The Gain of Function (GOF) Lab Leaked Bioweapon Story is Pure Science Fiction

The Gain of Function (GOF) Lab Leaked Bioweapon Story is Pure Science Fiction

Patricia Harrity

Simon Lee, Science Officer, Anew UK 

Post 9/11 fear porn sets the scene

Post 9/11, bioweapons became a major concern pushed by the mainstream media with scary stories about labs genetically modifying “viruses” in order to make them more lethal. We were encouraged to believe that terrorists might unleash a deadly contagious viral plague upon the world.

This was amidst the apparent use of a very real anthrax bioweapon. Anthrax is a bacterial disease as opposed to a “viral” disease. This is a very important distinction because unlike “viruses”, bacteria do actually structurally exist and so do have the potential to cause disease and the potential to be weaponised.

Although the simplistic one germ one disease theory is too reductionist, and person to person transmission of bacterial disease has been greatly exaggerated, i do not completely reject all aspects of germ theory as some people do. It’s important to understand that germ and terrain theory are not completely mutually exclusive and certain aspects of both may be true.

However, fictional viruses are another story entirely. Since the introduction of SARS in 2003 other fake viral epidemics have been used to strategically prime the masses for the main event with “SARS-CoV-2”.

The main event

Virologists have claimed that the “coronavirus” probably resulted from regular contact between humans and animals, possibly in connection with wet markets in Wuhan, China, which is where the “virus” was first reported.

Initially, the lab origin narrative was censored, but this has now become the mainstream narrative. This alone should be enough to make critical thinkers suspicious about the voracity of this story, which has all the hallmarks of a limited hangout.

Many scientists and politicians are now demanding an investigation to determine whether “SARS-CoV-2” could have accidentally leaked from a lab or crossed into humans during collection or storage of samples. The Wuhan Institute of Virology is in the firing line because it is where “related bat coronaviruses have been extensively studied”.

No virologist has ever properly purified and isolated the particles that they assume to be “viruses” directly from a sick person and then proven them to be pathogenic. Therefore, it should be obvious that if these “virus” particles do not even exist, then it is impossible to genetically modify these fictional entities in a lab in order to create a contagious bioweapon.

This simple logic appears to have escaped many people who believe that “SARS-CoV-2” must have been developed in a lab and unleashed upon the world in order to create a new contagious disease and a global pandemic.

The people who believe the lab leak story seem to be ignoring some simple facts. None of the symptoms associated with “Covid-19” are new, unique, or specific, so there simply is no new disease. “Covid-19” is just a rebranding of old diseases and symptoms. There is no proof of transmission and/or contagion except for a few highly flawed epidemiological studies.

There was never any need to create a “virus” bioweapon when all that was needed to control the masses was relentless propaganda and a fraudulent PCR test.

There is no new “virus”, no new disease, no contagious bioweapon, and there has been no pandemic. It is pure science fiction based on pseudoscientific cell culture and genomic experiments.

Those that have been fooled by the GOF/Bioweapon narrative, seem not to be aware that there is no evidence of any purified and isolated viral particles ever coming directly from human samples that have proven pathogenic in a natural way.

Virology can not dispute this. If they can not find a “virus” in nature, they can not modify one in a lab. It’s that simple.

What is Gain of Function (GOF)?

Gain of function (GOF) refers to any modification that increases a pathogen’s ability to cause disease or spread from host to host. This is allegedly done to “viruses” by altering cell culture material in a lab, combined with genomic sequencing.

GOF research done in the laboratory has been described as being a “proactive” approach to understand what will eventually happen in nature.

Viral GOF studies are nothing more than the exact same cell culture experiments using the exact same genomic sequencing technologies and tricks that virologists always use. The only difference is that they are combining different culture supernatant and genetic materials together into one, in order to create a brand new artificial computer-generated sequence.

At no stage are any purified/isolated particles ever used in these studies. In fact, there are no EM images of the new “virus”. The same pattern of pseudoscientific methods coupled with illogical reasoning, that apply to the original virology papers, also apply to GOF studies.

It is interesting to note how the definition of the word “virus” has changed over the years. The modern definition is that viruses are “infectious agents of a small size and simple composition that can multiply only in living cells of animals, plants, or bacteria” whereas the older definition taken from Latin means simply “liquid poison”.

GOF studies are not creating “viruses” in the modern sense of the word, instead they are creating liquid poison cell culture soups that are not infectious or contagious. These cell culture soups can not be transmitted through the air and so can only potentially cause harm if they are injected.

GOF studies and the bioweapon narrative are a limited hangout designed to keep people believing in the lies of virology. Fear of an invisible enemy that can be unleashed upon the world, either accidentally or intentionally, at a moments notice, is an effective method of controlling the masses.

All that is required is that people continue to believe that “viruses” exist and that they can be manipulated in a lab to make them more deadly.

Animal torture

GOF involves culturing toxic material, injecting animals with the toxic concoctions, killing them and grinding up their remains, and then injecting this toxic soup into other animals in an attempt to make them sick. These kinds of horrific experiment have been a part of virology since the very beginning.

During GOF studies, the researchers look for subjective signs of illness in lab animals and when certain subjective thresholds are reached the animals are then killed. These subjective signs often are unrelated to the human disease supposedly being studied, for example fur loss in mice is taken as evidence that the mouse has “covid”. This allows for fatality rates due to the imaginary “virus” to be artificially inflated.

The high fatality rates are a subjective assessment based on an arbitrary scoring system, leading to animals being killed unnecessarily, and their deaths being blamed on the “virus”.

Other causes of illness, such as the harsh experimental conditions the animals are exposed to, are completely ignored and are not controlled for in accordance with the scientific method.

Fake viral genomes

Researchers claim they now use advanced molecular technologies, such as reverse genetics, which allow them to produce de novo recombinant “viruses” from cloned cDNA. In reality, they mix genetic material from different sources, inject this toxic soup into lab animals thereby making them sick or killing them, and then analyze the resulting mixture on computers and claim that the computer model is a new real world viral creation.

They create consensus sequences through alignment to reference genomes, using computer software and algorithms, from unpurified material.

Using these pseudoscientific genomic methods means that virologists can’t sequence the exact same “virus” every time. Rather than admitting that the methodology is seriously flawed and unreproducible, virologists claim that “viruses” naturally “mutate” every time an individual is infected.

Researchers use targeted host or “viral” genome modification using small interfering RNA or the bacterial CRISPR-associated protein-9 nuclease as an editing tool for GOF experiments.

These studies are sometimes nothing more than comparisons of genomic sequence data. There is never a “virus” involved in the study at all, just the random A,C,T,G’s displayed on a computer screen as a proxy for an actual “virus”. Many of these studies even fail to explain how these genomic sequences were obtained.

They are doing nothing more than looking at computer data, rather than anything that physically exists in the real world. Data accumulation and analysis is not science as per the scientific method.

The virus believers preach to their faithful flocks

The false narrative that the “virus,” was created through secretive GOF research, and must have either accidentally leaked from the lab, or was deliberately released for nefarious purposes, is now being pushed by many people.

This false narrative is being championed by people who, apparently, have never questioned the lack of scientific evidence for the existence of “viruses.” For those who have studied this topic in detail, it is absolutely clear that the gain of function/bioweapon/lab leak narrative is fear-based bait, used to hook those questioning the official pharma storyline back into the broader lies of the medical-industrial complex.

Unfortunately, this false narrative is now being heavily promoted by influential people within the so called “freedom” movement. These people have gained the trust of many by preaching about the dangers of the vaccines and toxic pharma drugs, as well being opposed to the draconian measures that took away our freedoms and rights.

Yet, in spite of this opposition to draconian measures, they continue to push the idea that there are deadly transmissible invisible particles floating about, that can cause disease, thus necessitating these very same measures. Many are sticking to this narrative in spite of the overwhelming evidence that it has no basis in fact.

Since there are no “viruses”, there was and never will be, any need for any of the various draconian measures forced upon the public in the name of a “pandemic”. It seems self evident to me that understanding this concept is crucial, so that nobody falls for the fake virus pseudopandemic trick again.

One way that pushers of the virus lies try to defend their belief in these fictional entities is by reference to genetic engineering and GOF studies. They insist, that this is proof that “viruses” do indeed exist. This position is scientifically invalid and should be rejected no matter what trust has been built up by a commentator on other issues.  

In order to manipulate any “virus,” the “virus” in question must be scientifically proven to exist first. This has not been done once in over 100 years of virology.

In reality, what this GOF research involves is generating the same toxic cell-cultured soups used in regular virology studies but using even more synthetic additives thereby making them even more lethal to the lab animals that are unnaturally injected with, or exposed to the toxic soups.

No “virus” is ever properly purified, isolated, and scientifically demonstrated to exist, to act as an independent variable, in these experiments which is in violation of the scientific method. These “virus” particles are just assumed to exist within the sample using fraudulent PCR results.

However, none of this has deterred some people in a position of influence from pushing this bioweapon/lab leak narrative to their audience, and it seems like a large proportion of their audience actually believe it.

Here are a few examples of the statements made by those in a position of influence pushing this bioweapon/lab leak narrative to their audience:

“Their conclusion: SARS-CoV-2 came out of nature. My conclusion: it definitely was a lab leak.” Steve Kirsch

“The totality of evidence available today is indeed best explained by the lab origin hypothesis.”Jeremy Hammond

“This gave cover for Dr. Fauci, the NIAID, DTRA and the NIH to ignore the ban on gain-of-function research and continue with this research. As we now know, that is how SARS-CoV-2 was created and then accidentally released on the Chinese people. At least we hope it was accident.” Dr Robert Malone 

“The willingness of U.S. authorities to cover up the origin of SARS-CoV-2 means that countries can now assault us with bioweapons indefinitely, with full impunity.” Dr. Joseph Mercola

“I am now under the belief that this is a man-made virus.” Del Bigtree

“The world now has proof positive that SARS-CoV2 is an engineered laboratory creation generated with technology developed by Ralph Baric with U.S. government funding.” Robert Kennedy Jr.

Is it really feasible that billions was spent on GOF research to produce a bioweapon with the same symptoms that are commonly seen every single year? Billions spent to cause a mild flu with a 99% survival rate, that specifically targets the elderly, infirm, frail, and vulnerable?

The “evidence”

Often cited as proof of the bioweapon narrative are the “leaked” Fauci GOF emails from June 2021. Leaving an email trail with the heading “Coronavirus bioweapon production method” doesn’t make much logical sense. It is highly likely that these emails have been doctored or are fake, created with the full intention of them being “leaked” at the right time.

Another piece of “evidence” for the lab-leak/bioweapon narrative is a grant proposal that EcoHealth Alliance filed with Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. Obtaining funding for research is not proof that the research is valid, that the researchers can do what they claim, or that the research was actually carried out. Fauci has a history of funding “do nothing” research dating back to the 1980s.

NIH Principal Deputy Director Lawrence Tabak specifically stated in a letter to the US congress that the research conducted did not meet the definition of GOF nor could the experiments have resulted in “SARS-COV-2” due to the unrelated “genomes” of the “viruses” studied.

“Leaked” Fauci emails, grant proposals, and letters to Congress all fail to meet the basic scientific evidence needed to prove the existence of a lab made “SARS-COV-2.” This is not very credible evidence for the lab-leak/bioweapon narrative but many people seem to believe it.

There are no scientific publications showing that any GOF experiments ever occurred that resulted in “SARS-COV-2″.

Money trails, “leaked” emails, grants, and letters to Congress are distractions from the deeper underlying lack of scientific validation for virology.

The GOF/bioweapon narrative is a red herring used to keep people in a chronic state of fear of a potential biological terrorist attack. It is a smokescreen for the uninformed to dissuade them from digging deeper. It seems to be working.

Robert Kennedy Jr.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is a very high profile believer in the GOF lab leak bioweapon narrative. He considers himself not to be “anti-vax” but actually advocates for “safer” vaccines rather than eliminating vaccination altogether. On the other hand, he has done some good by exposing the true nature of Anthony Fauci to the public:

“As director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci dispenses $6.1 billion in annual taxpayer-provided funding for rigged scientific research, allowing him to dictate the subject, content, and outcome of scientific health research across the globe—truly a dark agenda. Fauci uses the financial clout at his disposal in a back handed manner to wield extraordinary influence over hospitals, universities, journals, and thousands of influential doctors and scientists—whose careers and institutions he has the power to ruin, advance, or reward in an authoritarian manner.” – Robert Kennedy Jr. The Real Anthony Fauci

During the AIDS crisis, Fauci enabled fraudulent “do-nothing” studies, and then pressured US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators into approving the deadly chemotherapy agent AZT, which he knew was useless against AIDS. Fauci repeatedly violated federal laws allowing his Pharma cronies to use poor and dark-skinned children as lab rats in deadly experiments with toxic AIDS drugs and cancer chemotherapies.

In early 2000, Fauci embarked on a partnership with Bill gates that enabled them to control an increasingly profitable $60 billion global vaccine business with unlimited growth potential. By cultivating personal relationships with heads of state and leading media and social media companies, the Pharma-Fauci-Gates alliance now has dominion over global health policy.

Strangely, despite Robert Kennedy Jr. uncovering Fauci’s funding of “fraudulent do-nothing studies” with regards to HIV in the 1980’s, he is now pushing the narrative that Fauci has recently been funding GOF studies that are supposedly not “fraudulent do-nothing” studies. It seems not to have occurred to him that the GOF studies may also be “fraudulent do-nothing” studies with a paper trail purposely created for people to find.

Robert Kennedy Jr. has claimed that he is not qualified to be sure if “viruses” actually exist as he is not a scientist. He has nonetheless decided that they do exist without doing any independent research of his own. However, he does regard himself qualified enough to understand the science behind GOF research in order to sell the narrative of Fauci creating deadly “viruses” in Wuhan labs.

Vested interests

It is clear that there is a concerted effort by many in positions of influence to divert anyone questioning the “viral” paradigm down the bioweapon/gain of function path, in spite of the lack of any credible scientific evidence supporting it.

Why have seemingly intelligent people embraced the fear-based bioweapon narrative, but are unwilling to question the foundational evidence for the existence of fictional “viruses”? The most likely explanation is that many of these people have vested interests.

Steve Kirsch is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF) at the beginning of the “pandemic”. This team is comprised of experts from a wide range of fields including medicine, technology, philanthropy, and business. They have become the world’s leading fund that focuses on early treatments for “COVID-19” that leverage repurposed drugs. Not surprisingly he is a vociferous virus believer and preacher.

Dr Robert Malone holds numerous patents in the fields of gene delivery, delivery formulations, DNA vaccines, and mRNA vaccines. Since January 2020, he has been leading a large team focused on clinical research design, drug development, computer modeling, and mechanisms of action of repurposed drugs for the treatment of “COVID-19”. Entirely by coincidence he is also a virus believer and preacher.

Virus cultist Jeremy Hammond has proposed nitric oxide, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, Quercetin with Zinc, and vitamin D3 as “covid” treatments. Conveniently, these can be purchased at his online shop. Dr. Joseph Mercola also sells similar products online.

Questioning the lack of scientific evidence for the existence of “viruses” is either met with angry hit-pieces by Steve Kirsch and Jeremy Hammond, excuses like the public not being ready to go down the “virus” rabbit hole by Del Bigtree, attempts to convince people that questioning the existence of “viruses” will damage the “truth” movement as suggested by Dr Mercola, or claims of lack of scientific credentials as seen in the case of Robert Kennedy Jr..

These people will write articles and books to warn the public about the threat of these GOF experiments but they will not examine the foundational evidence for the alleged existence of “viruses”.

They apparently, fail to read the GOF studies or put any critical thought into whether or not the results and conclusions are scientifically valid. They just report on them as though they are true and use the conclusions to boost their fear-based message about the threat of viral bioweapons.


Proponents of the false bioweapon and false virus narrative often gain peoples trust by condemning the “vaccines” and the draconian measures implemented during the pseudopandemic. However, their belief in these fictional genetically engineered particles allows them to justify the need to find “safer” vaccines or to sell alternative pharmaceutical treatments.

In reality, there is no need for any treatment, nor is there such a thing as a “safer” alternative as there was never a “virus” causing a new disease to begin with. The promotion of this fraudulent concept keeps the fear-based propaganda going and lures people back into the web of lies. This may be intentional or it may be unintentional depending on the individual and their vested interests.

Only once a “virus” has been put through a rigorous process to scientifically prove its existence could it then be  genetically engineered to make it more lethal. Only then would GOF studies and a bioweapon/lab leak origin for any “virus” be hypothetically possible. This scientific process has never once been performed in over 100 years of virology.

The “virus” particles must be proven to exist first. They can not just be assumed to exist. This is straightforward simple logic that is somehow lost on many commentators and their followers.

“Anyone looking at virology openly and honestly will come to the conclusion that this burden has never been met for any “virus.” All one has to do is to pick a “virus” and look to the evidence from the foundational paper presented to see whether or not this is the case. I have done this work for the last 5 years. I have read the original studies to see if the researchers ever fulfilled the scientific requirements. Many of my peers have done the same. Because of this, we all came to the very same conclusion that the scientific evidence for the existence of any “virus” simply does not exist. Thus, we speak on this topic not from ignorance but from knowledge.”

Mike Stone

A good scientist would never just blindly stand “on the shoulders of giants”. A good scientist checks to see if the giants were actually right to begin with. A good scientist practices their craft adhering to the motto “nullius in verba” or in other words, they take nobodies word at face value and they check the evidence for themselves.

If the “virus” believers were to stop promoting science fiction and learn to understand real science, they would realise that the truth about the lack of scientific evidence for “viruses” does not hinder the health freedom movement but instead strengthens it greatly.

Once they understand that “viruses” do not exist and so can not be engineered as bioweapons, they will understand that there is no need for the toxic practice of vaccination at all. They will also reject any potentially toxic alternative pharmaceutical treatments.

Realising that contagious “viruses” do not exist strengthens the message against completely illogical and entirely unnecessary lockdowns, quarantines, social-distancing, masking, etc.

Arguing from a position of knowledge and strength, rather than a position of ignorance and half truths, puts the onus back on those making the claims to prove that they are correct in accordance with the scientific method.

This allows people to completely escape from the fear-based sick cycle system of the toxic pharmaceutical paradigm which has never been about good health and longevity.

It’s time to reject the science fiction, to stop spreading fear, and to demand that real science should be carried out. This can only happen if people are willing to be intellectually honest.

Its time for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about “viruses”.


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