Israel Gives Itself Permission to Exterminate 2 Million Palestinians (West Applauds)

Israel Gives Itself Permission to Exterminate 2 Million Palestinians (West Applauds)

Henry Makow

"Israel has a right to defend itself" - People who say this are justifying genocide. Israel has already exacted revenge. Time for a ceasefire. The Hamas attack was contrived by Netanyahu to justify ethnic cleansing.

Israelis should Lay the blame where it belongs -on Netanyahu. Obviously, he deliberately sacrificed 1,000 innocent Israelis. His hate-filled policies drove Palestinians to this desperate and deplorable act.

Gaza 'will soon be a tent city' says Israeli official as IDF launches 250 airstrikes in one hour into 'Nest of Terror' and 'infantry, artillery and 300,000 reservists' mass on the border 'ready to execute' ground offensive

An Israeli defense official told Channel 13 News that Gaza will become a 'tent city', as the country's defense minister said he has 'released all restraints.'  It comes as IDF spokesperson said troops and artillery are close to Gaza in preparation for a ground invasion 'to execute the mission we have been given.'


Israeli Peace Activist Shai Danon Tells Icke He's Interviewed Israelis In Military "The Border Was Crossed at 16 points by Trucks, Tractors, 10 Settlements Ambushed--Israelis Feel "Stench Of Betrayal"

Calls Those Running The Operation a "Sabbatean Cult" That Takes Orders from the Club of Rome, with population control as the goal, and says Israelis are FINALLY beginning to get it.

At 46 min into this conversation: Could this be why the military-aged (immigrants) men have been flooding the western countries, as sleeper cells?

I always thought it strange that the plandemic was so severe and yet so many from these countries, where the (immigrants) came from, weren't given the jab. So they'd be fit and healthy to be the UN Army when the time came? So much deception, so much chaos!"


Gaza: Over 1,000 buildings destroyed, 123,000 displaced
Israel's bombardment of Gaza in response to a surprise attack by Palestinian militants has dealt a significant blow to civilian infrastructure in the enclave, with more than 1,000 buildings completely or partially destroyed.

Image: Palestinian rescuers work at the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip on October 9, 2023, after Israeli strikes




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Satanist Jews like Netanyahu have been sacrificing Ordinary Jews for a Long Time "Burnt Offering" - Satanist Jews Sacrificed Ordinary Jews

“Burnt Offering” - Satanist Jews Sacrificed Ordinary Jews
(Zionist leader Rudolf Kastner 1906-1957, helped Adolf Eichmann ship 460,000 Budapest Jews to Auschwitz )The goyim have been brainwashed to believe that Jews are innocent victims of gentile persecution and bigotry. They are not told that Jews are the victims of other Jews -- the Sabbatean (Illuminat…