Hiding The Nanotech Agenda | Censorship Within The Freedom Movement

Hiding The Nanotech Agenda | Censorship Within The Freedom Movement

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It Is Time for Freedom of Speech in the Freedom Movement

We need to be disciplined enough to be present with the discomfort that comes with disagreement as we listen and communicate about all the critical issues of the day with each other.

Dr. Peter And Ginger Breggin

There, in my inbox, was another substack essay on nanotechnology….a thoughtful, serious piece discussing why we should not fall for the concept that nanotechnology can actually control human behavior and thought, or the way that human beings conduct themselves.

The discussion made a lot of sense. And so do the microscopists — those scientists, including chemists, pathologists, engineers, and others examining the “COVID vaccines,” the nanotechnology, the quantum dots, the “white clots,” the graphene oxide, and all else being found in human blood and various matter present in human injectables, ingestables, and breathables.

The dissenting author I read mentioned one of our other colleagues (colleagues being those fighters for freedom, liberty, biological integrity, health, science, and community). The dispute centered around the ability of any science to actually technologically control human thought. I winced as I read this.

Not because I fully agreed or disagreed with either person, but because I knew human feelings would be stirred up, maybe hurt, maybe angered. Those feelings would swirl around the concepts of the debate, but also generally through the readers of each person and their colleagues.  And those feelings can get in the way. Because the discussions, the disagreements, and the differences of view about the details and degrees of dangers are critical conversations.

We should be having these conversations all the time.

I am not going to parse that science debate in this essay in detail — that is for another time. I will say that the desire to control the thoughts and actions of others is a hallmark of dark “science” used by the Central Intelligence Agency and Department of Defense divisions, as well as some aspects of medicine and psychology. From the early psychiatric ice pick lobotomies in the 1950s to the psychosurgery experiments at some of the highest academic centers in medicine, including Harvard, Brown, Tulane, McGill, University of Mississippi, Wayne State, and many more, there have been attempts to modulate, deter, and control behavior. Dr. Breggin devoted several years of his life to putting a stop to the psychosurgery resurgence that began in the late 1960s into the 1970s.

The Desire to Control is not the Same as Being Able to Control Human Thoughts

The desire to control human thoughts and actions is not the same as being able to control human thoughts and actions. At this point, “what science can do is damage the human brain through various means — surgical, electrical, energy wave frequencies, blunt force trauma, and drugs,” according to psychiatrist Peter Breggin MD. He explains that a human being can be stopped, subdued, or deterred, just as the furious bull was stopped in its tracks in the arena by psychosurgeon Delgado, through electrical shocks in 1963. It came to a dead stop, shaking its head. The brain-damaging effect of the shock had paralyzed the beast momentarily without actually changing or averting his desire to charge. The shock was the equivalent of being stunned by a blow to the head. Dr. Breggin has examined this issue further in his new essay “The Elite Strategy to Physically Ruin Our Brains, Minds and Willpower.”

The Desire to Control May Lead to Attempts to Control

We know the dark sciences and the deep state want to control people, populations, and “targeted audiences.” Whether or not they are successful, there appears to be little preventing them from attempting to establish control of people by inserting technology into their bodies, especially since there is such a delicious opportunity to experiment with inserting nanotech during the Great World Vaccination Drive of the COVID era.

Why not drive the technology “forward” by seeing what human bodies can tolerate or survive in the way of foreign objects and substances?Who knows? If the objects and substances are small enough, maybe we can slip them by the body’s defenses?  And who is to say no? The ethics division at the National Institute of Health is manned by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s wife. So it behooves us to ask questions, lots of questions.

However, we must not succumb to the fear and terror propaganda that is certainly being salted into the mix of information we are consuming about possible mind manipulation. Those who wish to control us are using fear, promotion of false abilities, misdirection, and any other lies they can dream up to keep us frightened, intimidated, distracted, confused, and ineffective.

So, what can we do?

Team Freedom Needs to Speak Openly and Freely

We, those of us who are on Team Freedom, need to be able to speak freely. To exchange ideas, data, and perspectives.

We need to be disciplined enough to be present with the discomfort that comes with disagreement as we listen and communicate about all the critical issues of the day.

We are on the cutting edge of politics, science, liberty, medicine, public health, sociology, psychology, public relations, and civics. We are all looking around corners, into back rooms, and examining issues, practices, and technologies that are being shepherded into our cultures, our bodies, and our environment over which we have had no say.

We Have Had No Choice

We have had no choice about whatever is in the injectable liquids that are contaminating various medicines, including what is coyly called the COVID-19 “vaccines.”

We have had no choice about the substances put in our foods or our environments through geoengineering pollution or other forms of manipulations. We have had no choice about the use of energy frequencieslike the 5G being launched. No choice about the littered landscape of Level 4 biolabs around the world. No choice about the engineered pathogens that definitely escape those labs from time to time, and no choice about whether they should be released upon the world for one reason or another.

We have no choice about being a member of the United Nations or a member of the World Health Organization, and of sustaining them through our tax dollars.

We aren’t being given any of these choices. Those topics are off the table, ‘Top Secret,’ ‘proprietary information,’ under “NDA” (non-disclosure agreement) or simply ‘embarrassing’ or a ‘distraction’ or a ‘trade secret.’

We have certainly had no choice about the manipulations of information that are being disseminated throughout our societies every day via the controlled media except to turn that media on, or off but much of it is impossible to avoid.

We have had no choice about the Department of Defense (DOD), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other alphabet agencies using psychological manipulation and propaganda to “win the hearts and minds” and if that fails, to control opinion and actions with foreign nations and foreign nationals. In reality, most of what goes on in the arena of experimentation on physical control of the mind is hidden behind the opaque Deep State curtain. Does the Deep State want to control? You betcha. Look back at the last four years. In country after country, especially the USA, all we see is control being exerted upon citizens, against tradition and constitutions.

We have no say in whether the DOD and the CIA, the CDC, and the alphabets are directing their propaganda machines upon U.S. citizens. Are their propaganda activities in the U.S. ‘biting the hand that feeds them?’ NO? Then what hand is feeding them?

Tell us, please.

Are We Free Without Debate and the Free Exchange of Ideas?

Push back.  We must open our minds. Have lots of conversations, and lots of exchange of ideas, through essays, columns, via videos, zoom meetings, documentaries, debates, books, and live gatherings.

We know personally that there are those among us who have been very engaged in trying to steer and stifle the debate. The thought-terminating concept is ‘do NOT speak about that subject — it will discredit you and ‘the movement,’ and you will look like a fool.’ Another deterrent that stifles debate is ‘don’t disagree — we need unity in the freedom movement.’

A very big threat that has thrown a terrifying poisonous cloud over all of us is the dread of getting sued for $25 million dollars.

That is not freedom. That is control.

You Will Look Like a Fool….

There is disagreement about whether censorship occurred in Stockholmduring the “Pandemic Strategies: Lessons and Consequences” conference held January 21-22, 2023. Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger was the last presenter for this conference, after which there was a closing panel made up of the afternoon group of speakers. That last panel included Astrid Stuckelberger, Geert Vanden Bossche, John Steppling (playwright), Pierre Kory, Richard Urso, Jessica Rose, and Philipp Kruse.

Dr. Stuckelberger’s talk was titled “From Biology to Population: Evidence-Based Public Health Situations: Analysis, Lessons and Next Steps.” “Censorship occurred at point C when I presented the results of nanotech and oxide graphene in the vials,” she told SGT Report. Her slide asked, “Is the content [of the vials] biological or not?” It is reproduced below.

Her primary point, as I understand it, is that the materials being found in the ‘COVID vaccines’ are non-biological in nature — they are synthetic biological matter. Therefore physicians examining and testing blood who are trained to view biological matter are going to miss the synthetic materials, both due to the small size and due to the compositions of the materials.

Dr. Stuckelberger posted a video clip later sent to her by an attendee that shows Dr. Cole up on the stage after Dr. Stuckelberger’s presentation. Though not listed on the final panel, Dr. Cole took the stage, gestured for, and was given a microphone by event organizers and then made “a real quick comment.” This was allowed even though Dr. Stuckelberger’s presentation was cut short by the organizers (they say because they were out of time).

“From what we’ve looked at, there are no nano chips. There is absolutely no graphene oxide in the hundreds of vials we’ve looked at,” declared Dr. Cole. Turning to Dr. Stuckelberger, he declared, “I respect that you did a beautiful presentation,” which appeared patronizing or at least awkward.

Dr. Cole said,

“At the end of the day, to focus on freedom and focus on the wonderful freedom fight that we all have together is what matters. Other things are red herrings, and it’s not relevant, and it’s a distraction to our cause… Scientifically based on the analysis done, we respectfully disagree, having looked at what we’ve looked at as a group from Austria, as a group from the United States, and if we focus on freedom together, that’s what matters… but the rest of it makes us look a little like we are out there.”

Dr. Richard Urso added, “The lipid nanoparticle messenger RNA  is so dangerous itself – It’s the number one thing right now that we know, the data is there….it’s affecting DNA damage repair, its affecting toll-like receptors and viral immune surveillance, it’s doing the blood clotting, it’s doing a lot of the things we already know, we have the data on it…” (At 3:15 on the video)

Doctors Cole and Urso both claimed “it’s not useful to our cause to put red herrings out there.”

The shortened last panel gave each speaker three minutes to summarize their views, and then the organizers said Dr. Stuckelberger and another presenter could not present as they were out of time. She was handed the mic anyway, and she said “they are afraid of what I am going to say.”Then she said that we are living in an apocalyptic time. “Corruption is not new, it has been there for ages, and it is time that we see it. We must all strive to become autonomous again and create autonomous communities. I wish you will build happiness and find ways to heal yourselves with natural remedies, and there are some. Try to build community with others who have the same spirit and heart as you,” she concluded.

Watch the videos. Look at the body language. Dr. Stuckelberger was body blocked by one of the local organizers, John Steppling, who loomed over her during Dr. Cole’s ‘explanation’ about why she should not present her data on the presence of nanotechnology in the blood. Dr. Kory came on stage and added his on-stage presence to the discussion. Doctors Kory, Cole, and Urso are among the pillars of Dr. Robert Malone’s medical juggernaut.

The upshot is that Dr. Astrid Stucklberger was interrupted, distracted, or body-checked by at least four men, including Dr. Cole, Dr. Vanden Bossche, John Steppling, and Dr. Kory, who also made his presence known when joining the others on stage.

The entire event was professionally filmed and posted online by conference organizers, the Swedish organization called The Doctors’ Appeal. The conference organizers also posted a two-page non-attributed paper titled “What happened at the conference.” The organizers assert that there was “no intent to censor Dr. Stuckelberger, nor place her in an awkward position at the end of her talk,” and they apologized “unreservedly for any animosity she may have experienced during the closing moments of the conference…”

But key moments of the controversy are missing from the official recordings documenting the period directly after Dr. Stuckelberger’s speech was abruptly ended and the final panel was convened. Another video emerged and is available, memorializing some of the missing minutes where Dr. Cole took the stage to dismiss Dr. Stuckelberger’s comments.

Sage Hana provides a good condensed version of one of the first post-conference interviews done with Astrid Stuckelberger by Dr. Jane Ruby, and offers some interesting observations in his “Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, Dr. Jane Ruby Highlights #1–Details of her Stockholm presentation subject matter” substack published February 4, 2023. We first learned of the incident from happening upon Dr. Ruby’s interview of Dr. Stuckelberger.

Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Daniel Nagase

Suppression of ideas also occurred during a November 3, 2021, Zoom call between a number of Canadian medical colleagues, including Emergency Room physician Dr. Daniel Nagase. Dr. Robert Malone, from the US, was also invited to participate in that group Zoom meeting.

Here are [Dr. Nagase] timestamps for interesting segments.

40:30 Dr. Nagase: Backstory.

45:30 Dr. Nagase: Cancer and reverse transcriptase.

47:03 Dr. Malone: drops off call.

57.53 Dr. Malone: comes back cautioning against speculating about reverse transcriptase.

58:30 Dr. Malone: “We’re under intense pressure… we have to be super careful about our messaging and what we’re stating…not useful to speculate about things like integration [of DNA from reverse transcribed RNA]

Dr. Malone was telling Daniel Nagase, MD, in effect, don’t talk about reverse transcription and DNA integration in that 2021 Zoom meeting. Dr. Malone interrupted and said, “We’re under intense pressure… we have to be super careful about our messaging and what we’re stating…[it’s] not useful to speculate about things like integration” [of DNA from reverse transcribed RNA].

Imagine. If scientists, analysts, and the public had been able to speak, discuss, and argue, about these dangers, questioning which contents might be in the COVID ‘vaccines’ without being interrupted and silenced by others purporting to be on the side of freedom, what might we have accomplished at that time in convincing others to NOT submit to the toxic ‘COVID vaccines?’

Trash-Talking on Twitter

Former Vice President of Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, has been especially eloquent and outspoken about the elite’s global takeover via the World Economic Forum (WEF) and World Health Organization (WHO).

Wide Awake Media reported:

Former vice president at Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon: The so-called “pandemic” was planned and coordinated in advance, by unelected globalist bodies like the WHO and WEF, as a pretext to deliberately depopulate the planet via lethal mRNA injections:

“We’re facing something much worse than an alleged virus. The injuries to people from these so-called vaccines… I wish I could tell you that it was accidental, but it wasn’t accidental. I’m convinced that these injections have been made to injure people, to maim and kill deliberately.”

Source: TRUTH BE TOLD RALLY | London | March 25 | 1pm CET | 8am EST | Parliament Square | Childrens Health Defense

In his comment, Dr. Yeadon echoed what many others have been saying and offering evidence about for some time.

Dr. Malone tweeted back:

“Show me the receipts or go home. Yeadon can talk like that all day long and get lots of clicks and likes. Preaching to the choir. But all it does is delegitimizes him with the persuadable middle. Do we want to win this, or are we just playing tiddlywinks? Proof or shut up.”

Dr. Malone’s insults toward Dr. Yeadon should be no surprise, given that he has so often attempted to silence or sully other freedom fighters, including Peter Breggin, MD, Ginger Breggin, Dr. Jane Ruby, Peter McCullough, MD, Harvey Risch, MD, Dr. Paul Alexander, The Wellness Company, Red State Media, America Out Loud, other independent journalists, Dr. Brian Ardis, Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Foster Colson, Clay Clark, Alex Berenson and others.

Since 2022, Dr. Malone has increased his attacks involving much of The Wellness Company, Dr. Alexander, additional independent journalists, and reformers. Dr. Alexander himself has exposed two key instances where Dr. Malone maligned and discouraged others from having relationships with Dr. Peter Breggin – once when standing in the halls of the U.S. Senate prior to testimony, and once in a Brownstone email list among Brownstone members.

Epidemiologist Paul Alias Alexander, Ph.D. is a Former Senior Advisor to Trump’s COVID Task Force and Former Advisor to WHO. He has courageously revealed in a  recent substack column that during the Senate hearing that brought some of the top COVID critical scientists together, Dr. Malone was denigrating Dr. Peter Breggin, who was not present. Dr. Alexander reported:

“I personally heard him, Malone, at a Senate meeting in Washington D.C. verbally ridiculing and smearing the Breggins to other scientists present. They were not there to defend themselves as he bragged about his lawsuit of $25 million against Dr. Peter Breggin and what he was doing against them. We run in similar circles. I was surprised he would do that in the Senate building (we were called there by Senator Johnson to discuss COVID and issues), and he was talking about his lawsuit on [the] Breggins as if it were a joke and a game, a sport, with listeners standing around enjoying a laugh. He poisoned the well, so to speak. He was trying to get the listeners to agree with him, yet they had no idea about the minutia. He was bragging, and it repulsed me. A joke on Dr. Breggin, who has done more for America and this movement than Malone could ever do?” [italics added.]

The Biggest “Don’t Talk About That” Action

The biggest “Don’t talk about that” action to date has been the $25 million dollar lawsuit against Peter R. Breggin MD, Ginger Ross Breggin, and Dr. Jane Ruby. The threats of a lawsuit and the official demand letter centered around an intellectual sociological/psychological debate of the validity of the so-called ‘Mass Formation’ or Mass Formation Psychosis concept, which we will be revisiting again in a separate column. The lawsuit complaint itself morphed into a litany of false allegations of defamatory statements. Some of the statements Malone attributed to Dr. Breggin were never uttered by Dr. Breggin. And none of the statements were defamatory. See our legal response and our amended response.

We should all be aware at this time, four years into the takeover of the world, that those of us opposing the takeover are on the ‘outside.’ We are not part of the Good Club — the elite collection of billionaires and other entities who are implementing plans for controlling the world.

We Can Do Science, Civics, Politics, Community, and Medicine the FREEDOM Way

Whether you discuss nanotechnology or some other aspect critical of the official narrative, you are on the ‘outside.’ To those who are thinking about toeing the line set by the authorities, if you oppose masks, if you oppose lockdowns, if you mention ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, you are on the outside. You are on the outside if you are opposing the so-called COVID vaccines.

So let’s embrace freedom. We can do science, civics, politics, community, medicine the FREEDOM way. Through debate, disagreement, challenging, arguing, and discussing. Be very suspicious of anybody trying to steer the conversation….of anybody trying to shut the discussion down, of anybody trying to grab the microphone when it is not their turn.

Humanity is at risk. Be bold, be courageous, speak up…and listen to each other.

We are not free, if we cannot speak freely.

Europe Reloaded

We’ve covered a fair bit on the topic of Dr. Robert Malone. We didn’t realize he’d also tried to trash Dr. Mike Yeadon, who’s been a valiant fighter for the truth and for the safe practice of medicine. Dr. Pierre Kory runs with the Malone crowd, apparently. Hmm.

A reminder from early this month that Malone’s defamation case against the Washington Post didn’t go too well for him, and doesn’t bode well for his lawsuits against each of the Breggins and Dr. Jane Ruby for $25 million EACH. It will be the same judge overseeing all his cases.

Judge Dismisses Robert Malone Vs. Washington Post Defamation Lawsuit - Europe Reloaded
ER Editor: A Twitter/X search for Malone’s (now former) attorney, Steven Biss, is most interesting. He’s represented a lot of high profile people, and does seem to be very ill, likely having had a stroke [...]

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