes have already been released in several locations, courtesy of Bill Gates.” What Could Go Wrong?

Gates Foundation commits $200M to digital ID and other public infrastructure

Once you are vaccinated, Gates wants proof of it on a digital ID. UN Sustainable Developement Goal 16.9 sets aims to have universal legal identities by 2030, efforts to meet that goal have been tied to digital identity programs around the world, in large part due to the obvious impracticality of registering a billion people without ID to legacy analog systems, and the limited value of any such system (source). Naturally, Gates had to have his fingers in this pie.

Gates even Funded Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers who developed a clandestine way to record your vaccination history: storing the data in a pattern of dye or tattoo ink, invisible to the naked eye, that is slipped under the skin hidden in your vaccine.

“This technology could enable the rapid and anonymous detection of patient vaccination history to ensure that every child is vaccinated,” says Kevin McHugh, a former MIT postdoc who is now an assistant professor of bioengineering at Rice University, (source).

He could also watch us all succumb to the risks that he has proposed for us all, Gates planned to install 24/7 surveillance of the entire world with yet another venture he was involved in that planned to deploy a “constellation” of advanced imaging satellites. This would provide “real-time, continuous video of almost anywhere on Earth. In other words: non stop video surveillance of the entire world” (source).

A Gates Venture Aimed to Spray Dust into The Atmosphere To Block The Sun.

Gates was “financially backing the development of sun-dimming technology that would potentially reflect sunlight out of Earth’s atmosphere, triggering a global cooling effect.” Forbes revealed, “What Could Go Wrong?” they asked.

And, what could go wrong with his idea that we should all start eating synthetic beef? Gates thinks “You can get used to the taste difference,” and says they’re going to make it taste even better over time. “Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can sort of change the [behavior of] people or use regulation to totally shift the demand.” (source)


Perhaps we should let Gates try it out over his own land first, since he is after all “the largest owner of farmland in the United States by quietly buying up massive plots across the county.” according to The Land Report, who add that “Gates’ portfolio comprises about 242,000 acres of farmland and nearly 27,000 acres of other land across 19 states,

The Whistle on Gates and Gavi Global Health Dictatorship Has Been Blown by WHO Insider

Gates and his organisation are in fact in every venture that seems to be attempting to affect the human population in what looks to be an unnatural way at best and at times his ideas are deadly, but he still gets away with it.

Gates dictatorial actions were revealed in July 2020 by Astrid Stuckelberger, a WHO insider, who gave her testimony to the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee and said that Bill Gates’ GAVI is actually the organisation that is directing the WHO.

Stuckelberger cites various anomalies surrounding GAVI’s presence at the WHO and says that GAVI, a non-profit organization, has received diplomatic immunity, meaning that it is tax exempt *(source).

In addition GAVI has total immunity, which prevents the police from investigating in case they are implicated in any scandal according to Stuckelberger, who adds that in 2017, Bill Gates had even “actually requested to be a part of WHO’s executive board, just like a member state, because “he gives them so much money” (source).

Sinister Agenda

Now that his money has afforded him the status of a one man “member state” an article that was written in 2013 entitled “Is Bill Gates using Epicyte gene to control population of poor?” has become even more alarming that it was then. The Deacon Herald (DHNS) reported:

There is a growing fear that eugenics is being used for the purpose of population control – to get rid of sections of the world population that are ‘surplus to requirements’. [….] “Billionaire Bill Gates has pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to improve access to contraception in the developing world.

Based on the premise that the world is getting overpopulated, fewer people means elites and the better off can reduce the competition for the resources they covert so much and maintain their current high levels of material consumption.

Gates has also purchased shares in Monsanto valued at more than $23 million. His agenda is to help Monsanto get their genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into Africa on a grand scale.

In 2001, Monsanto and Du Pont bought a small biotech company called Epicyte that had created a gene that makes the male sperm sterile. In the US, GM foods are already on the market and unlabeled. US citizens have no idea what could be in their food. …Food has now become a weaponised to secure global dominance. (source).

The “Good” Club

Talking of eugenics, (yes I was) do you remember this? A meeting  was held on May 5, 2009 organised by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and David Rockefeller Jr – and was held at the residence of the Rockefeller University president, Sir Paul Nurse, on the campus of the Manhattan medical school (source).

The group consisting of 14 billionaires was named Good Club and was a gathering of some of the most powerful people in the world to apparently share their history of their philanthropic capitalism and discuss a range of things they were working on.”Source.

The Times reported, “they discussed how they might settle on an “umbrella cause” that could harness their interests.Taking their cue from Gates, a consensus emerged that they would back a strategy in which population growth would be tackled as a potentially disastrous environmental, social and industrial threat. “It was, in some ways, a summit to save the world.source

Most of these billionaires have a history of spending large sums of money on reducing population numbers and population growth. Several are quoted as proposing drastic population reductions“.source and source

Could it be that there “plans” have been playing out ever since that meeting?

The Real Power Behind the Curtain

What we do know is that the ideas that Bill Gates has had and the fact he exerts undue influence over global health has consistently been denied and dismissed as a conspiracy theories, but as with so many other things, these “conspiracy theories” turn out to be facts more often than not (source).

The selection of Gates “ventures” above are in the public domain were many more reside, no doubt there are far more ventures that have been kept hidden, although, amazingly, no one blinks an eyelid at his schemes anyway.

We can see that Gates has had ideas for a long time,and despite the fact Gates is not a doctor or scientist, and therefore unqualified to make health recommendation., he has never been elected to represent the public, but none of this matters, as he is a billionaire, and has used his wealth, influence and sheer shrewdness to get him into a position where he can dictate global health policy for his own satisfaction and financial benefit.”

He certainly seems to have a desire for power, and control, and has managed to exert influence over numerous areas that pose risks, harm and suffering to the public enabled by providing substantial financial contributions to health organisations worldwide. This financial leverage allows him to shape their decision-making processes.

Notably, his own organisations and the WHO are among the primary beneficiaries of these donations. Therefore, this is not philanthropy, this is not charity, this is Bill Gates buying massive political influence to bring about his desires.

This a one man nation state, this is oligarchy. Gates exhibits traits of a dictator and is certainly the man behind the curtain attempting to control the masses with his ideology.

We must ask the question Why has one man been able to exert so much power and control over the world?

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