Human Trafficking, Children, and Forced Immigration as a State Plan of Wealth, Perversion, Labor, and Societal Division

Human Trafficking, Children, and Forced Immigration as a State Plan of Wealth, Perversion, Labor, and Societal Division

Gary D. Barnett |

“People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos, is because things are being loved and people are being used.” ~ Unknown author

One of the greatest problems facing humanity in this supposed ‘modern’ age, is the phenomenon of compartmentalization of the mind, which is a ‘learned’ (imbedded) trait due to brainwashing and indoctrination, usually at the hands of those rulers, politicians, and controlled media, seeking to confuse and control the masses. This can be illustrated by understanding the proverbial idiom, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” By concentrating on all the minutia, by focusing only on the details and secondary issues, even though possibly vitally important, one will invariably miss the big picture. Usually, everything done at the State level, is planned, done purposely, and meant to reach a particular outcome in order to pursue a particular agenda. In most cases, the smoke and mirrors of the narrative are meant to confuse by narrowly concentrating perception, so as to divert attention from the reality of the true plot. Therefore, most all State efforts are embroiled in conspiracy.

The horror of human trafficking, and the overwhelming confusion about mass ‘immigration,’ (as well as most every other tyranny being committed by the State) has succumbed to this line of thinking, and this has vastly confused the apathetic collective herd concerning the most important issues facing them. It is imperative for sanity’s sake, to understand that every single thing happening in this global takeover coup is related. Nothing really stands on its own. In order to be truly informed, one must believe absolutely nothing, question everything, and always look to find the ultimate agenda. Anything less can only lead to being directed, and fully manipulated, toward a particular event, problem, or feigned emergency, while remaining  oblivious to the real threat. This is how the State’s false narratives can sustain support, while the collective crowd remains clueless as to the actual agenda being sought. Any partial truth whatsoever coming from the evil tyrants and their mouthpieces, is only used to solidify all their lies.

All human trafficking is a heinous crime to be sure, and exposes the vile and wicked nature of using humans as commodities to be exploited against their will. Much, if not most, of this trafficking, is concentrated against children; trafficking that is a vile and depraved human atrocity. This is of course slavery in its truest sense, but it is not given the same attention and scrutiny as is the American slavery of the past. This is likely so because it does not present the same advantages to the race-baiting crowd, and those holding political power, who use it to advance nefarious agendas. In addition, many of the most powerful in politics, many of those who have gained much fame as celebrities, many of the super-rich, certain corporate moguls and bankers, and many other powerful people, as well as the most perverted in this cabal, use child trafficking for their own benefit. As sick as this is, it must be understood if this diabolical practice is to be stopped.

Trafficking in general, and child trafficking in particular, are multi-faceted crimes against humanity. It is used to gain wealth, as it produces tens of billions of dollars (or much more) in profit each year. It is also a vehicle that leads to massive political blackmail, guaranteeing the complicity of all those in power. Many, especially children, are used for organ and blood harvest, this to satisfy organ transplant markets, and possible other sickening uses for the blood of children. This is also a source for forced labor worldwide, which affects captured adults and children. In addition, much of the trafficking of children is specifically for perverted sexual exploitation. This is not just insanely immoral, it is big business.

We are now here in the U.S., facing a purposely-created immigration catastrophe. This is by design, plotted and planned for a very long period, and it is happening worldwide as well. This evil immigration policy serves many purposes, including the dividing of this ignorant populace, and all are criminal and very deceitful. This is not a left against right issue, as both sides are fully involved, and have been complicit in this scam from the beginning. The red side screams about building walls and stopping so-called ‘illegal’ immigration, while the blue side ramps up this plot to flood this country with planted immigrants. Both sides have allowed this plot to take place for many years, and this has become a very contentious issue among these so-called competing slime; knowingly of course. It creates mass division, just as is the plan, and allows for more control over ‘society.’ This tactic instills aggression, hatred, and criminal activity, that undermines any peaceful ‘society.’ It causes great economic strain as well, due to many factors. At the same time, it creates great wealth for those who run and use the human trafficking trade, and all the other perverted scum involved, because it allows many more innocent, unescorted, and parentless children, to be purposely brought into this country. At this time, it is ‘reported’ that 350,000 are coming in annually just in the U.S. alone, and over just the last two years, 85,000 children have been disappeared. My guess is that these numbers are by design greatly underestimated, and of course, trafficked children are not just immigrants.

These numbers are positively far undercounted, as much of the human trafficking barbarity is underground. The ‘covid’ response, which was set up long in advance of any conspired ‘pandemic,’ caused even more underground activity, which means more brutal and violent kidnappings, with much hidden from view, and the State certainly supported this heinous practice.

There are quite a few more now discussing this issue, in movies and elsewhere in the alternative media, but beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. This is not a new phenomenon, as it has been going on for decades, and has been exposed in the past, but in most cases, it has been set aside or ignored, in order to hide the truth. What is happening today, has shed more light on this evil, but it is actually getting worse every day, while continually being covered up by political masquerading. This is where the use of political trickery, lies, and fake ’emergencies,’ helps to conceal the truth, by creating smoke-screens in order to divert attention to many different areas at once. This is where trafficking, immigration, and emergencies collide, and allow the real truth to be spread so thin as to remove it from view. In fact, by the time you read this, other feigned ‘threats’ or false flags will certainly have been reported by the mainstream; a constant tactic of this cult.

This is also tied to the fake ‘covid’ scam, as due to the intentional psychological and economic devastation during that period, human trafficking greatly increased. This was no accident, and certainly this was an intended consequence, as State-sponsored terrorism is never accidental, coincidental, or unplanned. The wicked and immoral consequences of these policies were not any surprise to the ruling class. This was fully expected and embraced.

When the intentional destruction of Lahaina in Maui, Hawaii  happened this August, another likely plotted false flag event, approximately 2,000 children went missing. How could this be, and how is it tied to the government-involved trafficking of children? The police and government in Maui turned their heads, and some, if not many U.S. Border patrol agents, as reported this week, also turn their heads and allow these children at our border to be loaded on vans and hauled away. As you can see, everything is connected, and while this blinded population looks in many different directions, the main agenda of global takeover and enslavement gains strength by the day. In this case, trafficking, immigration, and ’emergency’ planning are all connected, but if one simply looks at the parts and not the big picture, much will be missed.

The tragedy of child trafficking, all trafficking in fact, is horrendous, and the evil inflicted on these innocents is beyond imagination. But do not be fooled by any concentration on one or another incident, without putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Everything is connected, and being used for different purposes, but all is leading to the same end of total global control. That is the big picture. Human trafficking has to be stopped, but never lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Above all we should not forget that government is an evil, a usurpation upon the private judgement and individual conscience of mankind.” William Godwin

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