MP Andrew Bridgen Debates Excess Deaths in Parliament | 20 Out Of 650 MPs Showed Up

MP Andrew Bridgen Debates Excess Deaths in Parliament | 20 Out Of 650 MPs Showed Up

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A talk to the public outside Bridgen gave afterwards —

MP Andrew Bridgen Debates Excess Deaths in Parliament, 20th October 2023


Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire, after nine months of petitioning and more than 20 refusals, secured an adjournment debate in Parliament. Today the 20th of October for the first time in the UK Parliament we saw him discuss the catastrophic number of excess deaths that have occurred since January  2021.

Due to a strategic move made by the government, it was suspected that not many MPs would be in attendance as the debate had been scheduled for a Friday. and although the House of Parliament can seat 650 members, there were approximately less than 20 MPs present for this extremely important issue.

Considering many letters from constituents were sent to MPs across the country asking that they attend the debate, this shameful turnout shows that some MPs forget they are only in their role to represent the people, and they are therefore, supposed to work for us.

Nevertheless, as Andrew Bridgen stood to speak, the support from the British public was palpable. Loud cheers were heard from the crowds outside in support of the only politician in the UK to continually highlight the excessive deaths that both the government and the media have chosen to ignore.


Bridgen began by stating that “we’ve experienced more excess deaths since 2021, than in the whole of 2020. Unlike the pandemic, however, these deaths are not disproportionately of the old.”

“In other words”, he said, the excessive deaths are striking down people in the prime of life, but no one seems to care. I fear history will not judge this house kindly. Worse still to a country that is committed to free and frank exchange of views, it appears that no one cares that no one cares.”

The media have let the British public down badly according to Andrew Bridgen, and he suspects that they will let the public down again by ignoring the debate today.

“You might think a debate about excess deaths is going to be full of numbers, but this speech does not have that many numbers, because most of the important numbers have been kept hidden.Other data has oddly presented in a distorted way, and concerned people seeking to highlight important findings and ask questions have found themselves inexplicably under attack.”

There was so much fear of excess deaths from that which was termed “COVID-19” However, Bridgen said that,

“Today we have substantially more excess deaths and in younger people, and there’s complete and eerie silence

“The evidence is unequivocal that there was a clear increase in mortality following the vaccine rollout,”Andrew Bidgen told the House, explaining also, that “There was a reprieve in the winter 2021/22 because there were fewer than expected respiratory deaths, but otherwise the excess has been incessantly and this high level.”

Some Key Points Made

  • Ambulance calls for life-threatening emergencies ranged from a steady 2,000 calls per day until the vaccine rollout, from then it rose to 2,500 daily and calls have stayed at this level since.
  • The surveillance systems designed to spot a safety problem have all flashed red, but no one’s looking.
  • Payments for Personal Independent Payments (PIP) for people who have developed a disability and cannot work, have rocketed with the vaccine rollout and have continued to rise ever since.
  • The trial data showed that one in eight hundred injected people had a serious adverse event, meaning the risk of this was twice as high than the chance of preventing a Covid hospitalisation.
  • There were just over 14,000 excess deaths in the under 65-year-olds before vaccination, from April 2020 to the end of March 2021. However, since that time there have been over 21,000 excess deaths in this age group alone.
  • There were nearly two extra deaths a day in the second half of 2021 among 15 – 19-year-old males, but potentially even more if those referred to the coroner were fully included.

After more than 20 rejections before being able to raise this topic, in Parlament, Andrew Bridgen, said “At last, we are here to discuss the number of people dying.” continuing,

Nothing could be more serious. Numerous countries are currently gripped in a period of mortality and no one wants to talk about it.”

Video below where Andrew Bridgen had his first real chance to talk about it.

A huge thank you to Andrew Bridgen for not giving up!


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