Support In Our Mission To Report The Truth

Support In Our Mission To Report The Truth

Dylan Eleven •

The Liars Are Paid Well, The Truth Tellers Work Without Regular Pay

As independent journalists we endure an industry that is silenced, censored, de-platformed, and shadow banned.

We are labeled conspiracy theorists, and governments around the world are trying to label us extremists and lock us up to silence us.

We cover most of our costs, and work largely without pay. Why would anyone do this job?

Why do we at and many other independent journalists work full time in such an industry?

The answer is because to be a true journalist you must write and report the truth. As the truth has been baneshed from society, so are we.

Recently our industry has introduced donations and monthly subscriptions. It is a hope for the growth and survival of independent media. A chance for journalists to pay some bills and allow us to continue to devote our time and efforts to reporting the truth.

If you like our work, and find value in what we do and would like to help us in our mission to report the truth, please consider making a small donation, or become a monthly subscriber.

We appreciate your help to cover costs and your support of our work!.  

Thank you truth warriors!

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